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The Chunky Headband Pattern

In yesterday’s post I told you about my first ever crochet pattern! Here it is! Free! I used 1 x 100g ball of Sirdar Denim Ultra Chunky & a 10mm hook for the blue one, but with the pink one I used 2 strands of a chunky wool & a 8mm hook (no bobbles – I just used row A) The blue one is 6″ wide and the pink is 5″ wide.  The finished width will depend on your tension, hook and yarn.  I’ve also made not so chunky, narrower ones and they look good too! Chain 15 Foundation row: skip first chain, SC in 2nd chain and the remaining chains – 14 stitches in total. All stitches from now on will be worked into the back loops only – this creates the rib effect. Row A: chain 1. SC into the back loop of all 14 stitches. Row B: chain 1. SC x 3. TC. SC. TC. SC x 2. TC. SC. TC. SC x 3 Here’s another way of looking at row B: …

I’ve Made a Crochet Pattern!!

Now I don’t know what to do with it! Last weekend we stayed in a cottage in Seahouses, Northumberland to celebrate my mums birthday.  I couldn’t take my sewing machine so I took my crochet hooks instead! I made another head warmer (my 3rd I think) and I’ve used the band as the ribbing on a hat too. On Tuesday I wore my blue one to play golf and one of the ladies asked if I’d followed a pattern.  I hadn’t. I’d just made it up as I went along.  I’ve written a proper pattern out now, so if anyone wants to have a go it’s really easy.  Leave me a message and I’ll email it to you.  I need to put it somewhere like Ravelry but I’ve not worked out how to do that yet!  Watch this space!! PS I’ve only been crocheting just over a year and I love it!! UDATE! PLEASE CHECK OUT THIS BLOG POST FOR THE PATTERN!

Selfies and Sorbettos

Late to the party? Crikey, I don’t think I’ll ever get there, late or otherwise! So, what have Selfies and Sorbettos got in common?  ……A year ago I’d heard of neither. My mums only just learning too.  Whilst taking this selfie at cricket she said…… Whilst most of you have perfected and hacked this well known (free !) indie pattern from Collette Patterns i’ve just about managed to get to grips with bias binding and made 3 this month!  Even though I’ve used bias trim before, I’ve recently invested in the Craftsy Class ‘sewing on the edge’ and have learn a lot, including a super easy way to make my own without one of the fiddly binding makers where the tape has to be just the exact size, or else. My sorbetto pattern has been stuck together and hung up since last year, and for some unknown reason I’ve not bothered to sew it. All this changed when I was umming and arrhing over this ill fitting maxi dress and tuck the plunge with my first …

My first Polly Top from By Hand London

Just a quick short post to introduce you to my first Polly Top from By Hand London.  It’s their first free pattern and can be found here. Here’s some more pix: It was really simple to make, the instructions are well written and there’s even a video tutorial. I usually buy a 14 top (uk) but had to cut an 18. It was too big so I needed to take the seam allowances in another 1.5 cm. the patterned fabric is a peachy poly, and the black is a crepe.  It looks lovely on, and I’m sure I’ll be wearing this loads. Happy New Year Folks! Edited with BlogPad Pro

The Lekala Jersey Top – Part 2

I didn’t quite make the 3pm deadline for the school run, finally finished it for 6pm. I did break off to do my motherly duties. Enough of domesticity, back to sewing! (Click here for Part 1) Here it is – excuse poor photos. Poor light + bored 11 year old + iPhone camera = dodgy pix   Check out the stripes!!! I couldn’t believe it……as I was pinning and sewing it was like a little miracle happening in front of my eyes! The extra time spent cutting out was worth it after all!   The instructions for the Lakale patterns are very vague and I think a beginner would struggle. Don’t know about you but I like pictures to look at!  Here’s the instructions:  The company who make the patterns are Russian, and often the translation from Russian to English may be a little out.  From the beginning I made it up as I went along. I made facings for the front and neck edges. I attempted my first ever sewing with a twin needle. My …

The Boxy Dopp Kit

I’ve made it, and I’m so excited! I think it’s the best thing I’ve ever made and it’s not even for me. It’s for Martin to take to America on Tuesday, all wrapped up ready to open on his birthday on Thursday. I found the pattern and instructions on a great website I stumbled across – The Cottage Mama. I could spend hours brousing her site, there’s so many inspirational projects. I made one or two changes to the instructions, but only small. I used a different fabric to line it with, it’s a white mesh, similar to what you’d find inside men’s swimming shorts. I also top stitched along the side of the zipper, as I thought the lining may get caught in the zipper. I did lots of overlooking and it looks really tidy inside. I feel I may be taking a break from making clothes and start my Christmas sewing…. Here’s a few more pix before I wrap it up……. Edited with BlogPad Pro

Not A Day Goes By……..

Not a day goes by, or even an hour, when I’m not thinking about my next project. Today whilst in bed (3pm – I’m on nights and should really sleep until around 5pm but the sewing clogs in my brain had started to turn and I was wide awake) I was thinking of getting up and having ago at my first Sorbetto. But then I remembered it’s my best buddy’s birthday on Thursday and I had intended to make him a little something.  Here’s me & Martin…… times.. Usually involving alcohol of some description!  He’s off to America on Tuesday (3rd time since June – lucky guy!) to see him partner David, so I need to work fast so it can be packed in his suitcase on Monday night. I had a look on the internet to find instructions to make him a wash bag and found this….   Details can be found on this link – the cottage mama – it’s a fab site!  I have some fabric left over from making a headboard for Harrison’s …