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A busy day…..chilli, new top & an afternoon with friends….

I had that Sunday feeling again today (ie woke up with the urge to sew) only this week I wasn’t starting work at 8am like last Sunday. Weekend off…..YEA…..!!! Don’t get so many of them.

Wasn’t sure how I was going to squeeze in a little project today tho, I had to make a BIG pan of chilli and be at the cricket club for 12. All the kids who have played in Yorkshire Under 11’s B team this year were having an end of season getting together. Mums & Dads too….well, idea was for mums to get together and kids and dads would tag along. We picked today as it was my weekend off, but DOH, forgot Harrison was going to France for the weekend with school!

When I got up at 8:30 I should really have started making the chilli, but nooooo, I got my sewing machine out instead. I’d recently bought an easy pattern for some tops which should help reduce the size of my stash.  I decided to try it out with some cheap semi sheer fabric I bought from Leeds Market.  £2/metre…last of the big spenders!

Here’s the pattern…I decided to have a go at view A, it’s McCalls 6604

Here’s my arms print semi sheer fabric, it’s not very soft and curled up on the edges when it went any near the iron. No idea what it’s made up of.

I didn’t bother using a contrasting fabric for the arms as I didn’t have any fabric of a similar or lighter weight that would match. To say its only a top I needed almost all of my 1.5m as the front is cut on the bias.  I nearly decided not to bother but then rethought myself. Didn’t think with this fabric it would make much difference and it hasn’t, but at least I’ve done it properly.

By 10am I was well into my sewing, I’d cut out, faced the back neckline and sewn together at the shoulder seams. It was time to start the chilli, didn’t want to look gorgeous in my new top and have 60 hungry mouths looking at me chilli-less!

I was really pleased with the finish on the neck facing. It should have had what I call proper facings but I thought the material was too lightweight and it may show through.

By 11am the chilli was made and my hubby surfaced…..boy can he sleep!! He said “is that to wear today?”  when he spotted me bent over My sewing machine.  I think that’s the sort of remark any of our hubbys would say knowing what us sewists are like when we’re on a mission but any of our friends would think we were crazy!

Needless to say I was showered, hair done and wearing my new top, armed with a pan of chilli by 11:55am! Girl done good!

Here it is….my hubby took the pix when we returned home this afty……

(Please excuse bad posture! Don’t think I was quite ready for that one!)

I think I’ll be making some more of these, but in the next size down. When I get round to it I’ll probably trim this down over the hips, but not today as I’m busy planning my next project. It’s only 5:30pm, maybe time to make a new frock before the nights out! Or maybe not, X Factors on tonight!!

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  1. A new top and chilli for 60 before noon – that’s good work – and the top looks great! Leeds market is the best for cheap mystery fabric, isn’t it?

    • Yea, it’s fab for everyday clothes as it’s so cheap. All the material (off the roll & remnant) have all been admired when made up. It’s like primark for dressmakers!
      There’s not as many stalls as there used to be, I keep saying I’m going to go when the outdoor market’s on and see if there’s some any more.

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