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Butterick 4219 – Hoodie

I’d bought this pattern a few weeks ago with the intention of making the hoodie for my son. Even tho it’s a girls pattern I didn’t think he’d mind, as long as I don’t make it in pink. 

I rummaged in my stash to see if I could find anything to use as a toile (for me!) and found a remanent of salmon & black jersey, and some soft black jersey, I had to make the hood and arms in the black as I only had an 80cm length of the salmon. 

Here’s cutting out the back and front….as you can see the top was always going to turn out a bit short….


Managed to just about squeeze a cropped hoodie from the fabric, even used pins in the process…..my mum will be impressed!


Was a bit of a nightmare top stitching the sleeve seam , ended up with the entire sleeve around the foot of the sewing machine. If there’s an easier way can someone let me know (please!).


Here’s it all finished, I couldn’t hem the bottom otherwise it would have been too short, so I just overlocked it for now. If I manage to find some suitable black rib I’ll add that to the bottom later.


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