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#SundaySevens Week 56 (me 31)

Better late than never I s’pose.

I had a busy 3 days at the start of last week – nice busy catching up with friends, but not very productive.  Then I started 4 12 hour nights on Thursday and the week went down hill from there!  Except I was asked to work on the ambulance instead of the response car.  I don’t really like nights on my own so had no problems swapping, and my crew mate was 6ft 7 so I felt a bit like I had a body guard!

Anyway, enough ramblings and onto the pics.  These are from the start of the week except 1.  No photos of my bodyguard I’m afraid, but if I work with him again I might ask him if he’d like to star in my Sunday Sevens!

1   I met up with a couple of friends – it was Ann’s 50th last week and I gave her her pressies.  She loved it!

#sundaysevens 189 (1)

2  Whilst out for a walk I spotted this pug on a trampoline….

#sundaysevens 190 (1)

3  I couldn’t remember taking this next photo, but eventually it came back to me!  I’d cut across the golf course whilst out for my run and the sun was really low.

#sundaysevens 195 (1)

4  Out for cocktails in Leeds with the girls from work.  There was a bit of student thing going on in the Trinity Centre for freshers week.  We joined in the fun!#sundaysevens 193 (1)5  Cocktails…… these were a bit pricey in the Alchemist, but we had one then moved on!

#sundaysevens 192 (1)

6    hahaha!!!!  this fly was driving my mum crazy,  she tried to suck it up with the vac but it was just too fast!#sundaysevens 194 (1)

7  Chicken kebab on a Saturday night at work.The healthy option at a takeaway.  (we’d eaten the cheesy garlic bread before we got back to station!).

#sundaysevens 196 (1)

Last week I clocked up nearly 18 miles walking and running and weighed in 5lbs lighter than when I started 6 weeks ago.  I’ve also lost 2 inches off my waist!  The old achilles tendons have been aching really bad since Saturday so I’m having a breather from the running this week so as not to do any serious damage.


So that’s my week.  If you’d love to join in and share not just what you’ve made at the sewing table you can join in Sunday Sevens too! Head over to our leaders blog over at Threads & Bobbins to find out more!

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I sew and play golf. I blog about my sewing as I don't think you'd want to read about my golf. It's bad enough watching it on telly! Contact me via email -


    • No, but I had to have another look just to check! It’s just the light playing tricks but funny cos it’s on a golf course😀

  1. Never stopped to think you’d be on a work run alone at night. Definitely wise to have a tall body guard. Got any more photos of that pressie? Would love to have a wee closer look. Stay safe Lovely! xx

  2. I am still curious of the pressie myself. I love the photo of the sun across the golf course. I love you Mom chasing the fly with the vac. I hope my daughter doesn’t figure out the vaccuum use to snatch up spiders altho, she would have the cleanest room in the house if she did. (*sigh*, it’s a long story, *sigh*)

    • Pressie post coming soon! My mum has a mini vac in the caravan for sucking up bugs but the big nozzles a bit harder to control! 😀

  3. Bekki Hill says

    I’m curious about the pressie too. Laughed out loud at your mum sucking flies up the vacuum cleaner! Well done on the weight loss – you’re doing good. Keep stretching out those tendons too.

    • Thanks Bekki. I think they’re nearly better but going to wait til Monday before I do any more running just to match sure. I was tempted to video my mum and put that on but she mightn’t have been impressed and tried to suck me up! 😀

  4. Well done with the running progress (I have stalled this week but hopefully back next week) and waist loss! I like your healthy meal too 😉

  5. Your mom is one smart woman–I would totally try that if we had a canister vacuum (wouldn’t work super well with our Roomba, I’m guessing). Yay you for all that running! And so jealous of your chicken kebab–YUM.

    • Not sure what a roomba is but I’m guessing it’s a big and heavy vacuum!She’s a small one for catching bugs in the caravan, especially dopey wasps 😀

  6. Ha ha! I’m so with your mum on the fly thing, they drive me to distraction! The running is obviously working for you – 2″, wow! Don’t you just love the sunsets/sunrises at this time of year. I can’t get enough of photographing them.

  7. Missed your post on Sunday, so always better late than never 🙂 well done on all the walking and losing the weight, great effort! Love the dog on the trampoline!

  8. My niece has a pug, aren’t they funny little guys (never seen hers on a trampoline, though). So impressed with the weight loss, and wow 2″ off the waist! Way to go, Ali!! Knees won’t let me run, think amping up my walks would help create a waistline again? Your mom looks pretty accomplished with the fly-catcher – very creative of her, I hate those little buzzers.

  9. I’m very intrigued by those Alchemist cocktails- I bet it’s the fancy way of making them that makes them pricey though! The little pug made me smile 🙂 I wonder if it does actually bounce?!

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