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Selfies and Sorbettos

Late to the party? Crikey, I don’t think I’ll ever get there, late or otherwise!

So, what have Selfies and Sorbettos got in common?  ……A year ago I’d heard of neither.

My mums only just learning too.  Whilst taking this selfie at cricket she said……

My mum (on the left)   “wouldn’t it be easier if we asked that man over there to take it for us?” Doh!!

Whilst most of you have perfected and hacked this well known (free !) indie pattern from Collette Patterns i’ve just about managed to get to grips with bias binding and made 3 this month!  Even though I’ve used bias trim before, I’ve recently invested in the Craftsy Class ‘sewing on the edge’ and have learn a lot, including a super easy way to make my own without one of the fiddly binding makers where the tape has to be just the exact size, or else.

My sorbetto pattern has been stuck together and hung up since last year, and for some unknown reason I’ve not bothered to sew it.

All this changed when I was umming and arrhing over this ill fitting maxi dress and tuck the plunge with my first Sorbetto.


I love the fabric. The dress was donated by my mum in law, and has only been in my stash about 4 weeks, but I know even if it fit me properly it was too loud for me to wear very often as a maxi dress.

I turned the fabric upside down and used the stripey part for the upper part of the Sorbetto.  It went together painlessly, I even used french seams everywhere.   The only thing I thought was a bit odd was the length of the bust darts.  I never noticed when I was sewing, but when wearing I’m conscious that they almost meet in the middle.  Well, maybe a slight exagertation!  I put it down to not being very accurate when I sewed the darts but the second Sorbetto turned out the same.  As both were patterned fabric no one has noticed except me. Well, I’ve not caught anyone staring at my darts yet!

  Here’s a selfie of Harrison and me watching Yorkshire play cricket at Headingley in Leeds.  My life revolves around cricket, Harrison is playing for the Yorkshire Under 12s this year, and I have the best tan ever (except between the knees and bust which are super pasty white!). And when he’s not playing, there’s always a match somewhere else that we can watch.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with cricket here’s my boy coming off after he’d batted and scored 54 runs:

Cricket = lots of washing and soaking whites.

Here’s a few on the hanger pix. I so love this top and have worn it more times than I can remember, with my Yasmin Yoke Skirts.

Here’s a close up of my bias binding:

oops, not that one, this one…….

My 2nd Sorbetto was also a refashion.  A man’s shirt that I bought for £4 in a charity shop.  This was a little fiddly fitting the pattern onto the shirt.  I used the button down front and the curved hem.

Here it is in it’s original state:

 and here it is almost finished – just the arm holes need binding and some extra buttons sewn on the front…

I positioned the buttons then put a strip of cellotape over them so I could keep their positions in the right order. In the end I only sewed 3 extra ones, and stitched down where it gaped at the bust.

The Yorkshire Viking (LEFT!!)

Well, it gives you an idea of how it looks!

This is another top i’ve worn loads, again with my Yasmin Yoke skirt.  I think anyone at cricket who sees me regularly must think I have some sort of summer uniform.  Sometimes i jazz things up a little with a Victoria Blazer!

So, to Sorbetto number 3.  Last and by no means least.

This one was inspired by the Monthly Stitches challenge for July…..Mono Sewn.  I’ve already blogged about my lovely new mono frock, worn 4 times in 2 weeks due to 2 weddings, lady captains day and a day at the races. I’ve really gotten my monies worth out of my 4 pound frock!  A pound an outing!  Surely that must be some sort of record!

Here we are, my mono sorbetto:

Yes, you’ve guessed it, worn with a yasmin yoke skirt!

Think I look a bit worried in the photo above, as if someone might walk in on me taking my own photo.  Wish they would’ve done, they could’ve bloody well taken them!

Check out the necklace! A gift on my lady captain’s day, which turned out to be more like my birthday as I received so many gifts!

Now I’ve not gone daft, but these photos show where the original dart finished on my first 2 sorbettos (RIGHT) and where i’ve altered it to finish on this pattern (LEFT). I didn’t change anything else for the shortened dart, wasn’t sure if I should, so didn’t bother and it’s turned out ok.

 To you seasoned bloggers out there, what’s the next step? Sleeves? Frock? I’ve googled and looked at so many variations I’ve got a serious case of colettitus!  Any links to any exciting hacks would be welcomed.

So now I have 3 Sorbettos and 4 Yasmin Yoke skirts.  I really can’t believe i’ve made the same things more than once when I have oodles of patterns crying out to be made!

What’s the most you’ve made of one pattern?  I’ve one Yasmin unblogged (but not unloved) but will post it with the 2 more I have planned in the near future!


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  2. onedabbles says

    The sound you hear is polite but sincere clapping from the pavilion to your son for scoring 54 and for you for scoring some great tops – especially love the floral one refashioned from the men’s shirt – genius! Well played!

    • Aw, such a lovely comment, Thankyou!
      I love refashioning. I have so many clothes which need a makeover on a rail in the spare bedroom that I should never have to buy fabric again!

  3. I’m with you! I don’t think I’ve finished with a pattern fully until I’ve used it at least thee times, each time a little better than the previous one 🙂 Great tops!

    • Thankyou!
      I’ve just been having a read of your blog and I had the same problem with the Polly Top, as in the finish was great but the fit not very flattering. I’ve worn it with a skinny belt and it looked much better, 2 different people thought I was looking ‘trim’ when I wore it like that which is a bit ironic as I’ve stopped smoking and put on over a stone! Without the belt I look 7 months pregnant!

      • Funny! Yep, I think the Polly is definitely designed for taller, less curvy sewers 🙂 And hallelujah for belts, I have an ever-growing collection. They’ve saved many an outfit crisis 🙂

  4. Thanks for dropping by my blog. I am a Sorbetto fan too – no buttons or zips to put in what’s not to love? I will definitely make more for next summer. I love how you have refashioned that man’s shirt and the maxi dress. It doesn’t often occur to me to make something new out of something old but there is a lot of good fabric in some of those items languishing in charity shops and, next time I’m over visiting my mum, I’ll make sure to have a good rummage. Talking of pattern hacks for Sorbettos, I followed one to put sleeves in mine and you can see it here if you are interested
    As for patterns I make more than once, I’ve made the Lady Skater Dress by KitschyCoo three or four times now and probably the same amount of Tilly and the Buttons’ Coco Dress – neither of which have buttons or zips either so perhaps I’m being lazy.

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