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Sunday Sevens week 53 (me 28)

Here’s my week, narrowed down to 7 photos (and some weeks it takes some doing!).  If you’d like to join in head over to Threads & Bobbins to read about it on Natalies Blog.

1  This week I had to work a couple of night shifts.  Our next door neighbours are having an extension built and are a bit noisy for me to sleep so I slept at my parents. Been a while since I slept there!

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2   It’s been ages since I did any baking – a joint effort from me & H.

#sundaysevens 170 (4)

3    Left over lasagne getting wrapped up for cyber pops, aka my dad!

#sundaysevens 165 (4)

4    Started gathering supplies for my first VNA top from Fehr Trade.  Bottom left a dress I made a while ago, bottom right legs from on old pair of workout pants, and tops right some black scraps of cotton jersey from my stash.

#sundaysevens 167 (4)

5  Mum and dad home from there hols.  H has been growing again, though he’s on his tip toes here.

#sundaysevens 166 (4)

6  The cricket field – not the usual view – they held a music festival there yesterday.  it was really good, not quite party in the park, but the local bands they had on did really well.

#sundaysevens 168 (4)

7  Today I cooked Yorkshire puddings and a proper Sunday dinner.  This is a rare occasion because of shifts and cricket.  Wish I’d taken a pic of my Yorkshires, they were whoppers!

#sundaysevens 169 (4)

A couple of quotes from H to leave you with….

“do you think that whoever invented Sunday Sevens will be making a living out of it?”

“if you don’t have enough photos you can always go on google images, no one would know”

Feature photo….. well the week wouldn’t be the same without a selfie!

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I sew and play golf. I blog about my sewing as I don't think you'd want to read about my golf. It's bad enough watching it on telly! Contact me via email -


    • You must!! It can be hard at first but gets easier, and when you’ve no sewing to write about you’ve still got a weekly post for your blog. 😀

  1. Mmm yorkshire puds…one awesome thing about cold days😃. Hope your neighbors’ extension completes soon.

  2. You did take a pic of your Yorkshires! (I think?! Is that them?!) I don’t even like them, but my family do – I buy the ready made frozen ones, haha.

  3. Hahaha…tell H I wish!! You’ve prompted me to Yorkshires tonight – we’re having shepherds pie! Your other foodie pics have made me hungry too…off to the fridge I go 🙂

    • Ooo yummy! Shepherds pie! I love proper food, love any food come to think of it, lol. I’ll tell H, it’s strange how many people wonder if I make money from blogging, and when they find out I don’t they wonder why i do it! Obviously this are none crafty people who think this 😀

  4. I just had scrambled egg for dinner, and would have loved a Yorkshire! But as I’ve never made ’em, now’s not the time to begin. Hello to cuber mum & pop & hope they had a lovely holiday! (BTW, don’t worry about those paperbacks as they were the only thing I could think of when you so kindly asked). H should stop growing soon… maybe?! Photo #2 we’d call cupcakes, and ice them. What’s your name? Whatever they’re called, they look yummy! Wish I’d had a mum I could have slept over at whilst all this construction was going on this summer. Am hoping they’ll get to my problems this week, but as to when… “as soon as we can” don’t quite say much, do it? Still love that greeeen cricket field grass – thanks, Lovey! Have a great week! xx

    • Hi Del! Yorkshire’s are easy to make – though mine used to be like pancakes when I first started cooking them. Still tasted ok tho. We call them buns without icing, and cup cake if they’re fancied up. These were all eaten before anything fancy materialised. Think the grass is set to get even greener with all the rain the last couple of days. We’ve out the heating on tonight as its a bit chilly….bbbrrrrrrrr! X

      • Thank you so much for answering all my hope-not-too-nosy questions! I’ve read over here that you should use a cast iron pan for cooking Yorkshires – is that what you have? They need the quality of heat the cast iron gives off. Ever figure out why yours didn’t rise? Good to know they taste good anyway. Will keep you posted, but it might be some time before we have heating-on weather.
        Oh – buns! Don’t think I’ve heard that name used much at all, but me Scots granny used it, and mum, of course. But in the shops? Noooo.. Everything over here is iced, even “scones” (the shops use the term, but they’re super sweet, giant size, & rather icky to my peculiar taste. They’re always iced. siiiigh . . . . . so I bake when it’s cool . . . . . 😉

  5. Loving your new blouse! And so sorry about the construction in your neighborhood–night shifts are hard enough without that. Your dinner looks wonderful and I’m sure it was much enjoyed (i had better keep my honey from seeing that or he’ll be out the door and jumping on a plane for Yorkshire!)

  6. Bekki Hill says

    No wonder H is growing so fast with all that scrummy food. Love Yorkshires 🙂

    • They’re scrummy aren’t they?! I remember when we little we’d have a huge rectangle one cut up and shared as a starter with gravy, yum yum!! 😀

      • Bekki Hill says

        Yum yum. When we were in New Hampshire they served huge ones for breakfast with jam – so wrong. They called them pop-offs – not sure of the spelling, but a pop-off definitely means something else to me 😉

  7. Never had Yorkshires, why didn’t my mother make them?? Yours look amazing. Whoppers, yes! And, oh what a lovely oven! Leave it to the youngsters to come up with some great ideas. I have enough trouble staying away from pinterest!

  8. It took me years and years to perfect Yorkshire puddings and even now I still have some disasters, but we all love them especially as toad in the hole. H makes me laugh with his observations!

    • Mine used to be like crispy pancakes until I bought my stone muffin tin. Mmmmm, toad in the hole!
      PS was telling a friend about my elephant fabric and about it nearly been bedroom attire. She thought maybe I’d think it was saying he’s hung like an elephant!! Lol 😂

      • Ha ha! It was the fabric, rather than the design on it that I thought lent itself to a cami or similar, but I like your story better!

    • Life just goes to fast, it’s a shame Sunday’s aren’t what they used to be when everything was closed and there seemed to be more family meal times. 😃

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