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#SundaySevens week 64 (me 39)

Hello from a windy and wet Yorkshire! I think it’s been fairly wild all over the UK the whole week which leads to not much outdoor photography.  Apologies if a couple of the pix make your hungry and I hope number 2 isn’t too scary!

1  This was taken at Junction 22 of the M62 which is the highest motorway in England, crossing the Pennines into Lancashire.

#sundaysevens  307


2   I heard that sudocrem is great for chapped lips and flaky noses, so I gave it a try before I went to sleep!  Bet you didn’t think you’d be picking up beauty tips on my blog!

#sundaysevens  309

3  My fabric arrived from my recent win!  I also treated myself to a concealed zipper foot.  I usually manage with a normal one but as everyone raves on about these I couldn’t resist any longer!  (I’ve also made a couple of other purchases this week as a result of black Friday – I’ve bought SewOverIt’s Pussy bow blouse, Colette’s Negroni shirt (for the hubby!!) and a shirt making class on Craftsy.)

#sundaysevens  308


4    The back of the ambulance station overlooks Brighouse library.  How does the old saying go…. “red sky in the morning, shepherd’s warning” was true…  More rain and high winds came later in the day!

#sundaysevens  306


5   I sorted out the bureau in the conservatory.  I tend to squirrel things away here – new purchases, ongoing projects, magazines and anything that doesn’t get put away properly after use.  I found things I’d lost – the fray check and the clear elastic so it was quite worthwhile!


6   We had our works Christmas do on Friday night.  I was going to shorten my Wren but decided to leave it full length (for now!).



7   Last night I cooked something new that I’d seen on the current series of Master Chef.  It’s called Omelette Arnold Bennet.   It’s an omelette with a smoked Haddock filling and a Hollandaise sauce glaze.  Stunning!  Delia Smith has a version here.  I cheated and bought a ready made hollandaise sauce which made it quite a quick and easy meal.

#sundaysevens  303


8   Tonight we tried a new restaurant in Leeds.  For starter we had a “round the world Mezze”….

#sundaysevens  302


Feature photo at the top: I made an Archer!! Yay!! Can’t wait to show you!  This has taken all my snippets of free time this week (and last). The buttons were sewn on today.  Now I just need photos, hopefully in the next few days, and I’ll be able to share it with you.


Not heard of Sunday Sevens, or want to know more and join in?  Head over to Natalie’s blog at Threads and Bobbins to read more about it!  You don’t have to do it every week, or sign your life away – just join in when you can and share a bit more of your goings on outside your sewing room.


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  1. Pleased to hear your Wren hasn’t been shortened for a while longer 😉 My email got so bombarded by Black Friday offers from Thursday onwards that it totally put me off shopping, so well done for persevering and grabbing some bargains!

    • I’ve 3 emails, my blog one, a junk one and my own for important stuff. Makes it a bit easier to manage, but was hard to ignore the bombardment. No fabric bought so quite proud of myself! I’m still tempted to shorten the wren….🤔

  2. Fun post as always, Ali! (the chapped look uncomfortable, but not so scary) You’ve had a ball with the shopping, haven’t you? And lucky you, it seems a great group of fabrics you’ve won. My mom still talks about the Delia Smith cookbook she has lost somewhere, maybe I can find a replacement – that omelette looks sensational.

    • Thanks Jen! yea it’s been a good week. I’m so glad I do Sunday Sevens otherswise the weeks all just merge together and I’d forget what I’d been up to. yay for blogging and bloggers everywhere, lol 🙂 PS hope you find a delia cook book, but on the other hand I bet you could find all her recipes online, but it’s not quite the same as flicking through the pages and drooling!

      • I feel the same about the books, there is something about a real one. Especially cookbooks…but a single printed page can be easier to handle when cooking, I suppose.

  3. A lovely week of photos! Number 2 made me laugh – I always get dry skin if I have cold, and smother copious amounts of sudocream around my face. Not attractive but effective! The hollandaise omelette sounds delicious! It has definitely been a week of wild weather and I think we’re in for another. Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your Black Friday purchases 🙂

  4. Hungry??? Why yes, now I am hungry. That food looks yummy. And I love the fabric for your Archer. I am looking forward to it’s debut. I also treated myself to a couple of Craftsy classes. Can’t wait to get into them.

    • Craftsy is just fab isn’t it? I’ve watched so many and picked up loads of tips but don’t always make whatever it is they are making. 🙂

  5. Carolyn says

    Can’t wait to see the Archer, and congrats on the invisible zipper foot! I absolutely love mine and don’t regret the purchase.

  6. Anne Wright says

    Did the Sudocrem work? That’s a good tip if so! Love the look of that delicious looking omelette, my hubby is fussy about fish but I love it, might be a good mid-week supper for me when he is out at one of his many xmas do’s! Can’t wait to see what you make with your free fabric stash. I entered the draw last week too – fingers are crossed!

    Also just noticed you have put my blog in your list of recommendations down the side – many thanks for that! 🙂 I’ve not noticed those before, am going to have to find some time to sit down with a cuppa and have a look at the others.

    • The sudocream worked a treated. I applied it for 2 nights and all the dry chapped skin cleared up. I think it’s good your hubby’s not into fish, more for you!! You’ll love it and won’t want to share it! 🙂

  7. Looking forward to seeing your Archer – I like the pattern but I’m too lazy to contemplate all those buttonholes.
    Love smoked haddock and always looking for new recipes to use it although the stuff they sell here isn’t a patch on what you can buy in the U.K.. It is hideously expensive and also hideously over dyed and, therefore, over salty. Still, sometimes you just have to work with what you have.

    • I think the omelette would be lovely with any white fish, or even big juicy prawns, so maybe there’s something you could substitute the haddock for that would be just as tasty? The button holes on the archer weren’t too bad. My machine behaved so they were done in no time, and I sat and sewed the buttons on watching XFactor! 🙂

  8. Well, that totally made me hungry! My measly 4 Christmas biscuits mid-morning snack was gone before I even noticed…
    Well done on the shirt – can’t wait to see you model it!

  9. Yes, your bureau looks a lot like my sewing room at the moment, I really MUST tidy it up! You’ve succeeded in making my mouth water (it’s lunch time as I write this) and I can no longer ignore those hunger pangs. I’ve ordered an invisible zipper foot, too, as everyone seems to be raving about them! My, that view of the highest motorway certainly looks bleak at this time of year. Makes me glad I’m sitting next to a roaring open fire:)

    • Oooo, a roaring open fire, that sounds too cosy for words! I can’t imagine your sewing room looking messy, I remember the those lovely piccies you posted and everything was so tidy! I’m wondering where to have my sewing room when we have an extension. Hubby thinks we’re going to have 2 lounges…… who needs 2 lounges when 1 could be a sewing room with a south facing window!! 🙂

      • Who needs two lounges?! Poor hubby is obviously disillusioned if he is under the impression that the new room will be anything other than a super duper sewing room:)

  10. Well done on the tidying – my printer sucked in another tissue last week and I was cursing that I’d let my desk get in such a mess – don’t even mention the craft stuff. Love the beauty tip – sudocream is fab stuff.

  11. Sorry – I know we usually have to ooh and ahh over the fabric but this week, for me, the stunner is the Omelette Arnold Bennett – looks delish. Definitely going to try that.

    • I’m sure you love’ll love it, I can’t wait to have it again. Might even have it tonight if I can drag myself out of the house to buy some fish 🙂

    • I love wearing it, and even though it’s not too tricky to make friends don’t believe I’ve made it. It must be the sheer sleeves that make it look more RTW 🙂

  12. Yummy food photos again 😀 The omelette sounds delicious – I’m googling it now! Looking forward to seeing the Archer, love the fabric choice 🙂

    • Thanks Natalie! Is it easy to get fish over your way? I got a bit lazy with the hollandaise sauce, but might try and make it properly next time 🙂

  13. Love the snowy pic & this shirt fabric is great!
    (Yummy yum, thank goodness I just had dinner.)
    Expect an update email soon!

    • Thanks Del, the email arrived, thankyou! I’m just catching up on things today – I have a day off….yay!! Well I’ve a few, not back to work until next Thursday! 🙂

      • Off for a week ~ whoopee! Coming by to help me unpack? 😉 Afraid I’ll be catching up for quite a few days, ‘specially if this wonky modem keep flipping off. But a new one’s on the way in a day or two… Hope you’ve got some r&r planned, in addition to all your usual activities!

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