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Sunday Sevens – week 32 (me 7)


Phew!  It’s been a long day!   A long week too, really.  It was the 2nd week of the Easter hols in our part of the world.

After nearly 3 weeks off I went back to work last Friday.  That was a shock to the system having to get up at 5am!


Monday we had a chilling day.  Visited Nanny & Nana, and stopped off for an ice-cream on the way.

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We played golf – it’s not very often we play together. It’s hard to fit it in.  H’s been playing on the ‘big’ course since he was 5 and got an official handicap when he was only 9.    He managed 15 holes before he got bored! It was quite chilly.  We’d both gotten our legs out but could’ve done with wrapping up a bit warmer!

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Some friends came round for lunch.  They’re 2 mums I’ve met since H started playing cricket for Yorkshire 2 years ago.   It was great for the lads to get together too.   H loves jumping out on people and scaring them… (I need to show all 3 for you to get the effect!):

#sundaysevens 3 (5) #sundaysevens 2 (8) #sundaysevens 1 (8)


At work we have a Golf Society and have 6 or 7 trips out through the summer and also compete against other ambulance services.  On Thursday it was our first outing – we play 2 rounds, and eat breakfast lunch and evening meal – so it’s a long but enjoyable day!

When I came home I was shattered but it was only 8:30pm so I thought I’d do a little on a  blanket I started last summer.  This has travelled some miles – I often take it to work, and it’s also been to Mexico!  Thinking about it, I don’t think I’ve touched it since the flight back from Mexico on the 1st January!

#sundaysevens (12)


Back to work.  I stood-by (i.e. park up and wait for an accident to happen!) overlooking Brighouse and beyond.  In the distance you can just about make out the Pennines – that’s the ‘divide’ between me and NavyBlueThreads!

#sundaysevens 3 (4)


Another early start and I didn’t have time to make a pack-up, so I made do with Super Noodles and 2 poached egg accompanied with some Candy Crushing for lunch!

#sundaysevens 2 (7)


Hooray I finished work on time!  Well, I actually got off 10 minutes early as when I got back to station the girl who was starting at 6pm was in early so took my car and off I went!  (this a a mini miracle – i haven’t actually finished a shift on time since February!)

That meant I could whiz over to Leeds and watch some cricket. H was playing for the 2nd team at New Farnley (for the seniors i.e. men!) and they won! He’s only 12 but last year he received a card from Yorkshire to say he’s allowed to play open age cricket. He had a great game – took a catch and got 16 runs. And they won!

#sundaysevens 1 (7)

So that’s my week in a nutshell!  Hope you’re week’s been good too.  Our days are getting (slightly) warmer  and longer which always seems to help put smiles on everyones faces!  Hope there’s something to put a smile on yours, wherever you are!

If your new to Sunday Sevens and would like to read more, or join in, head over to Natalie’s blog over at Threads and Bobbins to find out a little bit more about it!

Have a great week………….Ali x

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    • You been learning French?! He’s got his French speaking test must be psychic!
      I played up until the week before I gave birth so I think he learnt to play golf whilst in the womb! None of that listening to classical music malarky!!

  1. What a busy week you have had! It sounds like your son is really talented with his sports – well done him! I’m really liking the quick lunch too…I actually think that sounds really yummy!

  2. 🙂 A busy week indeed, but you managed to fit in a few of your favourites. Thanks you for the mention. I’m originally from North Wales so don’t feel too much of an affinity with Lancashire, but I most definitely consider myself a Northerner! 🙂

  3. I’m glad to hear your weather’s getting better and that you and H are getting outside in it–he does sound like quite the athlete! I love the cool yarn you’re using for the blanket; are you able to work on that while you’re standing by? I try to always have a portable project going so that I can get little bits of crafting done while I’m waiting for things.

    • I do often have my crochet with me at work, but not for a while. We’re so busy lately we don’t standby as much. I used to knit at work, but crochet’s easier to put down in a hurry! 🚑

  4. H is quite the sportsman then! I got my legs out for the first time last week – and had to put sunglasses on as the glare from white skin was akin to snow blindness:)

    • Lol!
      I think it’s best to get them out earlier whilst everyone else has pale legs too otherwise you get left behind! 😃

  5. My friend’s son (aged 13) plays cricket for Yorkshire. Do you know the Day family? Mind you I think he plays over 15’s

    • Don’t recognise the name, H is still in Under 13s, but plays U15s too. We might have played against him in district or club matches.

    • It get some funny looks at work – these were chilli chicken flavour.. Not the best combination to try! The curry ones go surprisingly well! 😃

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