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1950s themed party Part 1

On Saturday (only 2 days away – yikes) I’ve been invited to a 60th birthday party with 1950s theme.  I planned to make a dress but as I’m running out of time I’ve now decided to make a skirt and top.  The main reason I’ve left this until the last minute is due to my current addiction/obsession with crocheting. (More here about that.)

At the end of December I went shopping to Harrogate and bought 2m of each of the following fabric:

Actual colour is sexy pink and white – poor photography, Iphones make me lazy, sorry!

The fabric is only 45″ wide so not wide enough to make a full circle skirt (well not for my waist size!).  I had a re-think and rather than make a less full skirt I used some white 100% cotton sheet and made some bias trim for the bottom.  I used my new rotary cutter – whoppee – super easy to make 157″ of it! I love it!  I think one rainy day I’m going to have a full day making all sorts of different bias binding!

I’m not sure how I’m going to make my top.  I’ll sleep on it and more to follow tomorrow.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! 

Also, what did they wear on their feet in the 50s?  Shoes I know! but was it ballerina type pumps??

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  1. Just threw myself upstairs to check some pics of my Mum in the 50’s and in almost all where she is wearing full skirt she is in slightly pointed low front court type shoe with a low slim heel, however there is one with her in a leather type pump and another in ballet slippers BUT in that one she has ankle socks on too! Great idea to use the white cotton! Look forward to seeing the end product 🙂

    • Aw, thanks for looking. I don’t really want to spend much but after reading your reply I might see if I can find some little white pumps, and if they need laces I’ll cut some thin strips of spotty fabric.

    • I hope so! Ages ago (in the late 90’s) me & hubby went to rock n roll dance classes! Unfortunately he’s not going to the party tomorrow 😃✂️😃

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