Sunday Sevens
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#SundaySevens week 66 (me 41)

Aren’t the donkeys cute!?  These two live just down the road and we passed them walking down to pick the car up, having left it at a party last night.  It’s a shame the local schools can’t borrow them for their nativity plays!

Before I start my Sunday Sevens I’m sneaking in a picture that’s not mine, but something one of my friends put on Facebook.  Thought you might like a giggle, it certainly put a smile on my face!

#sundaysevens   309


Now onto my week in 7 ish photos, The Sunday Sevens, as thought up by Natalie over at Threads & Bobbins

1  A lovely lady at the golf club saves her Prima mags, complete with the free patterns, for me.  Here is my 2013 collection, there’s a great shirt pattern which I might try and merge with the Archer.

#sundaysevens   301 (2)

2   Finished my Christmas bunting.  I just wish I’d have spaced it out a bit more as it was a metre and half short to go all the way around the conservatory.

#sundaysevens   302 (2)

3  I used all the scraps to make 3 cushions covers using The Demented Fairy’s tutorial Here.  They’re a bit bigger than hers, I just got carried away!

#sundaysevens   303 (1)

4  Yay!! Lovely hubby bought tickets for me, H and cyber mom to the X Factor Tour when it comes to Leeds!

#sundaysevens   304 (1)

5    So much rain this week, and flooding everywhere.

#sundaysevens   310

6  H went to Millichamp and Hall to collect his new bat and pads.  They’re sponsoring him and initially he’s getting 30% off his equipment, which is a BIG help!

#sundaysevens   306 (1)

7  I’ve shortened my Wren and am really happy I did!  It was a bit scary making that first snip but no regrets.  I also made a belt that wraps round twice and ties where the faux wrap is.  I wore it Friday and Saturday night to 2 separate 50th birthday dos and felt great!

#sundaysevens   305 (1)

8  Lat night it was one of my bestie’s 50th – Tina who bought me the wool fabric for my Woodland cape.  She has Charlie who is seven  and they had a table called “Tina’s Sweet Boutique”.  The adult loved it as much as the kids!

#sundaysevens   307 (1)

A week without food piccies???  Oh, go on then!  One last one just to make your mouth water…….

Lovely yummy waffles, ice-cream and chocolate sauce!

#sundaysevens   311

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  1. You have outdone yourself here, Ali. Those fabulous donkeys – didn’t you want to take them home? Look at their expressions! And then we move on the tittens. I had the same reaction when I saw them on fb. So silly. And then on to the sweet Christmas bunting. Love the shortened Wren, too. What a great week of festivities you’ve had, all topped off with chocolate-topped waffles. Cheers!

    • Thanks Jen! It has been good, will seem like we’re winding down now as we only have one night of partying to be done this week! 😀

  2. Lovely- that Wren dress is gorgeous, so flattering. It’s not a pattern I’ve seen before, I don’t bother much with Colette, having made a couple and found they don’t really suit my shape. Looks great on you! The chocolate waffles are making me hungry…off to the freezer!

    • There was soooo much chocolate on the waffles, my Wren won’t be fitting me for much longer if I keep stuffing my face with puddings like that! So yummy! My favourite Colette pattern I’ve made was the men’s Albion cost with I made for me. I think this is my third success with Colette so been lucky so far 🍀

      • Lol….wondered what you were on about and had to look back…. How did I miss those!?? They would look fabulous with my Wren! So red and shiny! 👠👠👠👠👠👠

  3. Lovely images this week! Those cushions are a great idea, will have to have a look at the pattern. And you’ve convinced me on the shortened Wren, looking fab and two outings under her belt already! Well done H on the sponsorship deal, I bet that kit gets expensive…

    • The prices are crazy, more so he’s into man sized equipment, but he loves it and hopefully one day he’ll fulfil his dream. The tutorial is definite worth a look, her patches are only 6 inch squares, I got a bit carried away and made mine 18! 😀

  4. Karen says

    Love all your photos this week. Another really busy week for all the family K xXx

    • And the stripy sweetie bags can double up as sick bags when they eat too much! Only kidding, but there was a lot tho’, it’s a wonder they weren’t throwing up! 😀

  5. corrineappleby says

    Those donkeys are ace! Great picture! I think you made the right decision to shorten your Wren too. You look great in it!

    • Thanks Corinne! Felt a bit dramatic walking into a Do with it long, so much more comfortable at this length. Glad I kept the split, just adds the right amount of daring to it 😉

  6. Anne Wright says

    Love love love those donkey’s – can I take them home with me? Great photo too, you should sell that to Canva or something and make your fortune! 😉 Love your bunting and cushion covers too, what a great idea, and so festive. 🙂

    • That would be fun, seeing my donkeys everywhere! I’d not heard of Canva and just had a look. Can do some cool things which might be useful on the blog, and I don’t think they’ve any donkey pics, unless I was doing it wrong! 🐴🐴🐴🐴

  7. Those ‘tittens’ are hilarious – my husband would love some! The Wren looks just as good that length and you’ll probably get more wear out of it, too. Love the bunting, shame it’s not quite long enough – could you add a plain pennant or two at one end? Well done on H getting sponsorship!

    • I’m sure you’d be able to make some tittens!! Lol…. That’s a good idea too add more pennants. I’ve some plain red which might not look too bad 😀

  8. Bekki Hill says

    What do you mean, No food pics? Isn’t that sweet boutique the cornerstone of a nutritious meal?

  9. Tittens, tittens, hahhahaha!!! Love the wren shorter, with the little belt, I guess it is more wearable now? And the donkeys, adorable, but one more time I find the food pic quite torturing, this is the time I’m always hungry!

    • The tittens are totally hilarious aren’t they! I still chuckle when I see them again! I bet if someone wrote a pattern out they’d be really popular for a daft pressie! And yes the Wren is more wearable, it felt too much of a statement dress when it was floor length. 🙂

  10. Those cushions are so crazy, they make my eyes go funny haha but I love them! You look fabulous in your shorter Wren 🙂

    • Thanks Beth, except for the Coco I’ve not made lots of makes from the same pattern but I’m definitely thinking there will be more Wrens in my wardrobe. Are you sure it’s not mine that’s making your eyes funny, and not my cushions lol?! 🙂

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