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The Goodie Bag!!

When I went on the sewing with silk day we were all given a Goodie Bag!!   Can’t believe I forgot to tell you about this little beauty!

It didn’t look too exciting at first glance.  A couple of magazines and a few leaflets.  BUT!!! On a closer inspection, and over a cup of coffee there was all this in the bottom of the bag………..!!

A box of 10 full sized spools of thread!

#GBSB goodie bag 1

I’ve not opened this but I think you stick bits of you fabric from your stash on these and keep them in your handbag for when you’re out and about. (correct me if i’m wrong!!)

#GBSB goodie bag 4

Scissor Buddy- fastens your scissors to your sewing machine so you don’t loose them. Ingenious!!

#GBSB goodie bag 3

Needles, tape measure, pen and a book a sewing feet!

#GBSB goodie bag 2

There was also 2 magazines from sew direct which have the new patterns from Vogue and McCalls in.

I know how a kids feels now when he gets a party bag!!

So all in all a fab day!!

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  1. Lucky you! The class already seemed to be good value and now, even better. These are obviously the workshops to sign up for if you can.

    • It was definitely good value, I feel quids in!! A silk top, goodie bag, lunch and a day with Heather and all the other lovely sewers! 🙂

  2. Bekki Hill says

    I love a party bag and that looks a real goody. Really like the swatch key ring idea too.

  3. What a great surprise bonus! The swatch thingy is a new one on me, I must admit, but could prove quite useful.

  4. Oh I need the scissor buddy for sure!! I usually have 4 pairs around and still not in the place I need them!!!! ✂️✂️✂️✂️

  5. OOOOOH ! Total gadget envy! I could use them all, except the feet, which my Bernina mightn’t accommodate too well. 😉 Know you’re going to enjoy them all!

  6. I would say that’s a very good goodie bag! That day was such good value. I love sewing gadgets! Even if they don’t get used a lot, haha!

    • I’m thinking I should get in touch with Janome and see if they’ll let me have another goodie bag to give away!! They can only say no! 🙂

  7. What – no cake? Everything else looks well worth having, and I am jumping in with swatch kit envy too. All that and you learned to make a great top. Well worth the time and money!

    • Cake!!! You’re right, I never thought! Cake always goes in goodie bags. I’ll put it on my feedback form when I go to my next class there!

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