Sunday Sevens
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Happy Birthday #SundaySevens 

Just a year ago Natalie from Threads and Bobbins started to share 7 photos from here week. One year on Sunday Sevens is still going strong and she’s not on her own! There’s quite a bunch of Sunday Seveners out their, including me! I was a late starter to the party so it’s number 26 for me.  

Head over to Natalie’s special birthday blog Post where she’s put on a celebratory giveaway to 7 lucky readers! 

1.   I made a start on a special pressie for a friend to send to her partner who is in the Royal Navy and is away somewhere in a submarine and will be away for his birthday. Ive printed these photos onto special paper that will be transferred onto fabric. 


2.  H has started back at school in year 9. 


3. Gemma picked up the finished pressie and brought me these! I much prefer choccies over wine!! 


4. New shoes – comfy from M&S! Similar to my pink ones that I’ve worn to death through the summer.  


5.  Started my sewing for the sewn up initiative. Not finished it and running out of time!! 😁

6. I’m not short of patterns but I couldn’t help myself and bought the sew independent pattern bundle no 2 whilst stood by at work. 

7. One of my best buddies at work! He’s fab with the patients and they all love him 😀

Didn’t think I’d have much for you this week. But as usual I have too many! The feature photo was taken at the end of one of my 0-5k sessions this week whilst walking my 5 minutes cool down. So far so good! I’m not getting any faster but I’m sticking to it so I’m happy! 

Cheerio for now 😀

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  1. Love reading & seeing your collections – thank you! Am sometimes weary for a bit of countryside to ramble in… not safe round here, on me own. Lovey, next time I pass a Godiva stand I’ll remember your lovely box! Those shoes look grand & your work mate a real treat, but that white fabric with elephants? Hmm, will have to see it made up…
    Have a jolly week! 😘

    • Hi Del, what’s Godiva stand? Feeling like I’ve missed something? We are lucky with the country side, we don’t live in the country, our village is more like a small town but we only have to walk a couple of minutes to find a nice walk. 😀

      • Oh, my ~ can I move into your non-existent basement?! Lol!!! 😉 This side of the pond can’t get their heads around the concept of living in a walkable community, and even working where you live. And I even want a bit of country alongside that – agh!!!
        Now. About Godiva. I need to get you the web site. It’s a reputable (over here) & veddy expensive brand of European chocolate. Haute chocky, if you will.

          • Thank you for the invite! That would be fabulucious! Would mean packing no clothes, just the machine . . . if they cleared it through security. Maybe I should just ship the machine? Drat – your electrics wouldn’t work – wrong plugs. Hmmmm… we’ll have to give this another think.

      • About Godiva (
        Quoting from bits of their site…

        “Since 1926 GODIVA has been the premier maker of the fine Belgian chocolate…”

        “It’s not surprising that Godiva Chocolatier originated in Belgium. . . In keeping with Belgian tradition, our founder Joseph Draps was a master chocolatier who developed a unique formula for rich chocolate … In 1926, Draps opened his first Godiva Chocolatier shop on a cobblestone street on Grand Place, Brussels’ central square.”

        Needless to say, one (normal person during these depressing economic times) purchases by the piece, not the pound … 😉

        LOL!!! 😘

  2. Not sure what a pressie is but, I am interested. I love the elephant print for your top. I think I may have a coordinate for that print. Where did I put that? I wanted to make some pants…hmmm. I don’t need any more patterns either and someone really needs to stop me. I just bought yet-another-duplicate pattern. Guess I really liked it. Now I just need to get busy and use it. (geez)

    • The pressies a toiletries bag, sshhh…… Don’t tell anyone! Just waiting for a pic of it on the submarine then I’ll write my blog post 😀

  3. Very impressed with your workout progress! Cute coworker. Your handsome boy looks a lot like his mum. Wonder what tricky business you are doing with the neckline on that elephant print? Can’t wait to see (love elephants…….) Isn’t it handy to be ordering sewing materials with such ease? 🙂

    • It’s too easy, I’ll never have any money, lol! And yes Martin is very cute, unfortunately we don’t work together any more as he’s on the ambulance and I’m on the response car, we’ve had some laughs over the years 😂

  4. Totally with you on loving chocolates over wine! Loving your elephant fabric and looking forward to seeing what becomes of that neckline–I’ve cut them like that before but always after they’re sewn, so looks like a new technique to me. I hope H has a great year at school.

    • I wasn’t very good at sharing the choccies, oops! H is settling in, has never been a huge fan of school, he’d rather play sport ever day, but he does well and goes with a smile on his face 😀

  5. Ooo you have loads to comment on! Wash bag looks fab and I love the elephant fabric! Interesting neckline! H looks very grown up – hope he had a good week! I bet you and your work colleague are a comedy duo! Have a good week. We are releasing our school video today so will be in touch – we are aiming for 10,000 likes!!! Hope you will help!! X

  6. Loving the elephant fabric. (I’m at about that stage with my Made Up make!).
    And glad to hear the c25k is going well.
    What was the photo fabric turned into? Such a lovely thought!

    • Ive made a toiletries bag, it’s turned our really well! Are you about the last weds in sept, think it’s the 29th? I’m going down Dewsbury with a couple of sewing buddies if you want to join us? 😀

  7. I thought the writing was Russian until I realised that the images would have to have been printed in reverse in order to go onto the fabric the right way round! Nice sentiment. I’m so the opposite on the wine versus chocolate debate – I don’t even like chocolate unless it’s the really bitter kind. My family ate all but one of the box I was given on Saturday:)

    • I’d be a size 10 if it wasn’t for chocolate, and wine with it would be perfect! I think my tribe would prefer me not to be a chocolate lover. And cake. I love cake!
      Just waiting for a photo of the pressie on the submarine for my blog post 😀

  8. It’s so nice getting an insight into your life 🙂 are you sure you want those chocolates because I’ll happily take them off your hands…

  9. Bekki Hill says

    Lovely pics again. Well done with the running. Does H grow every time you take a photo of him?

        • He is and he calls me his little mum! I’m going to have to rearrange the lounge furniture so i can get behind the couch when he needs a clout! 😃

          • Bekki Hill says

            🙂 Good plan!
            Being 6ft tall I used to tell all my friends children they could tell their mums what to do once they were taller than them. Always safe ground for me with my eldest – who reached 5’7, but the argument still rages between me and ‘littlest’ daughter about who’s the tallest now 🙂

  10. Oooooh I almost bought the pattern bundle too but decided I didn’t need any more at the moment! Looking forward to seeing what you make out of it! I love your elephant fabric 😀 Well done on keeping up with your running too…I still haven’t started! Ha!

    • I’ve started Fehr Trade’s VNA running top – combining 2 hobbies! Not sure if running is a hobby yet though, but I may as well try & look the part 😀

  11. corrineappleby says

    Oops,I just bought that pattern bundle too (don’t tell the husband)! Easily justified as it’s for charidy! 😉

    • What are you making first? I’ve just traced off the VNA top as I really need some tips for my 0to5k – all my old stuff is way to tight – makes me look like I’ve lost weight but I go blue when trying to remove it!! 😳

      • corrineappleby says

        I’m quite taken with the VNA top myself for the same reasons as you! However, that would mean an internet shop to get suitable fabric. I would really like to get started on a Jasper hoodie because I think it could be made from things in my stash and it’s definitely a skill-builder!

        • I’ve been eyeing up the jasper hoodie for a while, looks like its something that would get worn a lot.
          I just used up old fabric for my vna top and it’s turned out ok. You could chop up and old T shirt or use normal Jersey. Or sneak off to Dewsbury next weds for a little shopping trip – I’m going down with a couple is sewing pals if you’re free? 😃

          • corrineappleby says

            I would love to go but sadly I work on a Wednesday. 😞Let me know when you next go shopping on a school holiday! I have actually found some Lycra from Boyes that I’m going to attempt to make a VNA top with. I’ve got the Yorkshire Coast 10k in just over two weeks and I think it would be cool to run in a top I’ve made!

  12. Mmm. Tough choice between wine and chocolate – no, it’s not – has to be chocolate. I prefer Thornton’s over Cadbury. I’ve tried Godiva and other premium Belgian and Swiss brands and they’re nice but too expensive for day to day or for when you just need a chocolate fix. I think they generally have a higher cocoa content.
    I’m going to the Leeds area in a couple of weeks for a couple of days (golf break plus staying on for meeting later in week, so will have a car but not a huge amount of time). Do you have any fabric shop recommendations? I guess Dewsbury is not that far from where I’ll be, though on the wrong day for your visit, but where would you suggest I go? Thanks in advance! Anne

    • Hi Anne! There’s lots of places round and about. Dewsbury has a large shop called Fabworks which is open 6 days a week but the other good shop is only open on market days – weds & sat. Which side of Leeds are you staying? Harrogate’s got 2 good shops and it’s a lovely place to wander round. Leeds itself is good too. There’s Samuel Taylors & the market. Hope that’s helpful. Get back to me if you need to know anything else? Hope the weather’s kind to you for your golf ⛳️

      • Thanks! I’m SE of Leeds for the golf, then N for the meeting and am hoping to meet up with a friend who lives between Leeds and Bradford in between times. We’d probably meet in Leeds. I’m there Saturday to Wednesday. I think I could try Fabworks – I’ve heard it mentioned and have never been. And sounds like those two you mention in Leeds, too.

        • There’s not a lot else in Dewsbury except Fabworks, but if you’ve time ask the ladies to point you in the direction of Red Brick Mill – it’s a couple of cafes and about 3 floors of lovely things for the home if you like that sort of thing. It’s just up the road, about a mile away. If you look at my spoolettes page there’s a pdf map I made of Dewsbury. Fabworks is on Bradford street and does have its own car park. Have fun!! 😃

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