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Vogue 8757 & SBCC Tonic T Shirt

Hi World (I say that as I’m still shocked by all you amazing people from around the globe who read my blog).

Last night I was twiddling my thumbs watching nothing on telly. It was around 6:30pm. My hubby was asleep on the sofa, we’d been to his uncle’s funeral and he’d had 4 pints.  Not a lot for most men, but Craig’s not really a drinker so it acts like an anesthetic on him!  Rather than watch nothing on tv I thought I’d have a look in my stash and see if there was anything I could use to make a wearable toile using one of my new patterns – trousers from Vogue 8757:


I found some slinky jersey that my mum bought for me from Leeds Market. I had 1.5m so just had enough. I laid it out and tried to figure which was the right way up……I couldn’t decide so thought it doesn’t really matter, if I can’t tell when it’s laid out then I’m sure no one notice when it’s made up.

I cut a size 16, I’m a UK 12 (RTW) and can’t get my head round having to make clothes much bigger!

There wasn’t much to the pattern, just front, back & rear facings.

I stitched all the seams with a lightening stitch then overlocked the raw edges together. The front gathered part went together really simple and everything matched up as I sailed through the instructions.

By 9pm I’d almost finished, just as Craig came bleary eyed into the kitchen. He couldn’t believe I’d made them whilst he was have a nap on the couch.

Then……this morning, after wearing my new slinky trousers for the school run, coffee with my mum, and then to my sisters I dashed home to make a new top to go with my super duper trousers – I’d just chucked an old jumper on and boots for the school run. My sis’ said I needed to dress them up.

I decided on the Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick tonic T Shirt. Description from the website:

The Tonic T-shirt is the cure for wardrobe woes. It is the staple item that works as a base for any outfit that needs some new life. This T-shirt is specifically made for petites, so no more t-shirts that can double as a tunic or hang out below a cardigan. Neckline is sexy, but not so much as you have to be in fear of bending over. All secure here.

Make it in your basic color palette as an easy layering piece or make it in that special knit fabric that will add a pop to your wardrobe.

*Skill Level- Easy


Click on the link above to see their website. The Tonic T shirt is FREE, I’ve already made one in some brown shiny ribbed fabric and got some great comments when I wore it.

So, I dug out a metre of thick slightly stretch lace fabric that I’d bought a while ago on ebay. About £3 I think. Down each selvedge the lace had a scalloped edge so I cut along the shape. It turned out great, I’d never done that before, I was able to use the scalloped edging for the bottom and the sleeves.

I made the t shirt in no time, especially as I’d no need to do any hemming!

I’ve now just returned from my mums after a quick photo shoot so I can share my new outfit with you. Think I’m going to wear it next Tuesday night when it’s our ladies presentation night at the golf club. I’ve no prizes to collect but I’m taking over as the new lady captain..Yikes!! Sleepless nights ahead and less time for sewing.

So here’s my little photo shoot courtesy of my mum. Excuse the hair, it’s been raining on and off and it’s gotten a little frizzy!!

Here’s the back and front of the trousers….

Not a great angle, but you get the idea!

Here’s a close up of the sleeve and bottom edge…..

Think I’ll be making lots of these trousers and Tonic T shirts! Next time I’ll make the trousers a size smaller as they tend to hang more on my hips than waist which make them a little too long.

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  1. You are pretty fast at creating things to wear! I tried the link to the t-shirt pattern but it doesn’t work. 😦

    • Not sure why, I’ve never done a link before?!?! Here’s the web address:
      I’ve only made easy things so far which helps for speedy dressmaking. Though once I start some something I can’t stop til it’s done. I have a big pile of ironing and a dishwasher that needs emptying but I’ve learnt not to feel guilty!!

  2. I love how you just knock up an outfit while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil (more or less!). Did you get your mum’s machine in for a service the other day? I’m looking forward to her further sewing adventures, too!
    Oh – and I love the lace top!

    • Yea, I dropped it off, £35 for a service & they’ll ring if it will be any more. Not sure when it’ll be ready Thought that was quite reasonable. Can’t believe I didn’t buy anything whilst I was there! Probably had something to do with it being almost my finishing time and I wanted to get back to station in the hope I didn’t get a late job.
      I love quick patterns, I’m so impatient and want things to happen straight away. Making the other new pattern I’ve bought will be a challenge, so many pieces and lots of top stitching.
      Have you got your machine sorted? Missing the trench coat updates.

  3. Oh wow. I love the top, I’ll definitely be checking out their site for the pattern… Wish I could not feel so guilty about the housework, then I could get some more sewing done.


    • Thank you!
      I’ve learnt to go bionic for 1/2 an hour, then my hubby thinks I’ve been cleaning all day not sewing!

  4. Great pants! Such pretty fabric. And the lace top too… how fun to just whip up a nice outfit and wear it out and about! 🙂 ~Laurie

    • Haha! It’s a long time since I’ve been called hot!
      I’m looking forward to their first proper outing after all the great comments I’ve had.

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  8. I re-learned how to sew knits using the Tonic tee! I have lots in my wardrobe now, and so many more to make, I love love love your lacy one! Goes perfectly with those trousers too.

  9. Thanks
    I’ve only made them 2, should make more, but easily distracted by all the others patterns in my stash! 😃

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