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Birthday Cake Singer Sewing Machine!

Happy Birthday to a very talented fellow Yorkshire Spoolette who has made herself the most amazing cake ever!! 😀


Vintage Sewing Machine CakeI’ve got a big birthday this weekend so I’ve got 12 friends for dinner tomorrow night and I’ve just made myself a birthday cake, a few people have said ‘but that’s all work for you’ but that’s what I enjoy, I like it!

A few years ago I was given a cake decorating book for my birthday. It’s by Zoe Clark and it’s called Vintage Cakes, there are some stunning cakes in there. As soon as I saw the sewing machine cake I decided I would make it for my 50th birthday…and here we are!!

Vintage Sewing Machine CakeIt takes an awful lot of cake, though due to a printing error, not as much as the instructions say! The base called for an 18″ x 16″ cake, it took several days to realise it probably should read 8″ X 16″, I had already decided I was just going to use two 8″ cakes…

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  1. You Spoolettes are certainly a talented bunch! That cake is truly a work of art. (I’m just happy when my cookies all come out well…..sigh)

  2. Thanks for reposting and thanks for all the kind comments, the cake got demolished at my dinner party last night, went down very well, especially having a choice of flavours, chocolate cake for the machine and vanilla for the base 🙂

  3. Amazing cake! Happy bday! I am pretty sure I will not be making myself a cake for my bday! 😉 Although I really enjoy a good Angel Food cake!

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