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Peg Bag Envy And Upcycling a Sports Shirt

It’s almost 2 years since I made my first peg bag, and since then I’ve made quite a few.  Each one I’ve wanted to keep, but instead each was lovingly wrapped and gifted to some lucky friend or family member.

For this next one I wanted to use one of H’s Yorkshire cricket shirts as it was for the husband and wife team who’ve looked after the under 13Bs this season.

Here’s how you can upcycle a favourite sports or polo shirt that is no longer worn, but has too much sentimental value to give to the charity shops.

#pegbag 177

Firstly you need to find some suitable hangers.  The ones I used are from Wilkinsons and come in a pack of 6 I think (it’s been a whilst since I bought them).

The angle of the hanger won’t be the same angle as the shoulders of the top you’ll be using, so you need to do a C.H.A.   Bet you’ve not come across that one before!!??  It’s a coat hanger adjustment, lol!  Tickled me anyway!

Turn the T shirt inside out, place the hanger centrally at the top and mark the new shoulder seam – I used a biro.  Continue drawing the shape of the sides and bottom of the peg bag.  I just eyeballed it – no special formula.

Pin the fronts and backs together to keep them aligned.

#pegbag 176

Sitich all the way round using a long basting stitch.

#pegbag 174

Turn it the right way round, insert hanger.

#pegbag 173

Everything looks ok, and I could reach in easily for the pretend pegs that weren’t in yet.  Turn it back inside out and trim off the excess fabric:

#pegbag 172

I then reinforced all the seams with a lightening stitch, and stitched 4 rows at the bottom to make sure it was going to be super strong!

#pegbag 171

Et Voila!

#pegbag 168 #pegbag 169

I gave it to Mrs Team Manager at the last match of the season and she loved it!  So did the other mums and nans!  I think I’ll be making a few more of these as the lads grow out of their shirts!

Here’s a quick look at the others I’ve made.  I’d previously trawled the internet for ideas and stumbled across Carla’s blog –  Granny Mauds Girls  who has a fab tutorial.  I used her pattern and lettering on a few on them.

#pegbag 165On others I used my own style but her lettering:

This one was for Bertha – my parents Caravan so needed a zip so the pegs didn’t fall out.

#pegbag 166

The was for my brother!  An up cycled denim shirt complete with pearl snappers!

#pegbag 167

And this one was for my Auntie Kath who I made an apron too to match!

#pegbag 163

Now all I have to do is make one just for me as my pegs are just left on the washing line (shock horror I know!).  Think I might dabble with a bit of lace on mine and test out the new technique I’ve learnt! 

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  1. Me too, love the idea of a CHA! Quirky and fun, a great way to remember special times. I’m thinking of a rugby version from my son’s wardrobe 🙂

    • That would be fab! I made a bag out of H’s old footie fleece – he uses it for PE and all the rest of the team want one! 🙂

  2. Love the CHA! My peg bag looks very ‘utility’ standard by comparison with yours. Maybe I will have the time to do better when this one wears out 😉

  3. Bekki Hill says

    Great bit of upcycling and not too time consuming either 🙂

    • I will and I’ll have to be sharpish, probably only got till the end of September then we won’t be having any pegging out weather till next year! 🙂

  4. Ha! Wonderful! I made mine out of ‘oil cloth’ so I can leave it out in the rain as I never remember to bring it in.

  5. Can you believe all I have is an old Tupperware-type box with a lid for my pegs? Seriously – I must make one. Not a good advert for someone who spends her life making things!

    • No! No! No! I don’t believe you!! My vision of your lovely handmade home is now shattered! You must make one, and some for your Folksy store too! I’ve had a peak, you’ve some lovely things for sale 🙂

  6. Those are grand, the one for brother with pearl snaps are very cool. CHA – I’ve just learned another new sewing term. 🙂 And pegs….my mom used to hang the wash for years, we loved to run among the sheets and with the clothespins, as we call them here. Don’t see much line drying anymore. (Oh, and btw, mom used to tightly roll up the clothes, sprinkle them with water, and refrigerate overnight for ironing.)

    • Ooo, I’ve not heard of freezing clothes – is that to make it easier to iron tricky to iron fabrics? I love pegging out, but I must admit I tend to put small things in the dryer and big things on the line. 🙂

  7. corrineappleby says

    Do you have to carry out a CHA on all your peg bags or do some fit straight off the rack? 😉 If you ever fancy holding a peg bag giveaway (you clearly like making them you’ve done so many!) then count me in because the Roses tub that I currently use is going all rusty!

    • Oh no, Rusty Roses!! It must be old cos they’re all plastic ones these days! A peg bag giveaway? Now there’s an idea! Maybe in Spring as I don’t think we’ll be blessed with pegging out weather for much longer 🙂

    • Thanks Margaret, it’s still got his name in it, might be worth something if he’s a famous cricketer one day! 🙂

  8. You are a genius. Great idea to use the neckline as the whole to stick your hand in! I made a peg bag last year and I really like it, but I still leave the pegs on the line hahaha, my mum’s pet hate!!

    • Haha..Think it’s one of the reasons I’ve not gotten round to making one – my pegs would stay on the line too! I should have one for fancy tho! 😃

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