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A Quick Polo Shirt Refashion

I think MeMadeMay spurs us all into action and opens our eyes to gaps in our wardrobe. Last week I was wondering what I could wear for golf, then I remembered a top the hubby had discarded and put aside for the charity bag. It was kinda huge on me but I thought the collar the the zip opening didn’t look too big and once the sides were taken in it would still look in proportion. I measured it and decided to take the side in for it to measure 40″. I measure 39″ so I thought with a little stretch in the fabric 1″ of ease would be enough.  I’m still now sure now if i remembered to include a seam allowance as the finished garment is a bit snug (though I could get off my butt and go measure it and find out!). The marks drawn on were with a frixion pen.  I recently bought some felt tip style ones.  I’d always recommend testing to make sure the heat from the iron removes all marks …

Belize Skort Hack

I’ve had loads of compliments this week wearing my different variations of Itch-To-Stitches Belize Shorts and Skorts – both on and off the golf course.  My favourite feature of all the 5 variations is the curved back skirt on the skort version. I thought I’d have a go at making a version with a curved hem at the front as well as the back.  It was really successful so I thought I’d share it with you. First of all I measured the width of the back curved skirt and compared it to the front short pieces – the ones without the pleats.  I couldn’t use the pointy skort pieces as these overlap so I would have be hard to work out the width. Taking the seam allowances into consideration the skort back piece was near enough the same width as the shorts front so I felt able to just use the back piece for the skort front. I compared the shape of waist/hip curve of short piece to my new skort front (i.e. the skort back!). I’ve drawn an …

Getting busy with Belize from Itch-To-Stitch

Itch To Stitch has just released their latest pattern – the Belize skort and shorts.  She was asking for pattern testers not so long ago and I would have loved to help up but unfortunately the timescale didn’t match up with any free time I had.   I’ve never made a skort before, but have bought quite a few pairs over the years for golf, and they’re usually quite expensive.  In the last couple of years I’ve cheated and I’ve made skirts for golf and worn gym shorts underneath. This week I’ve been on annual leave and has loooooads of free time.  So armed with my new pattern (which I managed to work out how to use layers and just print my size) I set about making the Belize Skort.  This was Monday, and I wanted to wear them on Tuesday for golf! There are 5 views for the skort and shorts: View A: Pleated-front shorts with front pockets View B: Flat-front shorts with front pockets View C: Flat-front shorts with no pocket View D: Skort with …


  Gosh, this was a really tough one for me.  I’d had to go back to 2011 in my photos to find some ‘reflection’ photos.  These were taken at Harewood House in North Yorkshire.  Definitely worth a visit if you’re ever in the area.   Linking in again with the 52 Week Photo Challenge from: Nanacathydotcom Rainbow Junkie The Aran Artisan Wild Daffodil


This week’s photo challenge was a tricky one I thought!  Then I remembered these photos hidden in the depths of my computer! The feature photo and the photo below have not been ‘doctored’ at all – the sky was literally on fire on a Saturday evening playing golf. I took these photos back in 2009 when I bought my first proper camera.  I didn’t really know what I was doing with composition etc and really wish I’d taken more care positioning my hubby so you could see his outline better. Linking in again with the 52 Week Photo Challenge from: Nanacathydotcom Rainbow Junkie The Aran Artisan Wild Daffodil

Vogue 1429

I spotted this pattern a month ago and immediately thought “golf!”  I’d been on the look out for a  top with a collar that was a little different from the usual polo style top that golfers wear.  Not just because I wanted to be different, I’m a tad scared of plackets! This pattern was marked as easy, so although the collar didn’t look too straight forward, I thought it would be easier that the dreaded placket. I chose to make the sleeveless version as I didn’t have enough fabric to make one with sleeves.  I was either going to use a grey ponte knit (leftover from my sisters coco) or a black viscose jersey (refashioned from an old top).  For the contrast I was using some leftovers from my scuba knit espresso leggings. I wasn’t being a skin flint using the scraps – this was hopefully going to be a wearable muslin – according to the instructions I could alter the fit on the side seams if needed, and other than that it should fit! …

Scuba Knit Espresso Leggings

I think most of you have heard of Cake Patterns custom fit Espresso Leggings.  I’ve lost count of the number of pairs I’ve made –  for me, my mum, my niece, and even H has a pair which he wore under his ski trousers.  I thought maybe I could adapt the pattern for a scuba knit fabric and then they’d I’d be able to make some easy funky pants (ish) for on the golf course. I originally bought this check fabric when visiting Dewsbury for the Spoolette meet-up.  I went with absolutely no intention to buy any fabric on that occasion and came home with all this: So far though I’ve done quite well and made use of 3 out of the 7 pieces bought that day.  Recognise the fabric top left….arrrhhhhh…… The second fabric down is now the Athena Top. As the scuba knit isn’t quite so stretchy, I added about 1/2 inch all the way round my pattern: As it turned out this wasn’t quite enough.  The fabric only stretches on the horizontal …

Scarcroft Golf Club

Had a great day golfing with the lads from work yesterday, got a little bit wet but managed to come 2nd & won £35 in ‘high street’ shopping vouchers. Apparently you can spend them at over 20,000 shopping outlets, but checked online this morning and there’s not one fabric or haberdashery store! Gutted!!!