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Hand Made Photo Gifts 2

You might be thinking I’ve a strange fettish for making peg bags.  You might be right!  As you know nearly everyone I know has a one of Thimbers Special peg bags hanging somewhere.  Not usually on their washing line – no one wants to use them as they’re “just for fancy!”

This next one is for a lovely friends 50th birthday pressie.  I met her through cricket – her son played with H in 2013 + 2014 in the Yorkshire B team.  This year her son has moved up into the A team.  We’ve missed her and she’s missed being with us so I thought I’d make her a gift that she’d see every day and wouldn’t forget us.

I’ll include a few pictures of the construction in case you’re thinking of making one.

Select a smallish coat hanger and draw round it to determine the shape of the top of the peg bag. You need 4 pieces – 2 outer fabric and 2 for the lining.

There’s no rule how big it has to be length wise – it’ll depend on how big your washing line is and how many pegs you’ve got!

Decide on a shape for the hole – I chose an oval this time.  My first attempt looked a bit small so I redrew it.

#photogifts  215

Pin a lining piece to the front piece – right sides together – and stitch together following the shape you’ve drawn.  It will be easier to stitch the curves if you use a small stitch.

#photogifts  214

Trim close to the stitching.

#photogifts  213

Before you turn the lining through the oval hole press the seams open – this will make it neater.  Just mind your fingers!

#photogifts  212

Turn through.  Give it a good press.  Edge stitch around the oval opening.  (This picture shows the front and the lining basted together.  Don’t do this yet – you need to add the photos!!)

#photogifts  207

I added the photos a bit different to how I did it on the toiletries bag in my last post.

This time I transferred the photos to the sandy coloured denim fabric, then appliquΓ©d them onto the peg bag.  I think this looks better and wish I’d have done this on the toiletries bag.

I shuffled the photos around until I was happy with their positions.

#photogifts  211

I just used one pin to hold them in place and pinned just outside from the photo transfer.

#photogifts  210Pull the lining away and stitch using a small zig zag.
#photogifts  209Baste the front and it’s lining together close to the edge.  Stitch the photos on to the outer back piece of the peg bag and then baste the lining – wrong sides together.  This is the lining which will be visible through the oval opening once finished.
#photogifts  208Neaten the raw edge – I just used a zig zag.
#photogifts  206

Turn over the pointy bit at the top of the peg back and stitch down.

#photogifts  205

Stitch the front and back together.

#photogifts  204

Turn the right way round and insert your coat hanger.

#photogifts  203

Ta – dah!!!

#photogifts  202

She won’t forget us now will she!!??

#photogifts  201

Thought I’d hang it on my washing line and make sure it works!

#photogifts  197

Aw…. doesn’t it look lovely blowing in the wind?!

#photogifts  199

Shame it says “Happy Birthday Ann” on it.  It’s another I’d have loved to have kept!

#photogifts  198

Ann loved her pressie!  I’ve showed you this pic already on my Sunday Sevens but here she is again opening up her gift.  She’s not going to use it as a beg bag, it’s far too nice she said.  She’s going to hang it in her kitchen and find some thing else to keep in it instead!

#sundaysevens 189 (1)

The fabric I used is the same one I used for the toiletries bag, but this colour is called raspberry.  It was going to be used to make another pair of culottes, but i made a Lekala dress instead (to be blogged soon), and I had some left.  It’s still in stock at Minerva and is only Β£5.99 a metre.  I’ve seen it made up into jeans on someones blog and I can’t for the life of me remember who’s it was.  If it’s you and you’re reading it add a link in the comments to show them off – they’re fab, and I’d like another look!

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    • You peg bag is fab – I love the idea of a shoulder strap, i think when I get round to making myself one I’ll add one to mine. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, and leaving the link. Your blogs fab, you’ve made some gorgeous things.
      The sheets for printing can be bought from whsmiths and come in 2 different types – for transferring onto either light or dark fabrics. You just put them in a normal inkjet printer, but need to remember to reverse print them. Then iron onto what ever fabric you want. Easy! πŸ˜ƒ

  1. Very cute phot touch and a great gift idea! Love the fact they’re all too posh for actual pegs too, clearly much appreciated gifts πŸ™‚

  2. Oh this is really a sweet gift! You can see the happiness on her face even from the side shot you posted, no surprise it will be living indoors. What nice personalized gifts you make.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this. It’s such a great gift idea. I will add this to my list of things to share with others. I do have to confess, I cannot think of anyone that I know that hangs their laundry out — except me (and I don’t do it as often as I should) Thank you again for sharing.

    • I can’t imagine not been able to peg out, but I’m currently very lazy and my pegs live on the washing line. This will be rectified in time for next spring! πŸ˜ƒ

  4. Bekki Hill says

    Lovely peg bag. I like the applique more too. But then I guess one of the important things is that we learn and grow as we work on each new project πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Bekki. It’s safer too than putting the photo straight onto the project. At least if it doesn’t work properly nothing is ruined. πŸ˜ƒ

  5. So, when you gonna make yourself one then? Or are you waiting for one of your friends to do that.

    I have made jeans from this fab fabric, after a tip of from Did You Make That It has a lovely feel, I wish it came in more colours.

    (I also had fun with my remnants

  6. Thank you so-o-o much for giving the details of your adorable make. 😍 I’ve been so impressed with your bags that I bought some children’s hangers (at Container Store, for those in the US). Already have several gifties in mind, including at least one for myself (for plastic shopping bags).

    • Do yours first Del or you’ll end up like me without one at all!
      PS about your email, I’m ok for patterns but will keep a look out for what you’re after. Will reply soon, been a bit busy xx

      • Ha-ha ~ will try! πŸ˜‰
        Figured you’d have a packed week so don’t worry about reply speed. Enjoy the rest of your time off! πŸ˜€

    • Thanks! Such a good gift too as you can be fairly certain that the recipient either won’t have one, or the one they have will be really tatty and need replacing! πŸ™‚

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  8. Wow what a great idea. I have a monotone lazer printer so can’t do this printing photos lark… One day!!

    • Maybe one of your pals could print something off if you fancied having a go? It’s just the cheap colour printers, like in Asda, than do this. Your girls could have their pictures on their T shirts! πŸ™‚

  9. In Sew Today I saw a gift roughly this shape and size on a hanger but with lots of large curtain sized rivets maybe 9 with fabric cut away leaving holes for scarves. I hope that makes sense! I was thinking that might work well except any photos would have to be rather small.

    • I saw it too, it’d be a fab idea for Christmas pressies. I’ve not used used those holey curtains circles before. Not sure how easy they are.

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