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The Singer Sews & She’s Got A Name!

I threaded up my new Vintage Singer (with the help of this tutorial on You Tube) just to see if she would actually sew.   She’s still dirty, a bit smelly, and still has the same needle in as when she was last used.  Unfortunately I’ve no idea when this was. I did remove the fluff from around the feed dogs, but apart from that she’s as she was when I brought her home.

1968 Singer

I used a bobbin that was already wound and also brushed the dust off an old spool of thread.  I was stunned to find she sewed beatifully! I wish I’d have chosen some plain fabric so I could show off the stitches, but I didn’t expect this on my first go!

Here’s a close up:

17k singer 1938

I had googled ‘how to treadle’ and found this which was really funny (well, I thought it was, and if you’ve tried to treadle you might too!):

Treadling is a very advanced and intricate procedure, when done properly…. here is a good, basic set of treadling instructions:
1. Place sewing machine on floor… it is best if back of machine is to the wall and front towards open space.
2. Place chair in front of machine.
3. Sit in chair and place feet on treadle (right one slightly ahead of left one)
4. Start hand wheel by turning with hand
5. Wiggle feet
6. Observe what happens… if it doesn’t look right, wiggle feet differently.
7. Curse, rethread needle where thread broke, start hand wheel in opposite direction and try again
8. Try it with one foot
9. Get a kid to work the pedal while you sew :o)

(click any where on the text to be taken to the site)

Then I looked up popular names in 1938, and in the top 5 was Betty.  When I was expecting Harrison (my 12 year old) I was sure I was having a girl and my bump was Betsy all the way through my pregnancy.  So as Betty is close enough to this name, I’ve decided to name my 15K 1938 Singer Betsy, as I think it’s the only girl I’ll ever have!

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  1. How great that it worked first time after all those years. Just goes to show that the old uns are the best. Loved the treadling instructions:)

  2. That’s just like my mum’s machine, the one I learnt on. Lucky you! Have fun sewing!

  3. poppyinstitches says

    she’s a beauty and stitching so perfectly! Your going to have lots of fun stitching with her – Happy Easter!

  4. Congratulation on learning to treadle & giving it a go straight away!
    (Those directions are a hoot – thanks for sharing them, too.)

    • I know they’re brilliant, I was chuffed when I bought it, and that was before I found it worked, so now you’re right, it’s a bit like winning the lottery!

  5. Bekki Hill says

    Had nearly given up trying to catch up with all the posts I missed over Easter – so glad I didn’t and made here. Very funny instructions. Of course the word wiggle is God given for comedy. Glad to hear she sews so well even without much TLC.

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