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1950’s themed party Part 2

This morning I woke at 5:30am, my alarm was set for 6 as I was due to start work at 7. ‘Ooo’ I thought, ‘I could get up and cut out my tulle for my petticoat to go under my full circle skirt’ (which can be seen here).  

I did some working out on my iPad:


I managed to cut my net out before I went to work so I’m all ready to get sewing when I finish work tonight. 

2 metres of netting in a heap on the floor before cutting out – doesn’t look much, hope there’s going to be enough!

I used my new favourite toy for cutting out. I really don’t know how I managed without it. I never bought one before as I thought they were more suited to quilters. How wrong was I?! I’m using my French curve at the moment as a straight line for cutting, I really need to invest in something longer. (iPad is only being used as weights). 

I’ve been thinking about adding some appliqué to the skirt. I’ve looked on the internet and seen this:

Poodles?!?! What’s all that about?!?! They’re everywhere on the internet when you google the 1950s! Im not sure if poodles are my thing, but I do think the skirt needs something.

I’ve seen this……

“I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!”

And this:

Looks a bit adventurous considering I’ve only ever appliquéd letters in the past!!

So today I am going to attempt drawing appliqué templates. I think ice cream or maybe a single big flower. What do you think? If I do add appliqué then it will mean I probably won’t be able to wear the skirt for anything other than dressing up. But hey oh, it hasn’t cost much to make it. 

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  1. Love it! Can’t quite decided between the poodle or ice cream. But ice cream is reminding me of the cafe in Grease!!

    • I’m edging towards the poodle as everyone except me knew poodles were HUGE in the 50’s! But I do like the I cream too. I think I’ll leave the appliqué until last or I might run out if time!

  2. ngrigor says

    This is so cute! I found myself looking at 50’s style clothing last night. Your ideas are fantastic. I think you should do the guitar after all you are a rock star 😉 Very talented.

  3. Thanks!! the 50s clothes are fab, or so I thought until I tried my skirt on tonight. I’m a bit straight up and down, ie the belly is 2 sizes bigger than my hips, or maybe my hips are 2 sizes smaller than my waist. As a result when i tried it on tonight, with underskirt, my usually diplomatic hubby said ‘it’s not very flattering…!’
    Think I will have to definitely have the appliqué to draw attention away from my waist!!

  4. You woke up at 5:30 am! I’ve heard of poodle skirts before but I never knew that they were skirts with poodles on them! You are going to look perfect!

    • I always wake up early, it drives me mad. I thinks its due to working shifts for the last 20 years and not having a proper sleep pattern. But hey ho, The early bird catches the worm, or so they say, and it means I can sew in peace whilst the family sleeps on.
      I’d not even heard of poodle skirts, but I’m soon going to have one, as long as I can draw one, if not it will be an ice cream skirt!

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