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Me-Made-May Part 2

Me-Made-May continues for many of us and we’re over half way! Most of us are learning about gaps in our wardrobes and I’m no exception. What I’ve discovered is I live in my RTW jeans nearly all the time. Luckily I have quite a lot of me made tops, and also a few skirts and dresses, but when the weather is a naff has it has been so far this month, a girls legs need to be covered.  I think it’s time I stuck my Ginger Jeans pattern together.  I’ve already printed off.

Enough rambling, here’s day 8 to now of my me made May….. (I may struggle to remember what I was up to when some of these photos were taken… all my days seems to be merging into one!)

8.  My recently made denim Lekala dress and much loved, goes with nearly everything, Morris Blazer.

#memademay15 6

9.  Another recent make, going out for lunch with the girls.   Newlook 6217 with ‘r’ Morris.

#memademay15 5

10. …. cricket, which didn’t warrant my smart blazer, but I did wear a Sewaholic Renfrew with my Jeggings made using Sewing Cakes Espresso Leggings pattern.

#memademay15 4

11.  Aw…love this, another Newlook 6127 

#memademay15 3

12.  A cold and miserable day.  I wore my Colette Albion – this has definitely been a worthwhile make – worn it so much, not just in May!  With a top I made hacking the t shirt pattern from the GBSB book 2.

#memademay15 2

13.  What a difference a day can make!  I wore my Lekala sun dress which was originally a muslin for my Valentine dress but turned out ok.  It’s not hemmed, just overlocked, but only me knows! Bit blurred I’m afraid, the camera mustn’t be used to sunshine!

#memademay15 1

14.  Cricket for a change, and it was freeeeeeezing!  I wore a vest (RTW), another vest (RTW), my newlook 6217 linen top, my Oslo Cardigan (finished the night before, hidden under layers but had to wear it!), my Colette Albion, and my big crocheted cosy heart shawl. Phew!  That was a lot of clothes, but they were needed!

#memademay15 2 (1)

15. Another Renfrew with Jeans,  and some stretch woven black pants-ish made with my sewing cake espresso leggings pattern, plus an inch all the way round. Wear these a lot for golf as they look smart-ish. 

#memademay15 1 (1)

16.  A cropped Coco jumper.  This was originally cover the bum length but one day I needed a short jumper so hacked and hemmed it!

#memademay15 3 (1)

17.  This is a T Shirt refashion – it was origally all stripes and on the reverse side it was flowery.  I chopped it in half, turned it and stitched it back on! Excuse belly sticking out. And also miserable just about to start a night shift face!  Oh! And not forgetting the Oslo!

#memademay15 4 (1)

18.  Yesterday I wore my drapey Athena Top from Gray Day Patterns.  This is unblogged as it was made when I was pattern testing.  Worn with, yes you guessed, good old Olso!

#memademay15 5 (1)

19.  This is a cowl neck top that I made at the back end of 2013.  I whipped it up in a morning before I met some friends in the afternoon.  Comfy and easy to wear.  Something else that looks good with my Oslo Cardi.

#memademay15 6 (1)

Mmmm.  What else I have learnt.  I wear a lot of stripes.  I need more cardigans!  And it just so happens I’ve nearly finished the Cabernet Cardigan from Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick (top pic’!).  Must dash, just got another 4 buttons to sew on! Might be able to put Oslo in the wash tomorrow!

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  1. Loving ‘r Moris and your Simplicity top. Great to see some of your earlier makes too, I mustn’t have been following you back then. I’m very tempted by the Renfrew after seeing yours and I must make another Oslo, thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    • Thanks Teresa, The Renfrew is worth buying… I’ve made quite a few varaions, including dresses. I bought it as a PDF first then ended up buying a proper paper copy. Bit stupid really but I like proper copies if I can. And the Morris…., that’s a real keeper too, makes anything looks more dressier with little effort. 😀

      • Now that sounds like my kind of sewing. Trying very hard not to buy any new patterns, before I get through what I’ve already got, including a whole heap from Seamworks – top of which us that lovely, cropped sweater they did. Wishing work would just go away so I can just get on with all this sewing 😉

  2. Ooh I like your Oslo. You have such a range of makes from different pattern companies. Not very loyal are you!

  3. corrineappleby says

    I must make myself a Morris blazer. I love it! Liking your Oslo cardi too. I need more stuff like that in my me-made wardrobe!

    • The Oslo’s so easy to wear, I nearly didn’t buy it as it came free with the first Seamworks mag and I didn’t subscribe til issue 2. So glad I did, need more now! 😀

  4. Everytime I see that Oslo cardi I want one to curl up in. Your Albion always makes me smile because I went to Albion College (in Michigan) and our sports teams nickname was the Britons. So we were the Albion Britons and you have a British Albion. 🙂

    • There are Oslos everywhere, it definately drew me in to make it cos of it’s cosines. Like your Albion story! 😄

  5. What a huge wardrobe of makes! Glad to see that you are surviving the weather. What is the betting the sun comes out the moment MMMay is over?

    • Last year taking part In the rtw fast and also gaining a few pounds stopping smoking meant I really had to make everything I needed. I couldn’t shop and my existing wardrobe was a it too small!

  6. Suzanne mawson says

    Wow …a wardrobe full. So impressed! Love the pretty flower fabric and that top is gorgeous. Is it from Lucky fabrics, Dewsbury?

    • Thanks! The fabric was from fabworks in Dewsbury. I went to get another piece only 4 days and it’s sold out!

  7. I’m surprised you have gaps in your wardrobe, you have a lot of me-made variety. I love your Morris blazer, it goes with everything, really good choice. New look top with flowers is also one of my favourites, I like the contrasting neck band. You look so happy in all of them 🙂

  8. Wow you have a good variety there! I have 3 pairs of pants, 1 top, and 1 skirt that I have made. Looks like I need to get busy!! I like that Renfrew pattern it looks comfy 🙂

    • Thanks! I thinks it because I mainly just sew for myself. I think you have been really busy, and now you have that amazing skirt sloper and nearly the top too you’re wardrobe going to be full to bursting! 😀

  9. A really interesting & inspiring collection of different pattern companies, and so many lovely clothes! I want my own Ar’Morris and I definitely want to egg you on with the Gingers. Do it! Do it! Do it!! Two more patterns for my lust-list!

    • I’ve the pattern all printed, the only thing stopping me is the fabric. I might get some stretch cotton in a funky fabric instead of denim as I don’t really need any more jeans just yet 😀

  10. I love your amusing commentary that accompanies the facts about your MMM makes (which are pretty impressive, by the way)!

    • Thanks! I think I’ll be running out of clothes soon, but got plenty of dresses so maybe could just get glammed up for the rest of the month! Hubby would be thinking I’m having a fling… Lol !!

    • Not long to wait, I’m hopefully going to get some pics tonight then I’ll be able to post it. I’ve done a smart dressy one and its turns out really well. 😀

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