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Golf…… Burda Style

Last month I bought my first ever burda style magazine and bravely set about tracing these shorts

It hasn’t taken me almost a month to trace and sew the, it’s taken that long to update my blog!

The tracing wasn’t too bad and I’m getting the hang of adding seam allowances.  I have one of these which really helps. 

In about an hour I had all my pieces ready.

The shorts came together in no time and I love the contrasting spotty fabric. My only disappointment was that the fabric didn’t have enough body to hold the shape and they were a bit flappy when I was playing golf. They also seemed to get bunched up between my legs as I walked, but my playing partners said they still looked ok from the back and no one could tell.

I think they’d look good in light weight denim or a stretch cotton sateen.

I cheated a little with the waist band as I wanted to finish them quickly so I could wear them for golf. I inserted the zip but instead of adding a proper waist band I added elastic: 

This had made them comfier too what I’m bending and swinging.

Here’s some more pix, selfies I’m afraid…..

Do you remember the top? It’s the one I made for my 1950’s rock n roll night!

When worn all the ladies at the club thought I was wearing a skirt!

Apologies for the photos! I really do need to find my tripod and use the self timer on my proper camera instead of being lazy with the iPhone.

Well, going googly-eyed looking at burda patterns whilst tracing hasn’t put me off so this may be the first of many burda style garments! And if I choose my patterns wisely, and use them more the once, the time and effort should be worth it. I’m already planning on my a denim pair of these shorts before the summers out.

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I sew and play golf. I blog about my sewing as I don't think you'd want to read about my golf. It's bad enough watching it on telly! Contact me via email -


  1. These are adorable!
    The elastic made a quite practical & perfectly acceptable waist band, as far as I’m concerned!
    But your choice of fabric contrasts is what makes them so outstanding! Enjoy & do show us all your versions ~

    • Thanks Del!
      Don’t think it’ll be too long before pair no 2 are here, I’m loving sewing summer clothes! ✂️😃✂️

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