Sunday Sevens
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Sunday Sevens Weeks 39 (me 14)

Hello!  Hope you’ve all had a wonderful week.  Mine’s been a bit mixed – a bit like the weather.  I’d been stung in the face by hail stones and 3 days later been sun burnt!

A little mention about Sunday Sevens….  Natalie from Threads and Bobbins thought this for us to write a post to include 7 photos from your week.  It’s great to get an insite into what we all get up to outside of the sewing room.  I particularly like to see photos of where my blogging friends live – not their houses – just what the landscapes are like round and about.  It makes it a bit more real as I often feel it’s a bit weird having ‘virtual friends’!

1.  The week can only get better from here.  It had been a bright blustery day, but at 5.08 pm as I teed off the heavens opened and it blew a gail!  I was so fed up, but had to battle on for the team! Needless to say I won!  But it did get worse – we usually have a meal after our team matches, but their captain in her wisdom thought we’d just want to get straight off afterwards so didn’t organise any food!

sundaysevens 5

2. Hope you don’t get fed up of the cricket photos, but apart from sewing and going to work I don’t do a lot else in the summer. It’s not a bad way to spend time, especially as rain stops play – wish it did the same for golf!   This is at Hopton Mills in Mirfield – for those of you who are local.

sundaysevens 3

3.  When out for a walk I spotted these and immediately thought of Amanda – I bet you wouldn’t be able to resist leap frogging over this!

sundaysevens 4

4. Harrison played in his first match for the Yorkshire Under 13’s B team.  This was at Londesborough Park, East Yorkshire.  An amazing setting.  The umpires were ready, waiting for the boys to come out to play!

sundaysevens 25. After been up all day watching the cricket I had to go work a night shift (yawn, yawn).  It’s awful staying up all day and all night, but it puts you in good stead for girls weekends away – I can manage on very little sleep when required! The welcome sunrise meant it was nearly time to go home!  This was taken as I left Meltham in Huddersfield and was dropping down into Milnsbridge.

sundaysevens 1

6. Rory was laid on the sofa recharging her batteries! (assisted by some creative cropping of the photo!)


7.  Hubby sat having his brekkie in the garden – no it wasn’t that warm but he likes to admire his handy work!

#sundaysevens 7 (2)

Hope you’ve all had a productive week!  I’m hoping for my last night shift tonight to be a quiet one.  This morning I got a late job so ended up working a 13 1/2 shift.  Not good for the beauty sleep or keeping up to date with my blog reading.  With a bit a luck I’ll be able to catch up and see what you’ve all been up to this week!


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I sew and play golf. I blog about my sewing as I don't think you'd want to read about my golf. It's bad enough watching it on telly! Contact me via email -


  1. Hahaha, I like how you actually thought I managed a leap frog!!! Hahaha maybe I should change my blog to Bollard Amanda!?! Lol

    • You kidding me!!! You were pretending! Then you best get on the trampoline and have a proper jump!! Haha!!
      Can’t believe you got me there, lol 😂

      • The last time I jumped over a bollard I was 9 and had a big wide 70s skirt on in Leeds city centre and I got stuck on the top!!! Hahahaha, never tried again!!!

        • Haha!! Next time we’re meeting up we need to go to Leeds and find that bollard and have a re-enactment! Maybe without the big skirt!!😃

  2. Bekki Hill says

    Lovely to see all your pictures. How quintessentially English your cricket match picture looks. Love the sunrise. Hope you have a lovely week and they don’t forget to feed you at golf.

  3. The weather is entirely bonkers at the moment here too! Lovely images and I’m currently dreaming of your lifestyle (well, apart from the 13 and a half hrs shift of course), I’m feeling v fed up after not managing any sewing whatsoever this weekend. Fingers crossed I might fit a bit in on my day off on Wednesday…

    • If I don’t sew I end up feeling miserable! Good luck for Wednesday – do you have a bionic tidy up on sewing days – i whiz round do it looks like I’ve spent more time on housework than sewing! 😃

  4. Oh I hope you get some sleep soon! LOL at your hubby!! I want to go for a drive in the number 5 pic!

    • Hopefully I’ll be in bed for half 6 in the morning, but H has a Yorkshire match in South Yorkshire so want to watch him 😳 4 hours should be enough, I like to be proper tired after my first night to turn my body clock back 💤💤💤💤💤
      Best thing about work is the scenery (as well as saving lives!). Glad I don’t with too much in the city 😃

  5. Lovely to see such green grass, and large playing fields. Don’t know a thing about cricket, but love the scenery. Hope you’re having a quiet night & get some z’s before tomorrow’s game! (Ready for more reading?)

    • I’m so behind with everything Del, doing 4 shifts this week has flattened me! They’ve been so busy I’ve not even been able to keep up with my blog reading!
      Crickets a strange game, I’ trying to educate my mum about it but I’m not that clever myself! 😀

  6. I am loving your weekly post-of-your-week. I look forward to them every week. I have enjoyed it so much that I am thinking to myself of jumping in. I usually forget to take pictures (or even carry my phone to take pictures) but, I am finding myself thinking about it more and more. If it’s not too late I want to join in. My other problem as a newby and being technically challenged, I don’t know how to ‘grab a button’. Or why I would need to. This old gal can learn new tricks – I think.

    • Since joining in I’m constantly on the lookout all the time for something interesting. It’s amazing how you notice so much more around you.
      I was a late starter too but the more the merrier! The button is to create s link back to the info about it.
      I added it to my side bar then put a link to it. That doesn’t probably make much sebse, sorry!!

  7. Love the cricket photos–so pretty there! Sorry about the all-over-the-place weather you had, though. I keep imagining a bubble over your head in that picture reading, “there better be some DAMN fine food coming after all this!”

  8. I used to live in Pennsylvania and we got a lot of precipitation so I hear ya about the weather but look at the beautiful greenery in your photos. Very lovely 🙂

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