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BHL Holly Jumpsuit – No excuses needed this time

Last year I made a Holly Jumpsuit in the name of frivolity, also known as Jumping Into June. This time I didn’t need an excuse. I’d been given a gorgeous pair of shoes which just happened to be the same colour magenta as some of the circles on this silky fabric that I recently bought from Abakhan when I met up with Jenny in Chester.  This fabric was just crying out to be a jumpsuit! The first thing I did was try on my first Jumpsuit. I knew I’d need to modify the pattern pieces to avoid making a modesty panel like in version 1.  I’d also lost a few pounds too, so needed to check if any other adjustments were necessary. I needed to loose 4 inches from the drape at the front. It’s a bit tricky putting into words what I did to the front bodice piece.  Do the photos make sense? I basically removed the shaded wedge from the top which then created a side dart by cutting into the fabric and …

WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN – #jumpingintojune

Oh my goodness me!  Whatever has come over me!  Last year when I made a random purchase of the BHL Holly Jumpsuit I had no idea what I’d be getting myself in to!  This would never have happened before the world went technically crazy and we all started blogging! So, here I am, about to take the plunge and Jump In To June!  I’m sure you want to know more, maybe even join in yourself.  If that’s a yes, then head over to Chris’s post HERE where all will be  revealed.  In the meantime, I need to have a rummage in the garage for something to jump off! Due to certain time restraints, which include teeing off in a team match in an hour, I’ve not time to write the full post.  Until next time when you see me take the leap of faith!

My first Polly Top from By Hand London

Just a quick short post to introduce you to my first Polly Top from By Hand London.  It’s their first free pattern and can be found here. Here’s some more pix: It was really simple to make, the instructions are well written and there’s even a video tutorial. I usually buy a 14 top (uk) but had to cut an 18. It was too big so I needed to take the seam allowances in another 1.5 cm. the patterned fabric is a peachy poly, and the black is a crepe.  It looks lovely on, and I’m sure I’ll be wearing this loads. Happy New Year Folks! Edited with BlogPad Pro