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#SundaySevens week 58 (me 33)

Hello everyone! Just a word of warning – don’t read on if you’re peckish! 

Sorry no links to the wonderful Natalie who thought up the Sunday Sevens – I’m posting on a mobile device and it’s a bit tricky (well it is for me anyway!). Previous SS posts have links so take a peak if you’d like to find out more.

Thanks for all the happy birthday wishes!  I’ve had a lovely week and most of my pics centre around my birthday. I’ve only worked one shift this week, hence the abundance of posts, hope I’ve not clogged up your reader or mail box too much!

1. We took a lady in labour onto the delivery suit.  Some of the staff when on their break were busy knitting little hats for the newborns who would be delivered over Christmas. Here’s one nearly finished. 

2.  There’s some stunning photos about of the Autumn leaves changing colour. I took quite a few whilst playing golf but unfortunately I couldn’t quite catch how colourful they actually were.  Such a shame the sun wasn’t shining. 

3. Birthday lunch at the golf club! My favourite. The thought of double egg n chips is what keeps me going on the last few holes. And the staff sang happy birthday as I ate my lunch! 

4. Birthday tea!  After Much rummaging (and laughter) in the candle box H & Charlie came up with a 6 and a 0 and some single candles. 

5.  My mums speciality! Though most of us didn’t have much room after we’d eaten a big slice of cake. I’ve nibble on this all week and ate the last bit this morning.  

6.  Tina (a very non-sewing friend) went to Fabworks to buy me some fabric for my birthday. Apparently it took some choosing and the staff helped. The grey is wool (oh no, maybe dry clean only, but will try on a cold wash), and there’s a metre plus a metre of red lining. The lips fabric is a crepe with slight give, not actual stretch and there’s 2 metre.  Suggestions welcome. 

7.  A book from my sister.  I emailed her the Amazon link after seeing something made from it – I think on IG.  

Oh and the feature photo!!!  Hubby’s been away on a stag do tha weekend and was surprisingly alert on his return home so we went out for tea to our local.  This wasn’t my dessert hubby and H went halves on theirs. How gorgeous does this banana and toffee cheesecake look!! 

Until next time! Back to working 3 shifts this week.  I just ordered some fabric online for my sisters birthday Coco. I mDe her one last year, and I think it’s going to become a tradition. 

Have a great week  ðŸ˜€

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  1. You are never 6 and a O!!! OMG that’s the biggest shock I’ve had all week! Did I read it wrong?! (That’s a compliment btw not an insult lol!)

    • Lololol… No I’m not, I had a really heavy paper round, I’m 44! The candles were left over from my mums birthday (can’t say how long ago as she’ll read this!). H and Charlie thought it was really funny to put them on my cake 😃

  2. Thanks for the warning–I’m craving chips now! Looks like a great birthday week, even if your family does think you’re 60. 😉 I keep thinking what a sharp jacket that wool would make, but 1 meter isn’t a lot . . . a skirt, maybe?

    • I’m not big on skirts, but I’m tempted to buy another 1/2 metre and make a gilet with a drapey front. Sorry for the chip cravings! They’re really yummy, and it’s so hard to resist when I come in from a game of golf. 😃

  3. Soooo many mouth watering pictures this week! I’m all about the food 😀 HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Glad you had a great week! Very intrigued to see what you make from the crochet book.

    • One if the things that’s caught me eye the most is the crochet over a electric cable – you can make it out on the front – it’s black and white. 😃

  4. Anne Wright says

    I agree, that wool would make a fabulous skirt with the red lining and then maybe a top to go with it from the lips fabric… new birthday outfit. Nice! (The 60 thing was a joke on the part of your lovely family right?)

  5. Happy birthday – your birthday double egg and chips lunch looks very appealing.
    If you can’t think of a garment for the wool what about a bag? You should get a good one out of a metre.

  6. Happy Birthday! How wonderful to be surrounded by so much love! And your non sewing friend did amazingly well with that beautiful fabric! I love the little hat – do you need hats for babies? I have often wondered if they would welcome. The Modern Crochet looks a great book – and what a lovely gift – I love crochet too. In fact I think I might need to give up work, there simply isn’t enough time to sew and crochet in my life!

    • Thanks you! I’m very lucky to have my crazy lovely family nearby! I bet if you had a word with your local labour ward they’d love hats for newborns. Or prem ones for the early babies is you have a local special care baby unit 😀

  7. Oh yeah, love the grey wool – a gilet is a good idea if there’s only one metre, or how about a fitted waistcoat to show off your more svelte self? You could do the back and lining in the red and you’d have enough of the wool to make a matching hat for the golf course!!!

    • I’d look a Bobby dazzler with a matching hat, it proper woolly, covering up the ears, hats that are needed now. A waist coat is a fab idea, will look into that 😀

  8. So glad your birthday week was grand! I’ve enjoyed all your “extra” posts even thought I’ve not been on computer much so haven’t commented. 60 indeed – such a funny family. I love the little crocheted hat for a newborn, is there anything sweeter? Love the autumn trees!

    • They’re crazy for sure, don’t know where they get it from, lol! Back at work now but planning my sewing for Thursday – hope the fabric arrives in time, making a coco for my sisters birthday on Saturday. 😀

    • Haha, thank you! I’ve had an easy life!! (I wish!) It’s making me hungry too, as I’m sat eating my salad at work 😁

  9. Could you squeeze a cape out of the wool and lining, that wouldn’t need washing so often. Something like this (I made the kids version for my daughter and drafted a mandarin collar, it was easy to do and IMHO made it looked tons better, but maybe miss the pom poms off for you!)

    Or if you want a gillet type thing have you seen this post ?

    • Thanks for taking the time to post the links. A cape would be perfect! I’ve drooled over the Oliver & S one before. I’m wondering, does it have a seam down from the shoulders?
      I’ve seen Sew Therapeutics post – it was that that gave me the idea for a gilet, but I think I’d wear the cape more. I think another 1/2 a metre needs to be bought. And I could line in with the lip fabric and have crazy insides!! 😀

      • I’m assuming that the adult cape is a scaled up version of the kids one, they look the same made up on their blog. I only have the kids version and the back is cut on the fold, so there are 3 main pieces (plus a collar facing). I think you might be able to squeeze it out of a metre if you’re lucky, especially if your wool was non directional. If you thinking of doing it I’d buy the pattern first to see if you need that extra 1/2 m or not.
        I found it a really quick make with some lovely tips on how to get a professional finish.
        Personally I’d line it in the red and save the lips for something else, maybe a knee length dress with flarey skirt?
        Have fun whatever you decide.

          • Good luck, looking forward to seeing the result and have fun choosing some statement buttons. (And not sure I answered your seam question before, the 2 seams on in the main fabric are the shoulder seams joining the fronts to the back.)

  10. Aw! Went from peckist to starving whilst reading your post, but had to finish it before grabbing lunch. So glad you had such a grand week. Sixty, huh? 🎂 Nevah looked so good ~ hehe!

    Yep, would definitely try a gentle cold wash for the wool & the lipstick would make either a fab lining or blouse (if its not too-too for your persona). 😉 Loved all your posts last week – proper spoiled us! xx

    • It’s amazing what a bit of make up can do to roll back the years! That would make mum my cyber sister! I think I could wear the lip fabric as a dress or blouse. I’ve a wedding next valentines day, maybe for then! 😃

      • L-O-V-E your idea for that wedding. Dress would be grand & what better occasion(s). Speaking of cyber mum, what was that fav dessert (?) she made for you? Looked like what my gran called divinity. Alas, I don’t have her recipe.

  11. Love that wool fabric… Yes probably dry clean I’m afraid. It would make a lovely skirt or maybe a bag. Happy birthday 🙂 bit late but hey!!!

  12. Thanks for the warning about the food posts, but well deserved seeing as it’s your birthday. Looks like you had a lovely week! It’s mine on Wednesday, I wonder how many other sewers are Librians? How about a slip and gown for a fancy bedroom outfit in the lips fabric? 😉

  13. corrineappleby says

    That cheesecake feature image is looking rather awesome! Hope you had a lovely birthday and well done for being a good sport and allowing those candles on your cake – I would be fuming!! 😡

  14. It looks and sounds like a lovely birthday week with plenty of delicious food and some sewing plans in the pipeline – perfect!

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