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#SundaySevens week 59 (me 34)

Hi Lovelies!

How’s your week been? Hope you’re feeling happy in whatever you’ve been up to!  I have, and I’ve actually made 2 garments.  Can’t wait to show you!

In the meantime here’s my Sunday Sevens – my week in sevens photos, thought up by a very talented Yorkshire lass who now resides is America, and blogs over at Threads and Bobbins

1  Remember my birthday fabric from last week?  Thankyou for all the wonderful suggestions.  I finally decided on the Woodland Stroll Cape by Oliver and S.  An especially big thankyou to the Prolific Project Starter for all her links and hints.  You can see the one she made for her daughter HERE. So cute!

I decided to add one of my labels.  I don’t normally bother when I’m making myself something but I thought this was a bit more special and deserved one.

#sundaysevens 248 (1)

2  H’s football team spent Saturday washing cars at our local co-op.  They raised over £400 which is going towards some new kit.

#sundaysevens 241 (1)

3  We went out for lunch and H got a huge cajun chicken burger!  He managed to polish the lot off!

#sundaysevens 247 (1)

4  Whilst in Brighouse I called into a local hospice charity shop. There’s 2 and one just sells all the ‘designer stuff’.

I bought this wrap dress for £15.  Think I might wear it for this Thursdays wedding as I’ve not made anything yet and am cutting it a bit fine.  I think it could look quite good if I loose the jeans and boots and wear some heals!

#sundaysevens 246 (1)

5   Chilli lasagne – a bit of a compromise. I love chilli and the hubby loves lasagne.  The big chunk that’s missing went via meals on wheels down to my parents as my mum had been working.  They help us out loads with H so I like to do my bit when I can.

#sundaysevens 242 (1)

6    New shoes!!  Bought them from the above mentioned charity shop. Lovely leather sling back wedges and never worn!  £12.50!  Bargain!!  And they can dance too.  Well they did last night after a bottle of wine at the cricket club!

#sundaysevens 244 (1)

7    Just to show all my meals aren’t amazingly tempting!  I’d been out for a run and needed some proper food for breakfast.  I’m trying to avoid bread (but  not cake) so had a whole tin of baked beans and a couple of fried eggs.  Tasted much better than they looked!

#sundaysevens 243 (1)

So that’s it!  Oh, and just to mention, the ‘feature’ photo is of a local curtain shop in Cleckheaton called Inches.  I recently called in when we were looking for a blind for our lounge and discovered the most amazing collection of buttons ever!

Remember the ones on my SBCC Cabernet Cardigan? They were from there, and I found some for my new cape.  As soon as I’ve finished here I’m off to sew the button holes and get it finished!

For anyone who’s local it’s definitely worth a visit.  There’s a vast haberdashery as well as gifts.  There’s even remnants for a pound each which are the little mini curtains that are used in displays – they’d be perfect for anyone making bags.

Hope you have a smashing week! Look forward to seeing what you’ve been up to in your Sunday Sevens.  If you’ve not decided to join us, why not!?  It’s great fun and lets others know a bit more about your goings on away from your crafty corner.

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I sew and play golf. I blog about my sewing as I don't think you'd want to read about my golf. It's bad enough watching it on telly! Contact me via email -


      • oh, sure you can! Wear it out for coffee with the friend who got you the fabric for a start. Have fun button finding! (Do take cape to shop with you to garner compliments from staff, even if you have the perfect ones in your stash and no you aren’t going to buy any!)

  1. I can’t wait to see your cape! I really want a lined wool one for the Winter, don’t know if I would make one though :-0 I’m very impressed with your bargains, such great finds! I miss baked beans…they sell ‘Heinz’ ones over here but they are nowhere near anything like normal UK beans 😦

    • I’ve had strange experiences with baked beans when abroad. Hotels put them out for breakfast and think us Brits are gonna love em but they’re nothing like proper baked beans!! Shame they’re a bit heavy to post!
      I can recommend making the cape – it’s a quick ish make – the most time consuming bit is pining the lining and the main fabric together. I used so many pins!! But then it made the sewing bit easy!

  2. I love charity shop finds. I recently went to a charity night where they were selling secondhand clothes. I scored some amazing bargains, including a Zara wrap dress, two beautiful button-up shirts, a boho summer dress, a casual top, a dress for my daughter and the most amazing heels – all for $35!

      • My friends love taking me to these things as I can pick out all the quality clothing fast – via touch as I can pick put linens, silks & wool by running my hand along the racks and plucking out the good pieces. Thank goodness for my sewing skills!

  3. Also waiting to see the cape. And I was going to say that you baked beans and fried eggs looked really good. Not at all something I have ever seen here in the US. Now I am not sure that I want to try it as you all have commented how not-like-the-Brits our attempt at baked beans is. Guess I’ll just have to add that to my bucket-list for when I come over the pond to visit. I would rather try the real deal. I also like the idea of chili lasagna. But, again. I would imagine that British chili is different than what I may find here. Especially since there are so many different versions of chili here. As always, I love your post. But, now I’m hungry.

  4. Love the sound of that charity shop . I could certainly run amuck in there. Also like the look of that chicken burger.

  5. Claire Sutherland says

    Looking forward to seeing your cape and thanks for the link for the hints and tips. I have washed my lovely tartan wool today and plan to make a start on mine soon x

    • It is, he tried to pick it up and eat it without cutting it but he couldn’t manage it. Shame I didn’t get a picture of that instead! 😀

  6. Karen says

    Love the wrap dress. Can’t wait to see the cape. Have a good time at the wedding. Glad the running is still going well K xXx

    • Thanks, the wrap dress what a real find! I’ve been eyeing up that style for a while wondering if it’d suit me and should I make one. Think I might make one still. The style really does seam to flatter all shapes 😀

  7. Great dress & shoes ~ glad I just had dinner before reading your post! Are your beans the Heinz bright medium blue label? If so, Americans can find them at Cost Plus/World Market, Be prepared for the U.S. price, though! Yeah for sharing that chili-lasagna and helping Cyber Mum. Do H & his gang do house-call car washes?! They looked spiffy in their rigs! Be certain to get that cape posted now, as we’re all waiting with baited breath! xx

    • Yup blue label, mine were on offer, 4 tins for £2. Is that about 3 dollars? You’d think they’d be able to make them the same anywhere without charging daft money. Gonna get up now and do the button holes – got distracted with X factor last night so never got round to it 😉

      • Yep, and they’ve almost $3 PER CAN in regular markets here, slightly less at Cost Plus/World Market. Daft money indeed. Taste-wise, there’s nothing like them over here. Not. Even. Close.

  8. Looking forward to seeing the cape 🙂 And I love the idea of a ‘no bread, but lots of cake’ diet. £400 is a huge amount for your son’s team to make, very impressive!

    • I had chocolate trifle too yesterday! I really need to be running about 10k a day to burn off the extra calories! The lads did really well, but the cars weren’t always too clean! All the drivers went off smiling tho 😀

  9. That dress looks fab on you. Love the shoes too – do they go together? It’s hard to tell from the screen.

    • I thought they would, but they’re a tiny bit too light coloured. Maybe in summer they would with a light coloured cardi 😃

  10. A cape eh? Can’t wait to see that. As you say, ‘very classy’ and such a good idea for that fabric. LOVE the dress and shoes! It’s amazing how charity shops are no longer like the jumble sales they used to be, isn’t it? Good on H getting stuck in with the car wash and what a fantastic boost to funds it turned out to be.

    • Cape finished and dress worn for the wedding, just catching up on my blogging! The boys enthusiasm was better than their car washing skills!

  11. Great haul. Well done to your son for raising so much. I’m reading your posts in the wrong order so have already seen your terrific cape! I picked up a couple of nice dresses in a charity shop in Preston yesterday (on my way home from Gisburn which is now Lancashire but used to be Yorkshire). It had a specialist wedding section. Prices more than other shops but rather nice. I’ll blog about them when I recover from my trip – gets harder as you get older! I’ve posted about my Harrogate visit on the way down but will add photos later.

      • I know the feeling! Sadly I can’t play golf at present as my wrists and hand are bothering me so much, hopefully I can still catch up with course work and maybe even do some sewing!

    • Bargains are just so fab, almost as good as making it myself! A couple of people did assume yesterday as the wedding that i’d made my dress so my reputation as a seamstress must be improving! 🙂

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