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Sunday Sevens #29 (me #4)

Phew, I’ve made it to my week 4 of Sunday Sevens!  I’m a newbie to this and lot’s of you are on week 29 – well done guys! I’m in awe!   Is it getting easier for me? No, not this week, but here we are and here’s what I’ve been up to this week:


#pumpbagtutorial 24

This was one long day.  I knew it was going to be a long one so I even brought my machine downstairs.  I made 30 pump bags – there will be a post shortly, and i know I’m supposed to mention things that really don’t warrant a full post on their own but I didn’t do anything else ALL day.  11 hours I sat there.  My ankles were swollen by the time I’d finished.  I even considered taking an aspirin as I felt at risk of a DVT.   H snapped this pic of me as my camera was on the side.


#sundaysevens 2 (3)

A better day.  I went to play golf! It’s what I normally do on a Tuesday if I’m not working.  We had a cake stall after to raise money for Ovarian Cancer. I bought a lemon drizzle cake and 2 gin and tonic cup cakes.  The cup cakes never made it home.  In fact, the first one didn’t even touch the sides when I opened my mouth.  Hence, just a photo of the cake what was left after the family had seen it.


#sundaysevens 1 (3)

A life changing event occurred.  I ‘borrowed’ my dad’s guillotine. (thank goodness for auto correct – I wasn’t sure how to spell that!).  I’ve since chopped 2 sides off the PDF pattern for my Ginger Jeans, so I suppose I’ve made a start!


#sundaysevens 2 (4)

Back to work.  Just 2 shifts this week, which happened to be the 2 days that my hubby had taken off work to start decorating the front room.  Good or bad planning, I’m not sure!?  No painting took place on Thursday.  Just the prep work, the worst bit!


#sundaysevens 1 (4)

It surprised me when I came home and he’d done 2 coats on the ceiling and 1 on the walls, and just a slight smattering on the carpet!!!!  The Thurs/Fri pictures look similar but they’re really a lot different.  We’re doing the walls in Farrow and Ball “Elephant Breath”.  Hope it doesn’t smell!! lol!


#sundaysevens (6)

Saturday was Charlie’s 7th Birthday and he had a Nerf Gun war party.  Here’s Tina (my bestie) and her hubby dishing out the party bags – 30 pump bags in fact…. !


#sundaysevens (8)

H all ready for lessons No 4 & 5 at our local – ish indoor snow centre.  He’s going to Italy on Friday with the school and is really really excited!

As well Threads and Bobbins post all about the Sunday Sevens, Nat’s also created a Pinterest board too if you want to have a peak at mine and others previous goings on with Sunday Sevens!

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  1. 30 pump bags is a lot! Very impressive indeed. It was my daughter’s 7th birthday this week too, but I’m afraid to admit we went with RTBuy option that came with the party. My mum did make all the attendees knitted hedgehogs though to put in them 🙂

    • I’ve never done anything like this for Harrison, but when T asked me to do this for Charlie, I couldn’t say no! I bet the hedgehogs are cute! 😀

      • Thought I’d try a holidays Sunday Seven, so may have to sneak them in somehow 😉 Well done for keeping this up for a full month. I’m planning on doing holidays only, so I’m very impressed!

  2. Oh wow 30 bags in one day!! Go you!! I’m planning on making some simple tote bags (max 10) for my daughter’s party in a couple of weeks for them to decorate with fabric pens. That’s enough for me!
    And Elephant Breath??! Whoever thought of that??!

    • Have you seen the fabric in ikea that’s for colouring in?? That might be good for one side, and a plain side on the other?

        • That’s a long way! Mines only 5 minutes, I could post you some. Let’s have a look online…..there’s also some one else who does a lovely girlie print….let’s see if I pinned it….

          • Oh yeah that is pretty cool! I don’t want to put you out but if you happen to go there that would be so nice if you could grab me some! I can pay you back via PayPal. It would have to be this week so don’t worry if you can’t – I do have some plain fabric ready for them!
            I’m jealous you live so close to IKEA but actually don’t know if that’s really a good or bad thing…!

            • I don’t go that often, tho I used to do when H was little. I’d leave him in the free crèche and go to the cafe for a rest!
              I’ll call on my way to work tomorrow. How much do you need? I can pop it in the post so should get it weds or thurs. My email address should be on this page so drop me your address.

              • Haha! Oh thank you, I’ll email you in a bit. I think just one metre will be OK. Tempted to get more but really shouldn’t…

  3. So impressed you’ve kept this up for a month! And the painting’s going so well (although must look up that colour). Hope you have a less stressful week ahead! del xx

  4. A Nerf Gun party?! That sounds amazing! I read that part out to Adam and he was quite jealous 🙂 I was much more jealous of the lemon drizzle cake though… you’ve tempted me to make some soon! Well done for getting to week 4 too 🙂

    • Thanks Natalie! The nerf gun war was pretty crazy. Fhey do them for adults too, if you’re ever in the UK I’ll fix one up for the fellas whilst we go shopping! 😀

  5. 11 hours at the sewing machine?? Wow you are such a work demon 😉 😉 great job, redecorating is so fun isn’t it?? Great start to the front room 🙂 And skiing in Italy wow I’m jealous!!

    • I must confess I broke off for the school run, which didn’t feel like a break!
      The rooms coming on but doesn’t a newly decorated room make the rest of the house look terrible! I think 2015 is going to be the year of the paintbrush! 😯

  6. I don’t think I would be able to move after 11 hours at the sewing machine! At least you got them all out of the way in one sitting. I imagine it turned from being a pleasure into more of a chore around the 4 hour mark! 😉

    • It was the sewing of the 2 sides that did me in. I thought my machine was pretty quick, but I discovered the narrow zig zag takes longer than a straight stitch. I ended up timing myself to make it more interesting!

  7. Bekki Hill says

    Glad I’m not the only one who worries their creativity will lead to DVT 😉

  8. What a great (but crazy) idea! I made a camouflage dap bag for my nine year old for school and he is the envy of his friends so I bet they went down a treat. I have to say we are Farrow & Ball snobs and have used it for years. It’s even in the boys’ bedroom which might sound like a waste, but at least we used washable paint in there. I love the creative names they come up with:)

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