Sunday Sevens
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#SundaySevens week 55 (me 30)

Hello! I’m on track with my days today and quickly posting before I dash downstairs to open a bottle of something fizzy and watch Xfactor!

Here’s my week in 7 photos – The Sunday Sevens as thought up by the lovely Natalie over at Threads and Bobbins.

1   We had our end of season competition at the golf club, followed my a meal.  Check out this pudding!!  It’s my absolute favourite and Lorraine the waitress left me until the very last to be served.  I was feeling very sorry for myself.  Then she came out with this!! Not sure if you can get how big this piece is – it’s on a dinner plate and the spoon in a serving spoon!!  I ate half and they wrapped the rest up for me to take home for H.

#sundaysevens 189

2  I’ve made another gift this week using photographic transfer paper.  To be blogged very soon (she may be watching!!)

#sundaysevens 195

3   A parcel of lovely Christmas fabric arrived all the way from America from Natalie’s Sunday Sevens Birthday Giveaway!  I think I’m going to make some Christmas Bunting which will hopefully come out year after year!

#sundaysevens 191

4   Then the next day another parcel arrived!!  This was from Rachel from SewSouthLondon.  She a bit further away now than London, this came all the way from Malaysia.  Its a gorgeous soft 100% Japanese cotton that she bought in Singapore.  Just for me! It was a thankyou for her my GBSB drapy knit dress which did me no favours but in the interest of science I sent it to Rachel.  If you missed it early this year here’s Rachel’s Single White Female post.

#sundaysevens 196

5   This one’s just for you Del and as close to the butcher as I dare go when I’m out jogging!

#sundaysevens 192

6  Friday night we went to watch Huddersfield Giants v Leeds Rhinos in the Rugby Super League.  A very exciting match, or so I was told!  I had a natter with some of the other wives and watched from behind glass next to the bar!

#sundaysevens 194

7  Yay!  We’ve had glorious sunshine on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and I’ve done loads of pegging out!  Don’t think it’ll last much longer, but making the most of it whilst it’s here!

#sundaysevens 193

So that’s my week!  Hope you’ve had a lovely one too!  If you’d like to join in you can – just had a look a Natalie’s post to see what it’s about.  It’s a really good way to get to know other sewing bloggers and we share things other than what’s going on at the machine!  And also, like Sewchet mentioned a couple of weeks ago, it keeps us blogging when we might not otherwise have anything to share!

Oh and before I go, the feature photo – it’s one of the floral centre pieces from out ladies golf lunch.  Isn’t it stunning!?

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  1. Ohhhh, THANK YOU, Lovely One! 😊 Will remember to see those guys if I’m ever in the neighbourhood.!
    But gotta ask, whaaat is the pud??? Besides your favourite, that is.

  2. Ohhhh, that pudding does look lovely! Love the Japanese fabric, too! Glad to hear you’re getting some beautiful fall weather there before winter hits–SO much easier to get out and exercise when the sun is out.

  3. That pud looks divine!!! Some sort of cheesecake? Christmas bunting is the way to go, I’ve got a couple of lengths that I bring out every year, they look so sophisticated!! Can’t wait to see what you do with the Japanese fabric, so cute.

  4. I’m jealous of your lovely garden! I’ve been away for the weekend so have a lot of washing to do today – so glad the weather’s nice to peg it outside. Oh the simple things! 🙂

    • Clean sheet and pegging out… Yup it’s sure the simple things that keeps us happy. And golf and wine too for me! The garden’s why we bought the house when H was a baby. We had to sacrifice a bigger house in exchange for the garden but was fab when H was younger. 😃

  5. That reminds me, I still haven’t made any peg bags – they’ll probably have to wait until next year now as I don’t think there will be many more pegging out days now. Trust you to get the biggest piece of pudding on the planet! Worth being served last for, eh? Christmas bunting sounds lovely. I’m a bit stuck for ideas with the Hallowe’en bundle I won as we don’t celebrate it in a big way.

    • What about trick or treat bags for your new students? Or maybe it’s a it too soon? H still likes to go out trick or treating 😃

      • I’m not starting the classes until after half term so it will be November by then. Maybe I’ll save them ’til next year then my students can get involved too.

  6. Loving that Japanese fabric, such a good friend to send you something so lovely. And the bunting is great fun (btw bunting to me sounds like baby bunting….is it a specific type or use of fabric?). Oh, and the sunflower is indeed stunning, but the very best pic IMHO is the stunning overview of your garden! It must receive lots of love and attention. 🙂

      • Why thank you! You’ll have such fun with your Christmas bunting….look forward to seeing what you come up with. We had a pond once. As lovely as it was, and the big ole bullfrog who lived there, it became too much and we gave up on ours, too. Now I just have a zillion bushes and trees (beautiful flowering ones) to contend with. I really prefer a nice, open space.

  7. Bekki Hill says

    Glad I’m not the only one that gets excited by being able to peg the washing out! 🙂

  8. corrineappleby says

    You’re going to have to run a few more km to burn off that gigantic pud! And what is it about butchers! Is never

    • corrineappleby says

      Stupid phone and my sausage fingers! I can’t remember what I was in the middle saying when I accident hit ‘send’. Nothing exciting!

      • Lol! It was just a previous comment from a different post to Del – I said I’d get a pic of our butcher……don’t think they have them in America like we do 😀

  9. What is that pudding?! It looks gorgeous :-0 I’m really looking forward to seeing your Christmas bunting…you’ve even made me think that I might make some too! Your garden looks lovely in the sunshine, hope you got a little bit more this week – we’ve had miserable weather all week!

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