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Laura After Midnight’s Dimpsy T

A few weeks ago I bought Laura After Midnight’s new pattern the Dimpsy T.  I originally intended to make it for TMS Indie Pattern Month but life got in the way.

laura after midnight

Click on the photo to be taken to Laura’s Etsy Store – the pattern is available in PDF and Paper format.

Today, however, I needed a quick fix. As I’d already traced off for the Dimspy T it was easy to decide what to make!

I had traced it off in a size 14.  I’m really in between a 16 and 18 across the bust, but my greaseproof paper would only fit a size 14 on and I’d no sticky tape to hand, so a 14 it was!

#DimpsyTAs the size was likely to be a bit on the snug size I decided to make it up in a stretch fabric.  I had some fabric which hasn’t even made it upstairs to my stash yet.   I bought it when I popped into John Lewis in Newcastle on Thursday.  (it was only 3 miles away from H’s cricket match – how could I resist!).

Here’s what I brought!  Think I must’ve needed cheering up, or maybe brightening up after sewing my plain silk top!  The bottom left is a cotton lawn, and the other 3 are all jerseys.  If you’ve a John Lewis near you it’s worth a visit – a lot of the fabric is 50% off at the moment.


I’m thinking kimono cardigan for the top right, sundress for bottom left, and maybe a jumpsuit in the top left! 

Back to the Dimpsy!  It’s so easy to get side tracked!

The John Kaldor fabric on the bottom right wasn’t sold as a remnant but was only 0.5m.  I just about fitted the front and back of the top, though it was a couple of inches short.   I decided not to add the collar or facings as this was more of an experiment/muslin.   I also cut the back without the opening as I knew it would easily fit over my head in the stretch fabric so wouldn’t be needed.

I made it from start to finish in less than 2 hours, and I didn’t even rush, though I did have a bacon buttie break!

I love how the darts on the front give subtle shaping to the top.

#lauraaftermidnight #DimpsyT 6

It’s hard to make the darts out due to the bold pattern, but here you can see better from the inside.  (excuse loose threads – they are now sewn in!).

#lauraaftermidnight #DimpsyT 4

If you decide to make it read the instructions carefully as the seam allowances are different when sewing the darts/front part.

For the sleeves I used wondaweb – I did intend to stitch too, but changed my mind as I liked the smooth finish. (hope I’ve not upset the sewing Gods!!).   I never know what colour thread to use with this sort of fabric and it often spoils the look of a garment.

#lauraaftermidnight #DimpsyT 9

For the neckline i used strips of jersey aprox 1.5 cm wide stitched right sides together.

#lauraaftermidnight #DimpsyT 7I initially intended to turn this to the wrong side and stitch in place, but then this happened:

#lauraaftermidnight #DimpsyT 8It just flipped itself up, so I gave it a little press and it looks fab!  There are 3 layers of fabric finishing at the neckline.  I’ve seen something similar in the shops of RTW T Shirts.

#lauraaftermidnight #DimpsyT 5

The top wasn’t long enough for a proper turned hem so I had to improvise.  I found this pinky/peachy coloured lace in my stash, so just zig-zag stitched it to the bottom.

#lauraaftermidnight #DimpsyT 10

I used my sewing machine for all the seams. I sewed a row of regular stitches and 2 rows of narrow zig zag (don’t know why, just did!!).

#lauraaftermidnight #DimpsyT 3

So that’s it!  Is it a proper hack?  I deviated from the original design a little bit, so I suppose it is.  Laura’s planning to post more on her blog soon about Dimpsy Hacks so I’m looking forward to seeing what she comes up with.

Just a few more picks before I go!

#lauraaftermidnight #DimpsyT 11

Must’ve had an itch!!

#lauraaftermidnight #DimpsyT 12

Chilling on my new sofa, with au natural hair – off out tonight so not doing my hair twice in a day!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!  I’m going to a wedding night do tonight so am wearing my Holly Jumpsuit!!   Are you going out in any of your handmade garments tonight!?


  1. Bekki Hill says

    Another lovely top. The bold pattern is so much better than plain on you. When I looked at all those lovely fabrics and read it only took you two hours, I caught myself wishing I lived nearer John Lewis! Seems I’m weakening on this frock making front. I also love that you’re a 16 – 18 around the bust but still cut a 14, there’s a woman with confidence in her abilities.

    • I knew the pattern would be ok as it gives the finished garment size on the pattern envelope, and stretch fabric is so much more forgiving – a bit like a jumper! I’ll need it in a bigger size if I make it in a woven.
      I think if you tried making a simple frock you’d be hooked! It happens so much quicker than knitting and there’s so much help online if you’re stuck with anything!
      Go on!! Bite the bullet!! You’ll be fab!

      • Bekki Hill says

        A use to make my own clothes. In fact I even made my own wedding dress. But I’m not sure I’ve made anything since then, apart from fancy dress when the girls were at school. I am definitely tempted, but I have so much I want/need to sew for the house – mind I’m not getting on with that either. The thing that’s working for me with the knitting right now is that I can do it in the car when hubby’s driving or in front of the telly when I’m absolutely pooped. I also have to confess, I am a little apprehensive about making my own clothes again! Thanks for the encouragement.
        PS I confess I sneaked off to John Lewis website to see if they had any sale material on line after I made my first comment.

        • You can still knit in the car if you make a frock! Just the think of all the 2 pieces you could make! lol
          I’ve not looked on the website……see ya!!

          • Bekki Hill says

            LOL! Mind, now I’m thinking it would be such fun trying to spread my patterns and fabric out all over the dashboard. Hubby would love it! 😉

        • Dear Bekki, I’m still apprehensive about making clothes, but decided to jump in anyway. I’ve gotten tremendous inspiration & encouragement from my on-line sewing buddies. 💕💕 del

          • Bekki Hill says

            Good for you! Yes, blogging buddies are great – encouraging and a mine of information 🙂

  2. Ali, this looks fantastic for your colouring! (Can’t go near ’em meself.) Love that you just went with what you had to hand, after a careful pattern read & educated guestimate. Hadn’t heard of this pattern co, and will check it out – thank you! Not going out, so my imaginary jumpsuit won’t either, but hope yours has a great time! xx 😊

  3. More greatness from you! These prints are so cheery (wish there were fabric shops near me…sigh) and the seaming in front is so flattering. And 2 hours? This pattern might be made for me, too!!

  4. there is a john lewis 15 mins walk from my house, why did you tell me this!

    (lovely top by the way, I was put off by the collars, so it’s nice to see it without, I hadn’t noticed the interesting dart feature.)

    • Walking distance to John Lewis! Gosh, i’d been fit as a fiddle if one was so close to me. I’ve got a co-op within a 15 minute walk but nothing more exciting than than!
      I’m thinking I’ll make the collared version, but not until I’ve a couple more jersey types like this.

  5. Looks like a really useful design. I’m also loving the cheerful print. May just have to plan a visit to my nearest JL… 🙂

    • It’s a long time since I’ve been called skinny!! Not sure if that’s the right word just yet, but I have shrunk a little bit. I’ve been a bit slack with the steps the last week, only managing about 6,000 but onwards and upwards…….! 😉

  6. Love this top. The colour, the design everything. I haven’t been to John Lewis for ages. There’s one not too far away. I feel a shopping trip coming on.

  7. You’re so smart working out all those details and knowing when to leave things as they turn out or change them accordingly. The lace was an inspired touch and you look so pretty in the last photo – au naturel suits you enormously:)

    • Aw thanks Sheila! I think there’s a lot of luck in sewing, and I definitely got lucky with this top! And the more we sew the luckier we get! 😉

  8. I love all those fabrics but I think you chose the best one for that top. I have John Lewis envy. I was going to go to Peter Jones (aka John Lewis) on Sloane Street last time I was over but, on the way there, I decided to go to Camden Market instead – talk about from one extreme to the other 🙂

  9. Cute, cute! That is great fabric and a very interesting pattern. I think I like the dart and will need to check it out to see how it may work for me. I also love how you finished your sleeve hems and the neckline. I have seen the exposed raw edge finish on some necklines of RTW here in the USA. Hmmm…’ve got me thinking now. You found some nice additions to your fabric stash. I always love a good fabric sale.

    • Thanks Robyn! It’s good when it just sort of happens, I’d not planned much until I’d sewn the front and back together! And yes, can’t beat a good sale!!

  10. What a lovely make! I haven’t seen this pattern before but it looks like it could be a very wearable wardrobe staple. Love the trim.

    • Thanks, I wore it today for the cricket and got loads of compliments, just a bit dressier than a plain T shirt so looks good without too much effort!

  11. Ditto what everyone says! Love the top love the fabric! In complete awe of your ability to cut ,sew, complete and blog stright away👏👏👏

    • Thanks Hila! I find if I don’t strike whilst the irons hot it can end up being a week or 2 before I get round to blogging. The pics is usually the hardest part, like it is for most bloggers. For now I think I’ll take most on Gertrude and just a couple with me – much easier!! 😉

  12. springystitches says

    This looks amazing – great fabric and I love the way you have finished it!

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