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Georgia, you were only supposed to be a muslin!

For TMS’s first weekly challenge of #IMP15 I decided to make The Geogia Dress from BHL. It called for a fabric with a little stretch to help with the close fit.   As I’m trying to sew more quality than quantity I knew I needed to make a muslin. I traced the size 14 (U.S. Size – I like being 2 sizes smaller so sticking with it!!), then rummaged in my stash. I couldn’t find anything suitable, so delved into my ‘clothes to be refashioned’ box. I found a pair of my hubbies old jeans, and then after further searching in another box I found a gorgeous piece of Egyptian cotton. The latter had been chopped off my mum in laws duvet cover when she wanted it making smaller. Neither had any stretch but it would give me an idea of the fit and also enable me to check out the construction. The dress went together really well.  I didn’t take any pix when making it up as I only ‘threw’ it together to get the fit right. …

The Leap Of Faith – with a modesty panel #jumpingintojune

Firstly can I apologise for yesterday’s post which may have distressed some readers and put them off their lunch.  I returned home late last night after getting drenched at golf, opened my reader and was shocked to see me almost doing a full frontal for all to see!  I never realised I’d put that photo as my feature image!  Needless to say it’s gone and won’t be reappearing! So, onwards and upwards! We’ve all been waiting for June with varying degrees of anticipation and excitement!  A few weeks ago in some friendly blogging banter on Chris’s blog it was somehow suggested that we’d sew Jumpsuits for June!  Before I knew it I was signed up and dusting off my Holly Jumpsuit pattern – or Jolly Humpsuit if your that way inclined! I think rather than rambling on I really need to just move on and show you my pics!  The first photo shoot was in pouring rain, and after a dynamic risk assessment by trainee blog manager (TBM) and myself the height of the Jump …

WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN – #jumpingintojune

Oh my goodness me!  Whatever has come over me!  Last year when I made a random purchase of the BHL Holly Jumpsuit I had no idea what I’d be getting myself in to!  This would never have happened before the world went technically crazy and we all started blogging! So, here I am, about to take the plunge and Jump In To June!  I’m sure you want to know more, maybe even join in yourself.  If that’s a yes, then head over to Chris’s post HERE where all will be  revealed.  In the meantime, I need to have a rummage in the garage for something to jump off! Due to certain time restraints, which include teeing off in a team match in an hour, I’ve not time to write the full post.  Until next time when you see me take the leap of faith!

Mum does a runner with my New Victoria Blazer

I’ve spent most of the weekend making my 2nd Victoria Blazer from By Hand London. (Link added in case by some crazy chance you’ve not heard of those talented London Girls who make fab patterns!). As usual I was struggling to find a photographer so I called at my mums. Before I could hand her my camera iPhone she had my jacket on and was away down the garden! She gathered speed when she realised I was hot on her heals: So here’s my mum modelling MY new Victoria Blazer: I did eventually recover my blazer, but I think when I get round to making Victoria No. 3 it will be for my mum! Back to the nitty gritty…..’how did I find this pattern?’, and ‘what changes did I make?’ LOVE the pattern! Who couldn’t or wouldn’t?!?!   I bought it (only a month ago) after spending the last 8 months drooling over all the Victorias around the blogosphere I really didn’t know what to make it with. I wanted a soft denim one, a …

Plaid Victoria Blazer BHL #1

I’m desperately in need of a coffee break after a morning pattern matching my latest project – my 2nd Victoria Blazer. My first one is unfortunately not blogged as yet (soon to be), totally different to this one, and 2 sizes smaller as I made it in a ponte knit. Here’s a peak of it in the cutting out stage…. Some major decision making went into this one, choosing where to place the embellishments. ….back to today’s project…. About 2 months ago I bought this light weight wool mix (definately wool as it smelt of sheep when I washed it!) from Dewsbury market for £4 per metre. What a bargain! Turns out to be a second, I found a few holes in it today when I came to use it, but as I bought 3 metres I’ll be able to work round them. Holey moses! Not quite a bargain after all! Not sure why, but I tend to be make life difficult for myself when I start a project. My first (and only) Renfrew was …

My first Polly Top from By Hand London

Just a quick short post to introduce you to my first Polly Top from By Hand London.  It’s their first free pattern and can be found here. Here’s some more pix: It was really simple to make, the instructions are well written and there’s even a video tutorial. I usually buy a 14 top (uk) but had to cut an 18. It was too big so I needed to take the seam allowances in another 1.5 cm. the patterned fabric is a peachy poly, and the black is a crepe.  It looks lovely on, and I’m sure I’ll be wearing this loads. Happy New Year Folks! Edited with BlogPad Pro

Thank you By Hand, London

Whilst browsing By Hand’s website I found a tool they have which does all the calculations for 1/4, 1/2 and full circle skirts!! Amazing!!! Thank you so much! After making one for my niece I found the calculations scary as I didn’t want to make a mistake with the lovely fabric I bought. Here’s one I made earlier…. And I blogged about it here….. I can’t wait to make another (for myself!) now I’ve found this App. Thanks again By Hand!