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Introducing my 1938 Singer Sewing Machine

I’m so excited, I feel like all my Christmas’s have come at once!

At the beginning of the week I saw an old Singer on Ebay with a start price of £15.  There wasn’t much information, but the photo showed it in a cabinet and it looked promising and was only in Leeds so I bid £20 then forgot all about it. 


 Last night I received a message to say I’d ‘won’ it for only £18.  

So tonight, armed with some muscle, aka The Husband, I headed off on the 8 mile journey to meet the new love of my life  collect my new sewing machine.  

It was love at first sight!  

She was very heavy, but we managed and my hubby even drove steadily home (this is unusual, I usually have a stiff neck and feel sick even after a short journey! Only kidding darling if you read this!!).

We carried her into the front room.  My newly decorated front room.  Very dirty! But who cares!

Here she is: 


Here’s the original oil can:

#singer1938 3

Original Accessories (I think!)

#singer1938 4

#singer1938 5

There’s everything there to go ahead and start sewing!  It’s as if someone closed it up after a days sewing and then it just got forgotten about, or likely a newer shinier model came along.  Maybe a Juki as there’s a Juki accessory box, and some other bits and pieces:

#singer1938 6

Here’s the contents of the swivelling shelf:

#singer1938 7

For now I’m just going to give it a good clean and keep everything where it is.  

#singer1938 8

It was exciting to google the serial number and find out when it was ‘born’!  1938!!  Crikey!

#singer1938 9

It really is in amazing condition.  I can’t wait to get her cleaned up and see if she still sews.  The treadle still works.  I got it going straight away once I replaced the cord (not sure if that’s the right word for it).

If anyone has any tips or advice on restoring an old Singer I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. springystitches says

    Ooohh, exciting stuff and what a bargain!! I have a Singer that was passed down from my grandmother and I love it. It doesn’t have a cabinet though – I now have cabinet envy! You’ll have to post some photos of it all spruced up very soon… 🙂

  2. Oh wow!! Look at that! It is beautiful!! Bet you are chuffed to bits! What a find!
    Can’t wait til next Wednesday either!!! Xx

    • I’m am chuffed!! It’ll be giving you flash backs looking at it!
      Looking forward to next week too, I feel like we’re a modern day version of pen friends! 😀

      • Yes, exactly! It is same with Lisa at White Tree now for me, so much quicker than posting letters tho!! Haha
        I have so many friends through blogging. Funny isn’t it! But I am glad I am getting to meet one! X

  3. poppyinstitches says

    it’s a beauty! No advise other than the Wimbledon Sewing MAchine company on Balham High Road in London is great if you need any spare parts. Have fun!

  4. Oh wow what a bargain! With that cabinet too oh my goodness. If it works you’ll have to up the level of your home contents insurance haha… it’ll look beautiful when it’s all cleaned up 🙂

  5. OUTSTANDING!!! Must say that green Singer box (with additional attachments in it?) reminds me of the one my mother had with her Singer, but hers wasn’t a treadle, and probably was from the 40’s. She also had a cabinet, but nearly as large as yours. Such a great additional! xx

    • I know, I can’t wait to have a rummage! There’s some I recognise & some that I don’t have a clue what they are! 😀

  6. I love these old machines. I have a 1960s Singer and wouldn’t be without it. I’m so jealous, you have all the attachments. I was using only one bobbin until about a year ago, when my Mum found the rest in the loft!

    • I have all these attachments but not sure what to do with them! I need another day in the week to do everything I want to do, and spend time with my new machine.

  7. Awesome deal!! I am so excited for you! I love vintage! That is so cool!!! My mom has her grandmothers singer sewing machine and one day it will be mine as well. Hopefully it will continue through the generations 🙂

    • All that history in one family! I can’t imagine my son will ever get excited about mine and I’ve no daughter. But maybe he’ll have a crafty wife who’d like it to be passed on to her! 😀

  8. What a beautiful machine. I’ve never seen one with a cabinet like that. I have my great grandmother’s Singer treadle from 1924 and it means the world to me. When I was little, my cousins and I used to sit and rock on the treadle. We loved going through great gran’s button boxes and trunks of fabrics. I have’t actually tried to use the machine in years, i did make some simple things with it in my teens. Now I just admire how it looks. Good luck with your new treasure.

    • What wonderful memories! It’s a shame mine can’t talk as I’d hope to think mine had similar ones too 😀

  9. Dee Weaver says

    It’s a 15K. I have one in a treadle – left in this house when we bought it – and it sews like a dream. I did try restoring it myself, but not with any success. The bobbin winder was all gunged up so I dismantled it… how hard can it be, I thought… but I didn’t realise it was booby trapped and the whole assembly exploded all over the table! Then something seized up inside the machine itself so I admitted defeat. I called in the help of a lovely man in Huddersfield (no, not the one in the arcade) and he took it away, repaired it, fixed its timing issues and brought it back – all for less than £50. You have a good machine there that has the potential to outlive you, so it’s worth spending that bit extra on it.

    • Thanks for that Del, I didn’t even know what model it was. Do you still have details of this wonderful man!? Everything seems to move and I’ve found a you tube video how to thread it as unfortunately there isn’t a manual. Can’t wait to giver her a whirl! 😀

      • Dee Weaver says

        His name is Peter, and you contact him via the knitting yarn stall in Borough Market (the one on the side, just above the haberdashery and fabric stalls). If you can take the machine in, he’ll collect it from there. You should be able to lift it out of the cabinet and unhook the belt fairly easily, but it would be easier with an extra pair of hands. If not, I’m going into town this morning so I’ll nip into the market and get a phone number for you.

        • Dee Weaver says

          OK, I couldn’t get Peter’s phone number, but the market stall is 01422 358358. Ring on a Tuesday morning if you can, and you might be able to speak to him (he’s only there on Tuesday mornings), if not, leave your number and he’ll ring you back.

          • Aw, thanks Dee, that’s fab! Thanks for calling in. I’ve not hand chance to thread it up and see what happens but we’ve all had a go with the treadle!

            • Dee Weaver says

              You’re welcome! If the needle goes up and down when you treadle, it shouldn’t need too much work, but a good professional grooming will do wonders.

  10. Oh, she’s a beauty alright, and what a bargain too 🙂 Love how lots of the original accessories are still with it too. Lucky you!

  11. Bekki Hill says

    What a wonderful find. Well done you. She is gorgeous. Of course you’ve set me off now wanting a gorgeous girl like her. (And, yes, my husband drives like that too.)

    • I;ve been looking for ages, they’ve always been too far away or too much money. It’s worth keeping an eye out on ebay.
      If my husband keeps up the speediness he could end up with his head on top of the singer cabinet, lol, like yours!

      • Bekki Hill says

        Well done on finding one. I will keep an eye on ebay, although now you’ve inspired me to take an Easter trip to the antique barn near us – you know, one of those that has just heaps and heaps of stuff dumped there rather than chosen and arranged.

    • The couple who sold it didn’t know anything about it except it was at the back of their garage when they moved in. Strange though as the house looked about 1970’s. They thought it was electric!, and hadn’t really looked at it properly. I think they were expecting more money for it, and may have gotten more if they’d had looked into the history a bit and taken better photos. I’m not complaining though!

  12. Sounds like a bargain for only 18 pounds! Even if you can’t get it to work again it’s still lovely to look at.

    • Can’t wait to give it a go, not had time yet, but you’re right it does look lovely in the corner of my room. 😀

  13. Fiona M says

    How Fab! I have a 66K treadle and a 66K hand crank, both great ebay buys. The treadle was knackered, it had been kept outdoors for years, but my husband has pretty much restored it for me. It just needs the timing sorting, for which I hope to use the guy Dee recommends.
    The hand crank machine came in beautiful condition though, and had been in the same family from new. It was sold to me by the granddaughter of the original owner. There are pics of both on my blog.

    • Wow! Just had a peak! They’re both fab, mine doesn’t look too attractive when the cupboard is closed up, but yours with the drawers is a lovely feature open or closed 😀

  14. What a great deal! An online resouce about treadles is malepatternboldness blog. He has some great info and links.

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