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And the winner is……

Last Sunday I posted my 1950s outfit I’d made for a themed party I had been invited to. I had some fabric left and made some cute coasters with a pattern from Craftsy. I’d never done a ‘giveaway’ before and decided to give the coasters to one of my fellow bloggers. Although I know you’re all extremely capable of making them yourselves I still find it nice to receive handmade gifts from others and thought you might too!! Originally I was going to pick the names out of my crocheted hat, but I can’t find it!! So I’ve used the online random number generator: Congratulations to OurSewingPatch at ‘Sewinlove‘! Her blog is amazing, full of inspiration! If you drop me an email Ali underscore kelly AT And let me know your address I’ll pop them in the post! X

Blog Backlog, shopping in Harrogate & Bag catch-up, oh, and fluff in my machine

Such a busy week! Lots of unselfish sewing and an impromptu trip to Haroggate (pronounced ‘Harrow-gate’ if you’re posh!).  And a big ball of fluff!! My Auntie Kath, who taught me to knit, iron and bake when I was young lives in Harrogate. She had her birthday last week, 70 something I think (her age has always been something of an enigma!) and I forgot to post her card. This was a blessing in disguise as I’d not visited her for ages and I could also call into a couple of fabric shops that I’d found on the internet – Fine Fabrics of Harrogate and The Remenant House.  FINE FABRICS OF HARROGATE – this little shop certainly lives up to it’s name! Not a very big shop, but bright and airy and the fabric is well organised and is a pleasure to browse. I was almost tempted to buy a couple of metres of 3 or 4 different fabrics that caught my eye, but as I intended to just go for ‘a look’ I would just be …

ssshhhhhhhh……don’t tell any one, but…..

Wow! I just had to share this amazing giveaway with my fellow bloggers, though by doing so it will lessen my chances of winning as you’ll all want to be in it!!!! Here’s the link for Sewdixielou’s blog:  LINK!!!!! Good luck folks, and if you haven’t looked up Minerva do it now!! It’s fab!  I’ve bought fabric online and have also been lucky enough to go in real life!! Think I’ll hire a big van next time I go!!   There’s a link on one of my older blogs when I made a stunning outfit from only 1m of fabric – the fabric was originally bought to line a bag but it was toooooo nice to be hidden in a bag!!  Good luck & happy sewing!!      Edited with BlogPad Pro