Sunday Sevens
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Sunday Sevens Week 51 (me 26)

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend (in the UK)!  As it’s still the weekend here I don’t feel too bad posting my #SundaySevens on a Monday.  And just to mention, I can’t count either!  Sorry!   Some of you are approaching a birthday with Sunday Sevens, for me it’s half a year!  Wonder what Natalie’s got up her sleeve…….?


1   Monday saw the start of my couch to 5k in 8 weeks.  Here I am just before I start my first session.  I’ve managed all 3 walks/runs this week and I’ve surprised myself by actually enjoying it.

#sundaysevens 163 (3)

2   We’ve both been off work this week, so one day went to Bolton Abbey in the Yorkshire Dales.  It’s about an hours drive away, and I’m now wondering why we don’t go more often.   We walked from the carpark near the Abbey all the way to Barden Bridge and back.  The bridge is what you can see in the background.  Mr Thimbers was flagging at this point, but as we were literally in the middle of nowhere we had to cross the bridge and walk all the way back.  Amanda – I did 21,ooo steps that day!!#sundaysevens 164 (3)

3  At the end of our walk I spotted this cute caravan in the carpark!  I need one of these in my garden, it would make a fab sewing room!

#sundaysevens vintage caravan

4   I discovered I like fruity cider!

#sundaysevens 170 (3)

4  We had a couple of nights away at Cave Castle Hotel in South Cave. It’s less than an hours drive away, is a really friendly place to stay and has a golf course.  H was a bit big for the put me up bed – we thought he’d have a proper single bed but all the family rooms were taken.  The hotel very kindly gave him his own room next to ours at no extra charge.  He was made up!

#sundaysevens 167 (3)

He promptly made himself a hot chocolate, ate all the biscuits, discovered he didn’t like sparkling spring water and found the shower caps in the bathroom.

#sundaysevens 166 (3)

5    H got to ride the buggy with Craig…

#sundaysevens 165 (3)

I walked……

#sundaysevens 164 (4)

6    I discovered that I can use my new watch to take photos with my phone! How clever!

#sundaysevens 171

7   Remember my Emily Culottes?  How could you forget!  Well I took park in a sewalong, and 2 sewalongers were picked at random to receive a free pattern from Itch to Stitch.  And I was one of them!!  I chose the Angelia shorts – here’s my muslin.   I’ve used some Skopos curtain fabric, probably from the 90’s.  I think I might even make this up and finish them properly as I like the effect of the pattern.  I haven’t enough fabric for all the pieces but I’m sure I’ll botch it somehow!

#sundaysevens 173

The feature photo at the beginning was a surprise left on my doorstep by one of my very talented friends who does all sorts of crafty things.  It smells gorgeous!

That’s it for now, things will get back to normal when H goes back to school on Wednesday and hopefully more time for sewing!

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  1. corrineappleby says

    Loving the shower-cap selfie! Hope the Couch to 5K goes well for you. I followed that in order to complete the Race for Life back in July. It worked and now I’m aiming for a 10K in October. Gulp!

      • corrineappleby says

        Thanks, I’ll need it. The most I’ve done so far is 7K but that’s not far off is it? Still, I did it with no walking so I’m feeling pretty smug!

  2. Sounds a fantastic week away & together! Can’t get over how tall that son is getting – he’s gonna break some hearts, if he’s not already! Good for you for doing your training this week! whoop-whoop! Wish I could get some long walks in, too, but suburbs aren’t meant for walking over here. Lovely wreath from your friend! Yes, love that fabric for the shorts! Have a wonderful coming week!! 😍

    • Its from my hubby’s work, they had them made last year – I’m going to have to make something else to wear though if I get into this running malarky as I can’t wash it fast enough! 😀

  3. Bekki Hill says

    LOL! Love the shower caps too 🙂 Looks like a lovely week – how did you get such good weather? Good luck with the 5k challenge.

    • It did threaten rain now and again, but we managed to dodge the showers – maybe the shower caps scared the heavy showers away, lol 😂

  4. It looks like you’re having a great week off! Keep us up to date with the couch to 5K – I keep meaning to start it too but it’s one of those ‘tomorrow never comes’ activities! Ha!

  5. Great photos – the shower caps reminded me of the way Del Boy used to say “bonnet de douche” all the time. I was half way through the Couch to 5k programme when I broke my ribs, grrrr! Here’s wishing you better luck:)

  6. Lovely to have a bit of time together before the madness of the new term begins. Great shower-cap photo and well done on starting your fitness challenge!

    • Thanks! Every summer the holidays seem to go faster, so was great to make the most of the end of the hols. Good job hubby doesn’t know I’ve put the shower cap pic on here!! 😯

  7. How funny – I was in South Cave last week visiting a teacher I worked with during my PGCE – such a lovely village 🙂 love those culottes & the fabric! I’m also very impressed with how many steps you took that day – I look forward to hearing about your couch to 5k, an idea I keep toying with…

  8. Yay you on all that walking and running! Looks like a really fun week and even the weather cooperated. Love the shower cap photo!

  9. Wow I am impressed with the fitness regime! Have to agree with the others on the shower cap photo, what fun you must be having learning your new watch. The wreath is beautiful, too. Looks like a most wonderful family holiday. 🙂

    • I’m hoping getting fit will make me loose an inch or 2 from my waist so I’ll get my clothes to fit easier! 2 weeks done, 6 to go! 😀

  10. Thimbers- if by any chance you still have my email address, please can you send me your postal address? I have a little something to send to you….

  11. How many photos?! Hehe… looks like life is treating you well… well done on all the running/walking!

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