Sunday Sevens
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If Carlsberg did Sunday Sevens……


If Carlsberg did Sunday Sevens they wouldn’t be like mine, they would be like the week Sewchet’s just had!!

Anyway back to my week (but click on Sheila’s link if you want to see how a week in England is really spent when the sun is shining!).

1. H had a match for Yorkshire and scored 44 – his highest number of runs for them this season.  He was shattered on the way home and fell asleep.

#sundaysevens 8

2.  Nights! Yuck!  Even after 23 years they don’t get any easier.

It was about 4:45 am and I was heading into Huddersfield, returning back to area.  I saw the most amazing sunrise.  I pulled over and took a photo.  As I looked in my wing mirror, before setting off, a car over took me.  Then 2 cars racing each other about 60mph in a 30mph zone came flying past!  After they passed I set off and about 200yds down the road was confronted by a smashed up VW Golf – one of the cars that had just flown past!  Luckily the occupants were ok, but the car was a proper mess!  Thankful I’d pulled over to take this photo otherwise I could have easily been involved in the accident.

#sundaysevens 6

3.  Didn’t sleep too good during the day.  It was so hot and there was a bit of commotion next door/ I opened the curtains to see what was going on.  A digger was almost horizontal!  they sorted it out in the end – luckily no casualties!

#sundaysevens 5

4.  The ceiling has been re-plastered and painted in my mums kitchen. In the Feature pic dad’s sorting stuff out under the floor boards and I was helping measure the ceiling for the new lights.

#sundaysevens 7

5. Played my club knock out at golf…. lost ;-(    Lots of poppies at the side of the pond this week, more purple ones and a red one had flowered too.

#sundaysevens 46.  Twice this week we’ve managed to have a pretend BBQ on the electric grill, and eat outside!

#sundaysevens 3

7.  A rare treat today a Cricket.  Rain stopped play, but Claire (one of the other mums) brought Pimms so we retreated to hubby’s van to drink it!  I didn’t know until it was too late that she had laced it with vodka.   Naughty friend!  By 5pm I was tipsy. By 7 I was really tipsy.  At almost 10pm I’m just about able to write this post!

We had to use my crochet hook to stir the drinks!   Luckily the sun came out, play was resumed and we won!

#sundaysevens 2

Hope you’ve all had a lovely week in some shape or form.   I’ve not sewn as much as I’d have liked to this week, and I’ve had problems connecting with WordPress on my Iphone so am a bit behind with my blog reading.   Has anyone anneals had trouble reading blog posts using the WordPress App for iPad/Iphone?

If by some strange wonder you’ve not heard of Sunday Sevens, it’s the brain child of Natalie over at Threads and Bobbins.  Head over to see hers, and find out more.

Fancy joining in? ….The first couple of weeks are tough but it’s surprising how it opens yours eyes to what you do day to day when you need to show everyone 7 photos at the end of the week! And it does get easier, I often end up with 9 or 10 photos and have to try and narrow it down!

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  1. I am curious about that drink you were enjoying. Pimms? And I am so glad that you had the beautiful sunrise to distract you from possible danger. Whew!

    • Hi Robyn, pimms tastes very none alcoholic, but soon had me feeling very squiffy! It usually has mint leaves and strawberries in it. We just had ice!

  2. Oh my haven’t you had an eventful & busy week! The Pimms photo made me laugh! The kitchen looks like it is really coming along nicely – I used to think that stroking freshly plastered walls were the best part about home renovation…how sad does that sound!! Ha!

    • Haha, stroking plaster! I always thought it had that cringe sort of feel to it. My dad’s a plaster by trade so he was always replastering walls – you’d have loved growing up in our house!

  3. Ha ha! Great title, wish I’d thought of it! Mind you, your week doesn’t look too shabby if you ignore the near miss and the night shifts. Cricket, golf, BBQ and Pimms are also traditional English ways to spend the Summer:)

    • I’m hoping for it to be a little less eventful this week, but still with the Pimms fitting in somewhere! I’ve had a soaking at golf today so things can only get better!

  4. So this is what Sunday Sevens does to ordinary, normal people–it makes them sleep with a camera next to the bed just in case something photogenic happens. It also apparently saves them from having car accidents.

    Yep, sounds legit. 😉

    (And makes them crave Pimm’s! I really must see if I can find it here!)

    • Not sure if Sunday Sevens would survive in a world without camera phones! My playing partners at golf today thought I’d lost my ball in the trees but I was taking pictures of a squirrel! Sunday Sevens has turned me a bit crazy!

  5. Fascinating all the things you cram into a week!
    Serious congratulations to your son for his might 44!
    Would your dad know if it’s normal for me to be smelling strong wood smells each time it rains here (multiple times a day at present)? Replacement of my wall of windows was supposedly completed on Thursday. Many thanks to him & you if he does!
    Phew! Am grateful you turned aside for that lovely sunrise photo! xx

    • Ma & Pa have been away to sunny Scarborough for a few days away from the building site! I’ll ask him now he’s back – but he’ll probably read this – what d’ya think Pops?!x

        • Dear Sir Cyber-Pops ~

          I think I’ve discovered the cause of the bad smell: a bad caulk job on all 4 sides of the window. That led to dampness getting into the walls (the smells), and has now graduated to leaks along the bottom of the window sills, and tops of the sashes.

          When laying a bead of caulk, I’ve always seen & heard the caulk bead should not be broken.

          The person who caulked this window broke the bead repeatedly at top, bottom, and both sides of the window. Sorry that I’m not up on British building terms.

          Thank you from the bottom of my sewer’s heart! 💕

            • So glad Sir C-P wasn’t insulted by my addressing him so informally. 😉
              Caulk is that white material that looks like decorator’s icing, comes in a tube, and is used to seal edges. In this case, the seal is for the joint where the wooden wall frame is met by the PVC window frame. (Would also have been done on the outside, but I didn’t see that.) Will look for some visuals for you.

  6. You had quite a week there, the new use of your crochet hook made me laugh! WordPress on iPhone had been seriously misbehaving all last week but I think it may be ok now after the update! Have a good new week!

    • The hook certainly came in handy! It was the only time it was needed once the Pimms was cracked open!
      Hope you have a good week too! 🙂

  7. They don’t do Pimms in France. We have to wait until we nip down into Spain to get it but at least it’s cheap there. I like the notion that you were possibly saved from harm by a sunset – it sounds like a scenario from a book.

    • It was proper weird! I did take a picture of the car but then decided not to put it on! Was a bit shocking despite no one being injured. So glad I’d pulled over.
      Nip to Spain…. is it far? The roads in France are better than here for those long journeys from what I remember.

    • The driver of it had a lucky escape! I envisaged it being on it’s side but they tied it to a van which helped straighten it up. 🙂

  8. Thank God for that sunrise! Wow. Did they need an ambulance?!
    LOL at your electric grill/BBQ! And your crochet hook stirrers!

    • He did need an ambulance – it was the fastest response time of the night! I was on scene before a call had been put in! He was very arrogant and refused to go to hospital though.
      Wonder if there’d be a call for drinking straws and stirrers shaped like crochet hooks!?

  9. Hi there, I should have enough pics to join you on Sunday Sevens……….do I need to put the logo on? And how in the world would I do that? (have my project completion FINALLY coming up soon)Thanks!

    • Wayhay! Well done! You link your post to Natalie and you can just download the logo off my post, and then just add it at the top of your post. Any probs let me know or Natalie 😀

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