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Plaid Victoria Blazer BHL #1

I’m desperately in need of a coffee break after a morning pattern matching my latest project – my 2nd Victoria Blazer.

My first one is unfortunately not blogged as yet (soon to be), totally different to this one, and 2 sizes smaller as I made it in a ponte knit. Here’s a peak of it in the cutting out stage….


Some major decision making went into this one, choosing where to place the embellishments.

….back to today’s project….

About 2 months ago I bought this light weight wool mix (definately wool as it smelt of sheep when I washed it!) from Dewsbury market for £4 per metre. What a bargain! Turns out to be a second, I found a few holes in it today when I came to use it, but as I bought 3 metres I’ll be able to work round them.


Holey moses! Not quite a bargain after all!

Not sure why, but I tend to be make life difficult for myself when I start a project. My first (and only) Renfrew was a plaid,

Another unblogged project, think I need to get my ship in order!

and my Vogue 1353 called for a crisp cotton-like fabric and I chose a crepe, meaning everything had to be interlined.

When I started placing my pattern pieces on my fabric for my plaid Victoria I found the pattern was becoming distorted as the weight of the fabric hanging over the table was too heavy.

I chose where I wanted the back piece and cut out a rectangle large enough to accommodate it and found it much easier, no wonky plaid lines created. I then did the same for the front pieces.

To ensure the front and back match at the shoulders I traced the pattern of the plaid onto my backpattern piece and transferred this to the front piece.

I cut the pieces out in one layer, it takes longer but you can see better that the pieces are going to match up.

Ta Dah………

Just need to cut the rest out now’ think I’m going to give the lapels a miss..mmm…not sure….

Has anyone else used plaid? Tips very much welcomed!


    • I’ve not, thanks, but just had a little look!
      I’ve not invested in a walking foot either. But I’ve bought and watched the express jacket class on craftsy and it shows you how to sew without it shifting using a normal foot. As you hold the fabric between thumb and fingers turn it to 90 degrees and it feeds both pieces the same like magic!! (But I’ve only watched the video, not nade the jacket….yet!).
      I do this with everything now and hardly use pins.

    • Thanks!
      I started sewing it up last night and it’s looking good. But I wasn’t sure about the lapels, collar and cuff.
      I’ve cut them out in a pale blue denim similar to the dark stripe, but not sure?!?!

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