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Sunday Sevens Week 36 (me 11)

Hi, another week, another Sunday Seven!  These weeks sure fly by, I’m just managing to squeeze this post in before I set off to work for my last night shift (this week, not ever!).

1.  I thought it was about time I tidied up the front garden.  No after photo just yet but I did make enough progress that hubby noticed I’d done something outside of the sewing room.#sundaysevens 6 (2)

2.  I made Viola’s Shephards Pie using a recipe from Sewing With Scooby Snacks! Delicious!

#sundaysevens 7 (1)

3.  I chose the lounge carpet! The other 2 samples are my couch and love seat.  They won’t be here til the middle of June. I’m counting the days!

#sundaysevens 5 (2)

4.  H played cricket and at the side of the pitch there were a few animals including these 2.  I think they’re Alpacas – correct me if I’m wrong!

#sundaysevens 4 (3)

5.  Started my first of 4 night shifts.  Grabbed any old pair of socks out of my drawer!

#sundaysevens 3 (8)

6.   I went into a house about 4:30 am and it was pitch black outside.  When I went out later in the day light I was met with this view. Stunning!  Fancy waking up to this view across the hill every morning.

Note patient was safely in the ambulance with the crew and I’d handed over when this was taken!

#sundaysevens 2 (13)

7.  I did a burns test on my new floral top as I’m not sure what the fabric is.  Still not sure!  It smelt ok, not a nasty burning smell if that helps anyone.

#sundaysevens 1 (13)

Head over to Natalie’s blog over at Threads and Bobbins to here about her brain child – The sunday sevens!

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  1. Oh am loving the lounge furnishing colours! Can see why you went for the cushioon fabric now!! 😉

    • Thanks! But I’m still unsure about the accent colour 😯. I’m thinking now more burnt orange instead of mustard. Will keep looking…….👀

  2. I have no idea how alpacas feel about hugging, but I totally want to squish those two squishable guys! I like the idea of orange with your fabrics to warm up the palette a little bit; that would be nice on gray winter days. Thanks for the lovely garden picture–so green and lush!

    • The alpacas were really strangle looking animals. It was almost like there were people inside them and they were costumes! Just too cute to be real!

  3. Hahaha I wear Christmas socks all year round – I’m wearing some with stockings on today in fact! What is the burns test meant to show?

    • The burn test tells you what your fabric is, depending on how it burns, what it smells like and what you’re left with. I’ve not done one before and still not sure about this!

    • You’re welcome, it really was lovely, I made it for a big family tea and every loved it. Just diced new potatoes for the topping as it was all I had in, and I had some spare so did extra on a baking sheet. I’ve already had a request for it again 🍴

  4. Bekki Hill says

    Love the alpacas. Lovely husband wears his Christmas socks all year round. I sadly don’t own any 😦 Must address that.

    • I must admit mine are sharing ones, now H has big feet he’s outgrowing all his fun socks and I’m starting to get hand me downs!

      • Bekki Hill says

        No chance of that for me – daughters steel my sock but never happens the other way round.

  5. The alpacas are just too cute and they seem just as interested in you as you are in them. I can just hear one of them say to the other, “Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that Thimberlina.”

    • Hahaha…. That’s really funny! Just getting a few funny looks from my work colleagues after bursting out laughing 😂

  6. I am loving the alpacas too. Sandwich though? (And this from a girl who has eaten puffin😱).
    I see the amount of rain as an excuse to avoid gardening, as anyone could work out from the state of my garden. Well done on your efforts.

  7. Ooh, Alpaca yarn is just lush – I’ve got some welly socks made from it and I wear them to bits. Nothing wrong with Christmas socks in May:)

    • Hope you don’t need your welly socks this week. You would have done if you’d been in England ❄️💦

  8. The Christmas socks made me laugh as I wear mine all year round too…in fact I think I own more Christmas socks than normal ones 🙂 Your shepherd’s pie looks yummy!

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