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#StitchingSanta – The Reveal!

I can certainly say that the #StitchingSanta has been one of the highlights of my Christmas this year!  A HUGE thankyou to Sheila from SEWCHET for arranging this, and an even bigger thankyou for saying you’re going to do it all again next year!  I’m counting down the sleeps already!



I was lucky to have met my Secret Santa recipient back in April when I organised the Spoolettes Meet Up, and have been following her blog for quite a while.  It was Corinne from ApplebyMakes –  a lovely lady who’s lucky to have a crafty husband and 2 crafty children.  Her husband even writes blog posts too!! (mine doesn’t even read mine, though he does sometimes look at the pictures!).

Corinne and her husband are both teachers.  Whilst racking my brain as to what to make (and having a few nights when I struggled to get off to sleep thinking about it!!!) I remembered I had some fabric in my stash which would be perfect for some handmade gifts.

So I made what I make for everyone…… a peg bag!!

#stitchingsanta   303

And I also did my first attempt at patchwork, which I really loved and can see will be playing a big part of my sewing on 2016.

#stitchingsanta   304

Then I made a quilted zipper pouch.  I really loved making this!  I thought Corinne might use this as a pencil case.

#stitchingsanta   302

And I was able to try out some different stitches on my machine.

#stitchingsanta   340

I also made a roll thingy wotzits which could be for anything from make-up brushes to pens and pencils.  Corinne said she’s going to use it for her crochet hooks and DP needles.

#stitchingsanta   308#stitchingsanta   309

Then after rummaging in my stash I found some fabric perfect to make coasters for someone who lives at the Seaside!

#stitchingsanta   305

Without realising and looking at everything together I bought a makeup bag with a sewing theme, and a Tote bag from SewOverIt.  Definitely a bag theme going on here.  Hope that was alright Corinne!!

#stitchingsanta   312#stitchingsanta   307

I had a few things in my stash which I also sent.

The first was a piece of fabric which was really soft and would make a lovely shirt to wear with jeans.  I thought the colours would suit Corinne.  This fabric is quite well travelled already, Amanda from Sew Deputy gave it to me in a fabric bundle with other bits and pieces last time I met her. I originally tried to find some stretchy fabric so Corinne could make another VNA top but it was either too expensive or I didn’t think it would suit her.

#stitchingsanta   310

Corinne bought an overlocker this year and has gotten into sewing with jersey fabric.  I looked through my collection of Prima patterns and found a cowl neck top which could be made with jersey fabric, or fabric cut on the bias.

#stitchingsanta   301

And lastly something which her children might like to do…

#stitchingsanta   306

Once I had it all wrapped it was such a relief to get it all sent off.

#stitchingsanta   314

I just managed to squeeze it into a shoe box!

#stitchingsanta   315

I also posted off a little pressies for Sheila as a thankyou for all she’d done.

#stitchingsanta   313

Coasters!   I think the wording on one or two of these phrases is quite apt for this lady who I think has some super human traits considering what she can fit into her week!

#stitchingsanta   311

So onto my #stitchingsanta parcel!!!!!

#stitchingsanta   316

I felt extremely privileged to have Sheila send me my parcel!!  I’d seen a post she’d written about her pressies so far and was hoping they might be for me!!  But I’d thought that too about all the other updates I’d seen!  Take about a child in a candy store!!  My blog reader what driving me crazy seeing all these wonderful makes!

#stitchingsanta   317

I was the first to wake up on Christmas morning.  It was just before 7am.  I sneaked down hoping to have some peace and quiet to open my parcel but no, my footsteps weren’t as quiet as I thought and H and the hubby joined my too.

#stitchingsanta   320

I took things a bit slower than H, he wasn’t taking photos of his pressies as he opened them!

#stitchingsanta   319

I even had a special tea bag to make a drink to have as I opened my pressies.  (Sorry Sheila, hubby made it part way through as I couldn’t wait for the kettle to boil!)

The first thing I opened was these gorgeous handmade buttons!! (that’s when i knew my pressies were from Sheila!).  Look at all those tiny stitches!

#stitchingsanta   321

You might wonder what I’m showing you here!! Wouldn’t normally put on early morning face without coffee on my blog!!  Can you see my earrings!!??

#stitchingsanta   323

They were a bit hard to photograph wearing them so here’s a close up.  I’ve worn them everyday since and got lots of lovely comments!

#stitchingsanta   337

A zipper pouch!  This will be perfect so carry some change about when I’m working.

#stitchingsanta   322

And a matching tissue holder comlete with a packet of Kleenex.  This will be great for work too!

#stitchingsanta   325

I don’t own a real pair of little scissors so I feel like a proper seamstress now!  I’ve used it already and it’s great not looking for the needle on the sofa – Sheila’s made a cute little needle keeper!  I’ve not photographed it very well, but can you see the scissors are in the shape of a stork?

#stitchingsanta   324

These patterns will come in useful. I’m thinking I might do the RTW fast again in 2016 so would need all of these.

#stitchingsanta   326

Tissues…. how cool are these!  Obviously I won’t be blowing my nose with these but might dab my brow with them when I’m sweating over a particular challenging sew!

Fingerless mittons!  So soft!  These have been worn already even though it’s not been cold enough!

#stitchingsanta   330

An IKEA bag!  I loved these when I saw them on Sheila’s blog and this will be really useful.  It’s got all my Christmas pressies in at the minute.

#stitchingsanta   332

A super cute Christmas decoration!  Pic at the top of it hanging on my tree!

#stitchingsanta   329

A fat quarter……. I think I might use this when I get round to making myself a peg bag!

#stitchingsanta   331

Saving the best until last!

#stitchingsanta   335

This is just the best thing ever!!!   A hand made sewing box with goodies in too!!  I don’t know how Sheila had time to do all she has done.  Not just for me but all the other handmade presents she’s made for her family.  I truly am grateful for everything and love every single thing in my parcel!

#stitchingsanta   333

Hubby was in awe of it and didn’t believe me at first when I told him Shiela had made it!  After quite a thorough inspection he was still shaking his head and wondering if I was kidding him.

#stitchingsanta   334

And I’ve been using it already!  I’ve started a little project and learning how to do english paper piecing.

#stitchingsanta   338

Thanks again Sheila!  I’ve loved taking part in the Secret Santa, loved reading all the other posts and found some new blogs to follow too along the way!




  1. corrineappleby says

    Ah, thank you for your kind comments and I love everything! And you were the lucky person who got Sewchet! I’m not jealous because I got you! Xx

  2. Karen says

    What great ideas you all had. It’s so lovely to make and give to someone you know will appreciate all the hard work. It’s been really nice seeing the making and receiving. Thanks for sharing K xXx

  3. Lovey gifts all round. Your fabric choices are gorgeous and fab patchwork! Definitely see where you’re going this year. If you’re holidaying down Devon/Cornwall boarder way at all Cowslip workshops ( have some amazing classes. Obviously I’m only telling you that to encourage you to come down and teach me to play golf 😉 That box is amazing too. I remember seeing it when Lucy made it. I may have to make one.

    • Wow that’s looks a fab place, all those classes and it sells fabric too, I’d be bankrupt if that was on my doorstep! I’ll definitely look it up if we’re down your way this summer, and I’ll bring my clubs too!! We’ve not decided what we’re doing this summer yet , but fingers crossed….! 😀

  4. Lucky you! I knew whoever got Sheila would be a very happy bunny. I love the box (of course) and that gorgeous fat quarter with the cotton reels would make a lovely lining (or lid) for one 😉
    Your hubby’s face made me laugh – he really does look ‘in awe’.

    • All my family is in awe! It would make a love treasure/keepsake box too in different fabric. My niece is getting married in September, I’m thinking I might make her one. 😀

  5. Yay, you like it all then? I was so pleased to have an excuse to make that sewing box and more than a little relieved when I finished it in time! Love the fact that your hubby didn’t believe I made it. You made loads of lovely goodies for your swap partner and I love all those gorgeous fabrics you seem to find. Both sets of coasters are awesome and the quilting is so cool. Enjoy the rest of your time off – Happy New Year!!

    • Glad you like your coasters! It’s been my first go at quilting, I still need to make your project bag that I’ve had ages!! The box is sooo amazing! We’ve been away in the Yorkshire dales this week and it’s been with me, and those scissors and needle keeper have been so useful, don’t know how I managed without them! Happy New Year to you too! 😀

  6. That sewing box is amazing! I love those earrings too!! And everything actually – both your sent and received gifts. LOL at you visualising a peg bag in your FQ 😀 😀

    • Aren’t we all just a great bunch making and sending all these pressies!? We must also have been very good too! If I’m half as lucky next year I’ll be happy! 😀

  7. These were great presents both the ones you sent and the ones you received. That sewing box is amazing! Now I wish I had seen this on time to take part. Love your coasters. xx

    • You’ll definitely have to join in next time! Shame you missed it, I feel so lucky with my selection of pressies, but it did cause a few restless nights worrying what I was going to send. 😀

  8. Oh so fabulous! The little earrings are so cute, no wonder you’ve been wearing out and about already. And that box! Annnnd, not only did you receive an amazing collection, but you compiled an amazing collection for your own secret partner. Great stuff all around – what a marvelous idea Sheila had here and so well executed. Ready for next year already! 🙂

    • I’m getting ready for next year too and am going to be looking out for gifts to spend the £10 on. I left that bit a little late and struggled really. Only 11 and a half months to go!!!! 🙂

  9. What a fabulous selection of items, and reading your post really made me notice how nice it is to read the sender’s reasons for choosing their items AND the receiver’s thoughts and comments about the different contents. It’s so lovely you got a super mixture of things you can use in future makes and things you will keep for years to come. Gorgeous.

    • Yea, I love things that are useful and have lovely memories too! I love my sewing box so much I think I’ll have to make one for someone else. 🙂

  10. What makes you made! And what frabjus-frabjus makes you received!! Can you remember where you got the b&w cotton for those coffee mats? Inspired choices all, round, m’Dear… truly inspired! xx 😀

  11. Anne Wright says

    Awe what a lovely post, and what a lovely idea from Sewchet – wow wow wow I am so impressed with that sewing box, it is gorgeous! And I love your peg bag and quilting and coasters and those lovely gloves and my goodness what a brilliant idea to put a needle keeper on a pair of scissors – I am forever just sticking them in the sofa – very bad habit! Lovely lovely – reading these posts and seeing what goodies everyone got has really cheered me up today. 🙂

    • The needle keeper is really ingenious! I too used to stick needles on the sofa and then I’d struggle to find them! And it stops other family members pinching my scissors to cut their toe nails….yuck!!

  12. I’m very envious of that amazing sewing box that Sheila made – it is brilliant! I got the same pattern from my stitching Santa partner! I’m determined to have a go at the trousers for the summer!

    • I really feel lucky to have received the sewing box, it’s made me want to make one for someone else. I think they’d make a really nice memory/keepsake box too so might make one for my niece who’s getting married later in the year. 🙂

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