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Stitching Santa 2016 – The Reveal

3 years ago Sheila from Sewchet thought up the fantastic idea for us crafty folk to have a Secret Santa, and called it Stitching Santa!  I didn’t join in the first year, I was a little shy as I’d not been blogging very long, but jumped in feet first when it was announced the year after. Up until I joined in for the first time in 2015 (read about my reveal here) I never dreamt that I’d have anything under my tree that would make me proper excited just like when I was a child.  But Stitching Santa did just that!  It was like believing in Father Christmas all over again! My parcel arrived and took pride of place under the tree.  It came from Kim who blogs at The Material Lady. On Christmas morning H had set his alarm for 6am, and I leapt out of bed too at this time to open my special pressies when I heard him getting up! The first gift I found as I opened my parcel was a pattern magazine. …

Stitching Santa

I’m starting to feel proper Christmassy now I’ve received my email telling me who my swap partner is!!  I’ve been having  a good look at her blog today and come up with a couple of ideas already. This is the 3rd year that Sheila from Sewchet has organised the secret Stitching Santa and this year there’s a whopping 44 taking part.  I missed out the first year as I didn’t feel brave enough to join in, so last year what my first.  I was soooo lucky to have been the person who Sheila was creating a Santa parcel for.  I wrote a post HERE all about what I received from Sheila, and also what was in Corinne’s parcel from Appleby Makes.    

#StitchingSanta – The Reveal!

I can certainly say that the #StitchingSanta has been one of the highlights of my Christmas this year!  A HUGE thankyou to Sheila from SEWCHET for arranging this, and an even bigger thankyou for saying you’re going to do it all again next year!  I’m counting down the sleeps already!   I was lucky to have met my Secret Santa recipient back in April when I organised the Spoolettes Meet Up, and have been following her blog for quite a while.  It was Corinne from ApplebyMakes –  a lovely lady who’s lucky to have a crafty husband and 2 crafty children.  Her husband even writes blog posts too!! (mine doesn’t even read mine, though he does sometimes look at the pictures!). Corinne and her husband are both teachers.  Whilst racking my brain as to what to make (and having a few nights when I struggled to get off to sleep thinking about it!!!) I remembered I had some fabric in my stash which would be perfect for some handmade gifts. So I made what I make …


It’s arrived!!! My pressie and it’s taken prize of place under my tree!   I’ve just gotten back from a run and our lovely postie had left it next door. I was starting to get worried that it might arrive when i was out and I’d have to go to the sorting office, or miss out altogether!!! So this is just to say Thankyou to whoever sent it and let them know it’s arrived safely.  I admit to scrutinising the parcel for clues as to who it’s from but she’s not left any! Not even a post code so I can’t even narrow it down just a little bit! Only 3 sleeps!!!!!

#StitchingSanta Update! 

Whilst many  people are out and about shopping for pressies, I’ve been busy stitching up some hand made gifts for my Stitching Santa recipitant.  Here’s a little sneak preview of some of the gifts which are being sent off to Father Christmas in the morning. 3 of these gifts I’ve made, 2 have been bought. I also have a piece of fabric that I’ve bought, but that’s going to be a surprise! Thanks so much Sheila for organising this, you truly are Wonder Women fitting everything that you do!