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Mum does a runner with my New Victoria Blazer

I’ve spent most of the weekend making my 2nd Victoria Blazer from By Hand London. (Link added in case by some crazy chance you’ve not heard of those talented London Girls who make fab patterns!).

As usual I was struggling to find a photographer so I called at my mums. Before I could hand her my camera iPhone she had my jacket on and was away down the garden!

She gathered speed when she realised I was hot on her heals:

So here’s my mum modelling MY new Victoria Blazer:

Unintentionally showing the pattern matching in the pockets.

I did eventually recover my blazer, but I think when I get round to making Victoria No. 3 it will be for my mum!

Back to the nitty gritty…..’how did I find this pattern?’, and ‘what changes did I make?’

LOVE the pattern! Who couldn’t or wouldn’t?!?!   I bought it (only a month ago) after spending the last 8 months drooling over all the Victorias around the blogosphere I really didn’t know what to make it with. I wanted a soft denim one, a flowery one, a linen one, the list was endless. Then, on a mini shopping spree to Dewsbury (mini because Dewsbury is really not that big, but worth a visit on market day) I found a pillar box red ponte knit with a little surprise……..

£3 per metre!!  What a bargain!! So 3 metres later I had a vision for my Victoria blazer!

Careful placement of the pieces were called for, the 2 circles in the middle of the pattern weren’t level, which I thought would cause a problem, but it worked out ok. I used the border on the very bottom for the collar, but thought it would look ‘too much’ if I’d have used if for the lapel and cuffs too.

I didn’t line this jacket as I didn’t have any suitable stretchy lining, and I’d seen Scruffy Badgers which turned out fab so I thought I’d give the lining a miss too.

I’ve worn this jacket to death, mostly with my denim Yasmin Yoke Skirts, and no one ever believes I’ve made it, tho they do when I confess to not stitching on the added embellishments!

I used red satin bias binding to edge the front and also to hem the bottom. Here’s Gertrude  modelling it:

My other Photographer was having a tea break!

Looks like Gertrude has grown proper legs!

This is just the comfiest thing ever to wear.  Looks super smart with everything, but feels like I’m wearing a cardigan.

I’ve worn it so much I needed to make another. My measurements for BHL are 18-16-14.  For the ponte knit I made a straight 14 and it was fine due to having slight stretch. For the woven one I decided to cut an 18 with the intention of taking it in if needed, but it’s ok.

When making my plaid blazer there were one or two things I did slightly different..

  • Lined the sleeves. I used a shiny stretchy cream fabric. No idea what it is, it’s crepe on one side and shiny on the other. Was £7/metre at Truro fabrics. (Bought it on my holidays last year).
  • Sewed the sleeves in before joining the side seams and setting in the pockets.
  • I didn’t add the lapels. I was going to but somehow they ended up to long, or the blazer ended up too short. No idea how that happened but pleased with the effect without them.
  • Stitched the lining to the shell just around the front initially, then pressed and under stitched where the lapels should have been to give the front some substance.
  • Skipped the French seams on the cuffs due to being lined.
  • Matched the opening of the cuffs up with the seam instead of the opposite way round.  With the cuffs being made with contrasting fabric I didn’t want to emphasise any mishaps ie dodgy pointy corners, (tho they turned out ok so no need to worry).
  • After I’d sewn the bottom I left a gap and turned it right side.   I then pressed and top stitched the bottom. I’d gone a bit wrong somehow and it bagged a little. I could have ironed it out, but as the excess was on the outside it made the lines wonky on the pattern. So now it bags only slightly, but the bottom is straight.

I overlocked everything and prepped my collars before I started proper sewing.

I was so pleased I’d been careful cutting out. The plaid matched in places I didn’t expect! Even inside the pockets!

The inside is almost a gorgeous as the outside…..

Now I think my next project is to make a Yasmin Yoke skirt with the pale blue denim!


  1. Béa says

    OMG- that red blazer is INSPIRED in its usage of fabric! The plaid one is good, but the red one is AMAZING! Sorry about all the caps, I’m just so gobsmacked by how gorgeous it is!

    • It’s definitely worth keeping an eye out for fabric with an unusual border or edge, then let those creative juices flow! 😀

  2. onedabbles says

    Great blazers – love them both. You’ve got a great eye and imagination for putting together fabric and patterns.

    • Thanks!
      It’s strange tho, I set out to do one thing then have new ideas on the way!
      I started the plaid jacket Saturday morning, but didn’t buy the denim til later that afternoon so had no idea it was going to have blue contrasts til after I’d started it! 😃

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  4. Loved your story telling!! Your mum can see an opportunity when it comes along!! What a great pair of jackets – both are so unique and look super useful. I love the inseam pockets on your latest one too – they will be so useful!!

    • Thanks!
      It was definitely your ponte knit one that was my inspiration for the red one.
      It’s brilliant to be able to see everyone’s creations and talent to spur me on! ✂️😃✂️

    • Thanks, the red’s my favourite too!
      Think you’re right about making my mum one pronto – I daren’t peg my washing out in case it goes missing!! Lol 😃

      • Ps I used to love going to Dewsbury market when I was a little girl because there was a stall that sold clothes for Tiny Tears!!!

        • Did you visit Joe Bananas for ice cream too?!
          It’s so different now. No cinema and no marks & sparks! But the markets still ok. My sister had a tiny tears but could say tiny tears, so she called hers Titty! ….Always caused a stir when she was out and about! 😀

          • Hahahahaha! You are so funny! No, we didn’t get to joe bananas, just remember the market and Marks and Sparks! We lived in beeston, near Dewsbury road!

            • Next time I go I might take some pix. Could do a post…… ……’down’ Dewsbury… to fabric shopping and pound shops
              Not a lot else there!

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