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Not A Day Goes By……..

Not a day goes by, or even an hour, when I’m not thinking about my next project. Today whilst in bed (3pm – I’m on nights and should really sleep until around 5pm but the sewing clogs in my brain had started to turn and I was wide awake) I was thinking of getting up and having ago at my first Sorbetto. But then I remembered it’s my best buddy’s birthday on Thursday and I had intended to make him a little something. 

Here’s me & Martin…… times.. Usually involving alcohol of some description! 

He’s off to America on Tuesday (3rd time since June – lucky guy!) to see him partner David, so I need to work fast so it can be packed in his suitcase on Monday night. I had a look on the internet to find instructions to make him a wash bag and found this….


Details can be found on this link – the cottage mama – it’s a fab site! 

I have some fabric left over from making a headboard for Harrison’s bed earlier this year and thought it would be just right – New York City scenes. I popped it in the washer, had to wait a very long 40 minutes, pegged it out then went on a hunt to buy a 14 inch zipper. I’d only got a pink one and didn’t think that would match! 

So, now I’m home I’ve only an hour before I have to go to work. Saturday nights on the ambulances are not something I look forward to! Quick shower in order, will cut my fabric out and then it’s all ready for when I get up tomorrow. 

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  1. I do the same thing- may brain is always thinking about sewing projects! Sure wish I had more time to do the actual sewing tho! The wash bag is pretty neat! And the NYC fabric? NICE! ~Laurie

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