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Golf…… Burda Style

Last month I bought my first ever burda style magazine and bravely set about tracing these shorts It hasn’t taken me almost a month to trace and sew the, it’s taken that long to update my blog! The tracing wasn’t too bad and I’m getting the hang of adding seam allowances.  I have one of these which really helps.  The shorts came together in no time and I love the contrasting spotty fabric. My only disappointment was that the fabric didn’t have enough body to hold the shape and they were a bit flappy when I was playing golf. They also seemed to get bunched up between my legs as I walked, but my playing partners said they still looked ok from the back and no one could tell. I think they’d look good in light weight denim or a stretch cotton sateen. I cheated a little with the waist band as I wanted to finish them quickly so I could wear them for golf. I inserted the zip but instead of adding a proper …

Crikey!! Where do I start!!

I’ve finally done it! Will it be the best £4.99 ever spent? Or will I just end up drooling over the photos? I’ve bought my first Burda Style magazine and am just about to trace off the pieces for these shorts….. My Yasmin Yoke skirt pattern is the only one I’ve used where I’ve needed to add seam allowances, but as I have 3 wonderful skirts to show for my trouble the memories have disappeared from my mind. Mmmm…probably not dis-similar to child birth! So here we go, let’s find the pieces….. Gosh! Hopefully in the near future I’ll be able to show off my spotty version…. Here’s my fabric for a hopefully wearable muslin – it’s dark cerise pink but doesn’t show up too well in the photograph. Wish me luck! Hope I get to the cutting out stage. At least that will mean I have the pieces!!