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Sunday Sevens Week 50 (me 25)

Hi Everyone!

Here’s my week in seven photos as thought up by Natalie over at Threads and Bobbins.  I was a late starter and have now been at it for 25 weeks! (pat on the back!) It’s great for me to keep a track of what I get up to, a bit like a mini diary I suppose, and it also shows you another side to Thimbers.

1   An unexpected surprise as we left Huddersfield Royal Infirmary.  I wasn’t driving! I’ve worked a couple of nights on the ambulance this week instead of the response car.

#sundaysevens 169 (2)

2   Played golf and won a £35 Marks and Spencer gift voucher!  It was so wet, we got drenched on the back 9.  And then afterwards we finalised and booked our ladies trip to Portugal next April!  There’s 8 of us going and it could get messy!

#sundaysevens 170 (2)

3    We’ve celebrated our 15th Wedding Anniversary this week and I must be a very good wife as Mr Thimbers bought me an Apple Watch!  I have been dropping HUGE hints since they came out!  I also got a bunch of flowers too off H (see feature image above).

#sundaysevens 168 (2)

4  I’d everything ready to cut out my next pair of Emily Culottes but then my plans changed when I needed the raspberry denim to make a dress for a Mexican Themed party.

#sundaysevens 165 (2)

5  I met up with Amanda from Sew Deputy and Nee from Sewfusion for lunch and a trip to Bombay Stores in Bradford. Lovely ladies!!  I feel like I’ve known them for ever!

#sundaysevens 167 (2)

6  We went to a Mexican themed 50th birthday on Saturday night.  I intended to make Lekala 8000 in the morning then go watch cricket in the afternoon.  I ended up not surfacing from my bed until 3pm due drinking excessive amounts of pink wine the evening before (at a different 50th). It was a rush but I got it finished! Here’s me with one of hubby’s work buddies:

#sundaysevens 163 (2)

7  A rare treat – hubby cooked breakfast, at his mum’s, but it was still nice to sit back and do nothing!

#sundaysevens 164 (2)

I’m looking forward to the week ahead as me and hubby have both booked the week off work, and there’s no cricket until next Saturday!   I wonder what we’ll do with ourselves!?  All will be revealed in next week’s Sunday Sevens.  Until then…. Cheerio x

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  1. Very impressed you’ve kept the weekly photos up, well done! And a great selfie of some familiar faces, sounds fun 🙂 Have a fab week off…

    • Thanks Teresa, you too! The Sunday sevens has definitely gotten easier, and mostly I think I’ve not done much then end up with about 10 photos! 😀

      • 🙂 I’ve actually really enjoyed doing them this Summer, might even be tempted to continue. See how I feel once it’s back so school… Really good exercise is appreciating the smaller things in life, of which there are far more than you think when you stop to think about them. Can you tell ‘mindfulness’ is a big, buzz word in education at the moment? Must be rubbing off on me 😉

    • Still in bed contemplating what to do, if we’re not careful it’s gonna fly by and you’ll have 7 photos of me in my pjs!😳

  2. Love your Mexican denim! Congratulations on your 15 years, too!! 🎈🎈 Has your son grown 6 inches since his last piccie ~ looks like it. Have great fun this week, you & Mr. T!

  3. Your outfit looks great! Where is the hubbies!?! Lol! Hope he wore it after all our searching efforts!! X

  4. What a fun week, and Happy Anniversary to you and Mr Thimbers! The flowers and the watch are quite a good haul I’d say. Looking forward to seeing what a week off brings us all next Sunday. Enjoy!!

  5. Your hubs is well trained! Sounds like you had a lovely birthday week. Happy belated Birthday! You’ll have to do a review post on your new watch now 😃

    • Ack meant anniversary. Happy Anniversary! What I get for being on phone instead of sleepin😶. Right need to get off to sleep now.😦

      • Lol, I gotcha, our fingers aren’t always tuned in to our brains! He’s taken a lot of training! Almost 19 years we’ve been together and I wouldn’t say it’s complete yet, but then I suppose that would be boring! 😉

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