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#SundaySevens Week 67 (me 42)

Gosh! Only 5 sleeps ’til Christmas so one or two festive shots in this weeks Sunday Sevens, and a food-less one too, so no need to look away if you’ve not had your tea yet (or breakfast depending which part of the world you’re in!).


1     I took this photo on Tuesday from the 11th tee after I’d tee’d off.  My ball was up there somewhere!!  Luckily there weren’t many daft enough to be playing in the fog otherwise it would have been quite dangerous.

#sundaysevens   312

2    I made a start on my Stitching Santa pressies at the beginning of the week.  I had this fabric from a charm pack I bought earlier in the year when I decided to give quilting a try.  I thought this fabric would be just the job for my recipient.  I’ve a Craftsy class that showed how to make these triangles, then I had a play around with the arrangement but ended up with something completely different!

#sundaysevens   311 (1)

3  H and I went shopping to buy him some clothes for Christmas.  We went straight from school and was ready to leave at 6pm.  After half an hour we were still not out of the carpark due to the nearby M62 being broken.  We went back into the shopping centre from hot chocolate, and eventually got home at 9pm!!   (No this is a drinks picture, not food!! lol)

#sundaysevens   310 (1)

4   On Friday I started work at 7am.  They sent me out to stand by and there was the most amazing sunrise.  I pulled over to get a shot, which was lucky as I got a call 2 minutes later and it was all gone by the time I’d finished.  You can just make out the allotments in the foreground of the photo, and the lights are from the school.

#sundaysevens   308 (1)

5    Yay for the Park Run!  I love it when I have Saturdays off.  I should have been working but had taken leave as we had plans for later in the day.  Nearly everyone was dressed up and looking really festive.

#sundaysevens   306 (2)

And when I say everyone, I mean even the dogs!

#sundaysevens   307 (2)

And Gemma and I had made an effort too, though we couldn’t run in the glasses!

#sundaysevens   305 (2)

6  Saturday afternoon I had some selfish sewing time and whipped up my first Coco dress to wear that evening.  I used the same fabric that I used to make my Colette Wren and went down a size from my current Coco tops as I find I have excess fabric in the front.  It’s a little bit snug across the upper bust but is definitely a better fit.  I think I’ll wear this Christmas day and might even add some Christmassy embellishments!

#sundaysevens   304 (2)

7   It’s a good job Mr Thimbers doesn’t read my blog! Here he is dancing away in our friend’s kitchen after remembering he rather likes a Jack Daniels and Coke (or 2!) :-0

#sundaysevens   303 (2)

7a   Sometimes when I’m at work i struggle to get my 10,000 steps a day in, more so if I’m working on the response car, which is most of the time.  So when I get to the hospital, as soon as I’ve sorted out my patient I’ll walk up to the top floor (4 flights) along the corridor and back door the other staircase to get the blood flowing!

This is the view from the top of the stair case overlooking the old part of the hospital.  The building on the right with the big chimney  used to house circular wards.  There used to be a bit large outer circle of beds and a small circle of beds in the middle facing the outer circle.  Seems strange now, but that was what it was like when I first joined the ambulance service.  I think the new hospital has been only open about 10 years.

#sundaysevens   301 (3)

So will you be joining in the Sunday Sevens over the holidays?  If you’d don’t have the time normally maybe you could just to a one off Christmas Special!   Head over to Natalie’s blog if you’d like to read more about it from our leader!

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  1. Wonderful collection! That sunrise is amazing. And big congrats for going down a size, all your hard work is paying off, isn’t it? That new dress is beautiful. Great photo of Mr. T having a jolly good time. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

    • Thanks Jen! I’ve only dropped an inch or 2 all over but it’s surprising what a difference it makes. Hope you have a lovely Christmas too 😀🌲🎉

  2. A good week! I enjoyed Wyre Parkrun too -everyone very jolly. I have promised to run Worcester with my daughter on Christmas morning. I may regret that. Have a great Christmas. I hope you have your sprouts on or they won’t be done in time 😉

    • We’re being very untraditional this year and going out for a curry on Christmas Day so no sprouts! I am cooking Boxing Day though but really can’t decide what. There’s a park run in Huddersfield in Christmas Day but I don’t know anyone ease who would do it so I think I’ll be giving it a miss unfortunately. But I might be doing the Skipton one the week after. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas! 🎉🌲😀

  3. Karen says

    Coco looks lovely. I have yet to make a decent one. White Rose!! My local shops. We avoid them from November onwards. Park run looking very colourful. Running should be fun. Merry Xmas K xXx

    • So strange were on each other’s door steps! I’ll pull my finger out in the new year and organise another Spoolettes meet up. It’s nice to have something to look forward to.
      Merry Christmas to you too! Hope it’s a lovely one! 😀🎉🌲

  4. corrineappleby says

    There’s marshmallows in this post. Definitely food! I love your coco! I’ve asked for this pattern for Christmas and if I don’t get I’m treating myself!

    • And cream too, so yes you’re right. Oops! Maybe one day I’ll have a good free one, but it won’t be this week! I’m sure you’ll love making Cocos. 😀

  5. Wonderful Coco & adorable running outfits! Also interesting bits about those hospital beds. The best photo was your golfing morning – sooo fantastic! Hope your coming week is full of happiness! 😍

    • Thanks Del, it was so damp and foggy, and muddy in parts! I should have taken a photo of my feet when I’d finished! Hope you’re getting settled in new home and you manage to get it in some kind of order for Christmas 😀

      • Thank you, Luv. Managing … spots & spots of order are appearing daily, and they’re starting to become whole parts of rooms. When I can begin to contemplate curtains & pillows I know total recovery is in sight. And guess what I’m contemplating… 😀

  6. Your Coco looks great! It’s a pattern I’ve had for months but not yet sewed up, but it looks like a lovely fit and the perfect design to show off the pretty fabric. Christmas traffic is ridiculous – returning for hot chocolate sounds highly preferable! Well done for keeping up the park runs. Looking forward to seeing what your quilting project eventually became. It made me smile that you also photographed Friday’s sunrise, even though we must be 40-50 miles apart, it looked equally stunning 🌞

    • It was soooo stunning, I just had to pull over! I had a student out with me who thought I’d gone a bit crazy but then he jumped out too and took a photo! I was later than everyone else in joining the Coco party but love it! Once you start I bet you’ll make more than one😀

  7. Ali!!!! You look amazing!!! Why didn’t we find out about 10,000 steps years ago!!!! ???!!! Hope you have some time off over Christmas?? Xx

    • I know! But don’t know about you I think when we were younger we danced and generally was more active. I blame the sewing for me sat on my butt so much! And I used to played golf 4 times a week!
      My last shift this week is the 23rd, I’ve new year week booked off, and the week after I’m not in til the Friday so 15 days off!! I’m so lucky this year!! 😀

    • Thanks! I should try and feature a roof top view each week in my Sunday Sevens from different hospitals. Would keep me fit if nothing else! 😀

  8. A lovely Coco for Christmas. I think I may follow your lead and wear mine too 🙂 That view is impressive, something to smile about even when you’re at work.

  9. Don’t give me that I’m not tempting you this week stuff – Hot chocolate and Jack Daniels and coke is definitely temptation!
    Dress looks lovely 🙂

  10. Mr. Thimbers looks very jolly! The man next to him looks a little bemused but maybe he was the designated driver.

  11. You’ve got some great scenery pics this week – well maybe the fog isn’t that great but it does make for a good picture! I LOVE your Christmas specs! And the dog in the Christmas jumper 🙂

  12. 15 days off, eh? Well, I should think you deserve it and as for going out Christmas Day – I’m very envious. We’ve been hosting for nine years and I could do with a break, if I’m honest. Finding beds and feeding 16 people until the New Year is bloody exhausting!

    • Oh no! That sounds like proper hard work! Hope they all muck in, but even so it’s hard to relax with visitors, but even super women needs a break! And what you doing up at this ungodly hour?!?! I’ve an excuse as I’ve been working, time for some 💤💤💤💤 now. I think maybe you should go on strike tomorrow and have a me day before they all arrive 😃

      • Ha, no chance – after shopping I have to transform the office into a convincing bedroom for my mother tomorrow as I can’t waste a double bedroom on one person! And my sewing room has to have a tidy up for my ex to sleep in. Thought this would be the only chance to catch up on reading some blog posts, so here I am at 1am still on the sofa next to a snoring husband:)

        • Gosh! Putting up the ex as well!! You really are super human! I bet it’ll all be fantastic though and proper familified. The boys will remember these Christmases for ever, but I can highly recommend Mexico as an alternative if you fancy a change next year! 🌲

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