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Sunday Sevens – Week 34 (me 9)

I thought I’d be scraping the barrel with the photos for this past week, but now as I’m flicking through them on my photo stream I have 7.  Phew!  I thought before I looked that I might have to add one or two from my Me Made May ones but I don’t.

1.  Spot the vital piece of equipment necessary when I’m sorting out the back of my car at work!

#sundaysevens 1 (11)

2.  Spotted another shop in Bradford which I’ll have to try and peruse one day.  Apparently it’s really cheap for all haberdashery – as in it’s cheaper to buy the whole roll than just a couple of metres!  It’s on Toller Lane near Bradford Royal Infirmary – if any ‘local’ readers could enlighten us further that would be fab!

#sundaysevens 4 (2)

3.   An exceedingly windy and chilly day on the golf course!

#sundaysevens 6 (1)

4.  A rare treat – going out with Mr Thimberlina (to a do at the golf club! where else!)

#sundaysevens 3 (7)

5.  Look what arrived in the post!  Thanks Amanda!

#sundaysevens 1 (12)

6.  It was too cold to watch cricket (well too cold to watch it in my new Morris Blazer, but it wasn’t getting covered up with a big coat!) so we went and bought 2 sofas.  Here’s one nearly the same.  The other is a love seat and will be for snuggly up with my crochet hooks!  Unfortunately they won’t be here for 6 weeks, but it’s taken us 4 weeks to choose it, so I can live with the old ones a bit longer!

#sundaysevens 2 (12)

7.  Found a pic of H on my phone today, he was chuckling like mad and I did’t know he’d been taking a selfie and changing the photo of my lock screen!

#sundaysevens 7

Hope you’ve all had a great week!

If you want to see more of The Sunday Sevens, head over to Nats (from Threads and Bobbins)  Pinterest Board to see what the rest of the Sunday Seveners have been up to!

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    • I wish we could get out more, more so I can wear the clothes I make! And it would be an excuse to buy more fabric! Hope you had a fab night 😉 …..notice my smiley is winking!

      • Well he looked like he was winking when I did it but now he looks like he’s screwing his every up! Oh well!

  1. It’s fun having a little glimpse into others lives. I bought two sofas from Cargo on 30th November and they didn’t arrive until the beginning of April – hope your timings are more accurate!

    • Oh no! that’s ages! We only ordered it yesterday and they rang today to confirm the 15th June, so fingers crossed……

  2. Just read your comment on Amanda’s site. My posts didn’t show up for a while either a week or so ago. Turns out my ‘theme’ wasn’t ‘mobile friendly’… So I switched it and now it’s fine again. Might be worth looking into if you’re still having problems 🙂

    • I did that mobile friendly check and it said it was ok. Once I opened up the post to edit it, and just saved it without doing anything it was fine!
      ….have you seen Chris’s comments… I think you could pull off a jump suit!

      • Now, don’t you start! I keep seeing them in magazines and hearing how ‘wearable’ they are. Seriously, at five foot two and a half I’d look ridiculous! 😉

        • Lol, I’m only 5’4″ – at least we don’t need as much fabric as tall girls!
          I’ll send you my pattern to trace so you don’t have to waste money buying one!

          • Well, there is that I guess! My Dad always likes to remind me that ‘the best things come in small packages’ … Is this a jumpsuit pattern?!? Must have missed that post too… X

  3. Cute selfie, and how cute are those cookies! We’ve had the exact opposite weather here this week 80’s and 90’s hot 🙂 Lovely couch looks comfy!

    • The cookies were as yummy as they looked! Ate them today but was a bad mother/wife and failed to share! 😃

  4. Oooooh I love the new sofa! We have a grey one and I think that they are a very good colour for hiding stains & pet hair!! Do they still sell the giant bourbons in Costa? They were yummy!

  5. Such fabric store envy I’m having over here – agh! Your car looks very organized, but don’t know enough about shopping things over there to pick out anything. Hope your lovely sofas arrive on time, and you still like them when they’re in situ! del

    • The vital piece of equipment in my car was the coffee! It’s a life saver for me! Gosh I hope I still like the sofas in 6 weeks when they arrive, never thought I might go off them! 😃

      • Not to worry – you won’t go off those sofas! So that *was* a coffee cup, huh? Not a U.S. brand like Starbucks or a bunch of others. Sorry! 😦 (Cute selfie of your web master.)

  6. Bekki Hill says

    Lovely pictures – lovely week. I do miss finding face pulling selfies on my phone now my girls have left home 😦 But you’ve just inspired me, we’re meeting up this weekend, so I’ll attempt to put some on theirs without them catching me 🙂

      • Bekki Hill says

        I’m sure there will be. Mine always used to put them as the lock screen photo to bug me as much as possible.

  7. I’m intrigued by the Bradford fabric shop, let us know if you do pay them a visit! I keep considering a trip to Huddersfield to check out their fabric shops too. Looks like a great week 🙂

    • You don’t sound too far away! I’ve only been to Samuel Taylors in Huddersfield but I’ve been told the Friday market is worth a visit. I like Dewsbury as there’s a few and they’re all close together. Hopefully I’ll get to visit the Bradford one, there’s 2 or 3 other shops within walking distance so probably will be worth a ride out. ✂️😃✂️

    • It’s the 2 head band thingys I made a couple of months ago. They’re were all I had in my golf bag and it was so windy! 💨

  8. That’s some commitment there, getting out and playing when the weather’s like that! And I have to agree, coffee is the fuel that makes stuff happen (though pretty cookies help a lot, too.)

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