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Sunday Sevens Week 42 (me 17)


Hi Everyone! We’ve finally had a weekend of warmer weather and I’m working. But never mind, I’m off tomorrow and hopefully it’ll be a scorcher! Friday was my first shift back after being off at the start of the week. I woke up at 5am when my alarm went off and the first thing I thought was “oh shit no! I forgot to do my Sunday Sevens last night!!😳”.   After all it was Monday morning for me. It wasn’t until I was dressed that I realised i’d still another 3 days left of the week!! So now it’s your Sunday and I’ve got the Friday feeling! Confused??!!  Me too! Read on!

1. I don’t think this needs an explaining but it’s the highlight of my week, already has had it’s own post but still needs another mention!! My GBSB day with Heather Jacks! GBSB Heather jacks 2. We have a beautiful pond on the 11th hole at the golf club.  It’s wasn’t as beautiful this week as my ball went in it! Noticed this poppy though which I’d not seen before.  Isn’t the colour gorgeous? Purple poppy 3.  Girlie morning and lunch swapping patterns and ideas.  Love these get togethers.  Those of you who went on the Spoolettes meet up will recognise it’s Helen & Jeanie my non-blogging sewing pals. Spoolettes 4.  I decided to spring clean the conservatory and whilst the floor was drying I finished off my shabby chic picture frames outside with a coat of wax. Spring cleaning 5. H with his Grandpa! Seeing if he’s as tall, not quite but won’t be long! image 6. Called into another none blogging sewing friends house to nip to her loo have a nosey at her new sewing room whilst I was passing at work.  Her other half has converted one of the outbuildings into a dedicated sewing space! I want to move in!!!!  She’s holding up a bag she’s made from some old dungrees, AND SHE’S WEARING A JUMPSUIT OF SORTS and she didn’t know about jumping into June! Hazel….you’re proper cool and in the gang and you didn’t even know!!! image 7. One of the many lovely views I’ve had from my office this weekend! It’s been really busy and although I’ve been drafted into the the city for some jobs I’ve had a few rural trips too. image As usual I’ve too many photos! Sorry Natalie!! But if it’s ok I’m going to use my feature image to update you on my mums kitchen progress. She’s having a new one, and is sooooo excited. Dads had loads of work to do, including knocking down the wall between the kitchen and dining room.  So in the feature picture at the top is before, during the wall demolition and now.  The kitchen’s arriving at the end of July buts there’s still lots to be done. I thought you might be interested as it’s always good to looks for ideas in the kitchen as well as in the sewing room! Thanks Nat for thinking up the Sunday Sevens! If you want to head over to her blog – Thread & Bobbins you’ll beadle to read all about it!

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I sew and play golf. I blog about my sewing as I don't think you'd want to read about my golf. It's bad enough watching it on telly! Contact me via email -


    • Thank you!! All the mucky works done, mostly. Think my parents will be eating out a lot over the next few weeks! 😀

  1. Bekki Hill says

    Sounds like you had a great catch up with lots of sewing chums this week – makes me think I need a few more real life knitting ones. Hope your mum and dad don’t find the renovations too stressful!

    • I’m down your way (ish I think!?) in July, we’re off to Taunton, I’ll pack my knitting needles in case you’re not too far away 😀
      My sewing buddies I’ve met through golf. 2 play and one’s partner plays. Strange world. Don’t really know anyone else in ‘real life’. Keep trying to drum up trade with all the none sewers!

      • Bekki Hill says

        Ish – I’m about an hour on from Taunton.
        I have one local knitting/sewing buddy I met on a quilting course, but she’s leaving to live in America soon – the lengths some people will go to get away from me 😉 Maybe I should take up golf, see if there’s any knitters hanging out there 😉

        • There’ll be loads! Golf’s fab for meeting all sorts of different people. I’ll give you a lesson when I’m down your way ⛳️

          • Bekki Hill says

            Thanks! That would be lovely and I know golf isn’t at all time consuming, so I’ll easy fit a game of golf each day into my myriad of things I do 😉

              • Bekki Hill says

                🙂 That’s because you’re getting your priorities straight! Do what you love and fit the rest in around it 🙂

  2. Also envious of your real life sewing chums. I have a knitting buddy at work, but that’s it 😦 Would be lovely to have a sewing gang to chat patterns and projects with- keep meaning to join the WI, but no time for anything at the moment. Apparently it’s a bumper year for poppies, who knew!? 🙂

    • I didn’t know about the poppies! Wish I’d some in my garden, love them!
      Our next sewing buddy meet up is 6th Aug. It’s the hols and you’re welcome to join us – we bring what we’ve recently made and anything ongoing. Trace patterns and talk sewing! I’m just off jun 26 of m62 if you want to see how far it’d be. The kiddie winks could play in the garden. 😃

      • Now that would be lovely, but we’ll actually be in America then. We’re taking the plunge and taking the kids to Disneyland 🙂 All very exciting, but thank you for the offer. I really want to join in the next shopping trip, so you’ll have to give us plenty of notice 😉

  3. Wow, that is a proper renovation job going on at your parent’s house! H is going to be a tall lad by the looks of it. I’m only forty minutes from Taunton – how long are you down for?

    • We’re down for a week. H is on tour with Yorkshire, we leave him with them at Kings College for 5 nights but we’re staying 7 altogether. We’ll be watching cricket during the day, but would be fab to meet up if you’re free! 😀

        • Brilliant, our only plans are to watch cricket in blistering sunshine – heard it’s a lot warmer down south! But I’ll be able to escape! I’ll drop you an email with the dates we’ll be coming 😃

  4. What a week! You’re always doing interesting things with interesting mates. That kitchen re-do is really opening up the space. Do please show us the finished project! How cool Hazel looks in her jumpsuit, and fortunate to have her own sewing space. My entire apartment would probably fit inside! Hope you have plenty of ☀️☀️ tomorrow!

  5. That is some serious renovation happening there . . . I don’t know that I could go without cooking for that long! Looks like a fun week with lots of sewing pals. And that gorgeous poppy!

    • They’ve got a camping kitchen set up in the dining room! We’re used to roughing it, dad’s always been knocking down walls and stuff as long as I can remember!!

  6. Hey I loved your extra photos! It looks like there is some major renovation going on too! Your meet up sounds lovely 🙂 Can I ask what dress form you have? I’m thinking about investing in one!

    • My dress form is called Diana (she’s got a name badge on her!) – will have to see if I can find what brand she is. She’s a bit smaller than i am at the minute, think she must’ve lost weight!

  7. It is often quite difficult to find real life sewing/knitting friends. When you live part of your life in Blogland you get the impression that there are loads of people who sew, knit and craft but, of course, that’s only because they are the sort of blogs you visit – in real life, such people are few and far between. I do have one sewing friend here in France and we meet up once a week. I met her through a sewing group originally, which still exists, but we formed a small breakaway group in the end as the rest of the group were very stuck in their ways and weren’t interested in trying out new ideas etc. Having said that, it’s great if you can find (or form) a local group, as you have.

    • It is great to have real life friends, sometimes with blogging you feel you ‘know’ someone but it’s all like some virtual crazy life!! I love it but those who don’t blog sometimes think it’s weird!

  8. How did I miss this 😦 I like the flower – not seen one like that before! And why are boys always so tall?! Stop feeding him!

    • You missed it cos you’re a busy mum! I am so behind with reading mine. One good thing is though I never have to buy magazines any more (except my monthly subscription to love sewing). 🙂

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