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Sunday Sevens Week 45 (me 20)

Hi! Happy Sunday!  Here’s my roundup for this week’s Sunday Sevens from the last week.  Not a lot of creativity going on the Thimberlina household, but busy nonetheless!  I’ve had a real struggle to narrow it down to 7 photos, and that’s without cyber mom and pop’s kitchen – unfortunately there has been no progress this week – it’s going to be delivered any day, so hopefully there’ll be something to show you next week.  Some of the pics are taken on the same day, as on the days I was working they were very uneventful so nothing to show.


1. I attended a dinner for Lady Captain’s day at the golf club.  The lady on each table who had a raffle ticket stuck under her side plate could take a table centre piece home, and on our table it was me!

#sundaysevens 6 (5)

2.  I’ve been a bit of a social butterfly this week and everywhere I’ve gone I’ve seen jumpsuits!! These are 2 of many…..

#sundaysevens 2 (16)3.   At cricket in Settle there was a man watching from behind the advertising boards.

#sundaysevens 5 (5)

4.  Wonder if the above man works here……!  Cafe in Settle.

#sundaysevens 7 (3) Old Naked Man Cafe

5.  Another pic from Settle.  This was a home match for us, Yorkshire played Cumbria, and beat them by 126 runs.  They did better than England have this weekend!

Can you see the Steam train in the back ground!?

#sundaysevens (18) settle steam train

6.  On Saturday we went to Ripon races.  I had a selfie with the bell ringer! I’m not a horse racey sort of person, but I just know that he had to ring the bell at the start of the race.  There’s photos of him doing it on my post at the same races last year here.

#sundaysevens 4 (6)

7.  I’ve managed to doing a few more laps on my huge granny square this week.  Each lap is taking about 2 hours!!  Some of you have seen it before – it started with just 3 balls of wool for something to pass a bit of time at work, but I loved it and kept searching out more wool in the same colour to make it bigger.  I got my last 6 balls from Minerava Crafts – they’ve got a huge selection of colours if you fancy making something similar.  The wool is King Cole Opium Cotton Blend and is made up of narrow yarn with chunky bits. So far on this I’ve used about 10 balls of wool and I’ve got 2 left.

The bottom pic is this week, the others are just to set the scene!

#sundaysevens 1 (16)

7a.  This is an extra one and was taken tonight after I’d picked my 7 photos.  An impromptu alfresco tea.  It’s unusual to have all the girls from the family in one photo – mum, sister and niece.

#sundaysevens 3 (11)

So that’s it for this week.  Hopefully the next week will be more productive – I’m only working one day!

If you’re new to Sunday Sevens head over to Natalie’s blog to find out more and join in too if you fancy sharing a bit more of goings on in your life outside your sewing room.

Cheerio x

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  1. Love it – especially the ‘naked’ man! My, you have done a lot haven’t you? The cricket/steam train photo is lush, very well timed. Your blanket’s getting huge and the texture is quite special. Lovely family photo to finish off what was obviously a great week:)

    • It was so tricky getting a photo of the naked man. For the first attempt my mum and friends took in front of him then parted so I could see him, but then he moved! It was very funny! 😉

  2. Just love reading your weekly compendium of activities, whether sewing or otherwise – thank you for continuing with it! Agree with Sheila that the cricket-train photo is lush. How great of you to spot that “walking pub advertiser” shall we say? (Tongue-in-cheek firmly!) Aw! Know your mum is almost holding her breath for that delivery & I hope it comes tomorrow!!!
    Am amazed at the size of your project, and admire the colours you’ve chosen. What a load to cart whilst those last 2 balls get used up!
    Whoopee! A week off ! ! ! Know you’re gonna pack it full of great things!
    En-joy-joy-joy! 💕✂︎✂︎⛳️☕💕

    • Aw and I love reading your comments as much as you love reading my sunday sevens! I’ve had a lovely start to the week – a 230 mile round trip just for a cricket match! But they won so it was worthwhile! 🙂

      • CONGRATULATIONS on the win & WoW on that mileage! 🎊 If Scotty (Star Trek reference) could only beam me up & over to you folk there’d have been 1 more cheering your side on! It’s hot-as-blazes over here & those cricket fields always look so lush. (sigh) Glad you’re having a good week’s beginning & don’t mind my natter. 😘

  3. I was actually so relieved to find I wasn’t the only one wondering if he had anything on behind there–glad I’m not the only one whose brain works like that. 😉

    Looks like a very fun week! Hope next week is great!

  4. Bekki Hill says

    Not spotted any jumpsuits down here in Devon – the trend probably won’t arrive for another 20 years or so 😉

  5. This looks like a lovely, summery week. I’m still not brave enough to wear/make a jumpsuit! I do keep sporting people wearing them though. Love your crochet project too – it gives me inspiration for the kind of thing I’m aiming for 🙂

  6. Ha…I hope you investigated the man behind the sign…or at least told him that he should move to not look so naked! Ha! I’m really inspired to make a big granny square blanket – your is gorgeous! It goes nicely in you room too!

  7. You’re doing nothing for my homesickness!! I absolutely love the cricket green and steam train snap. The best of Yorkshire!

    • Sorry! Hope you’re settling in. Have you thought about joining in with Sunday sevens? Yours would be really interesting and a good way of remembering it all 😀

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