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Calling All Yorkshire Spoolettes! 

I’m feeling a bit nervous writing this post. 

Arranging a meet-up is a lot like arranging your own birthday party and hoping someone other than your mother and your best mate turn up! 

Then there’s the venue and the food to worry about. 

And what shall I wear??? 

But when I really think about it, there’s nothing to fear.  I’m just feeling a bit nervous. I’m praying it doesn’t snow and that no one’s child-care arrangements fall through.  If they do, bring the kiddos – I’ll do my Nanny McFee bit whilst you shop! 

For those who can’t make it, Fabworks are now online so there’s still lots of bargains to be had!! Lots of Scuba I’ve noticed!  The staff there are all proper seamstresses too, so they’re  really helpful if you contact them and need help with your fabric choices.

So here’s our itinary. It’s the other way round to last time because Fabworks close early at 2pm on a Saturday and it would be a bit daft if you didn’t get to see everywhere. 

I made a map by rejigging last years.  I’ll be able to add a link to download it as a PDF on Monday but here it is as a photo for now…..

10:30-11:30 Meet at Kenny’s Bistro.  (This is not the same place as last year – it’s on the main road opposite the arcade where Benneto’s cafe is).

11:30-12:00 Have a wander around the market.    (We’re still close to the cafe if anyone’s late arriving).

12ish to 1:oo ish Fabworks (only a short walk). There’s a loo there so don’t worry if you’ve drunk too much coffee in the cafe! 

1:00 ish til 2:oo Lucky Fashions. I’ve called in to let Amjit know we’re coming and she said she’ll make sure she remembers her kettle so we’ll be able to have a warm drink. Aw, bless! Last year it was a lovely warm day and she’d bought in bottles of water and cans of pop for us. 

Literally around the corner from Lucky Fashions is a haberdashery/wool shop and also the pound a yard shop. It’s no longer a pound a yard, but is still very cheap. Last year we had to hang around a while as we all bought loads and it’s not a quick process all that measuring and chopping! So those who’ve done their shopping could always pop round the corner.

From there I thought we could maybe go to Weatherspoons for a bite to eat and a drink. It’s not the classiest of haunts but it squeezed us all in last year. 

A bit of help/info for getting to Dewsbury. 

I live at Birkenshaw which is 5 minutes from Jun 26 of the M62.  If anyone would like to leave their car at mine I don’t mind driving – it’s 7 miles, 20 minutes from my house to Dewbury so we’d need to be leaving by 10am. Or if you want I can arrange to meet you and we can have a convoy!

If you’re going to meet us there, the best car park is Cliffe Street car park, off Sharp Street!!! (Just to confuse matters!) Parking is really cheap compared to other town centre car parks: 


I’ve taken some photos today to help you get your bearings when you come out of the car park.  
Walk down the hill to exit the car park:

Cross the road and go under the bridge: 

Past the market on your right, then turn right.  You’ll see an arrow for the cars to turn right.

As you turn the corner keep walking straight ahead:


cross the road and Kenny’s Bistro will be on your right.

The view from the other side of the road so you know what to look out for! 

For those arriving by train, just cross the road and head down the hill.  

I’m happy to give everyone my mobile number in case you struggle to find us.  Drop me an email and we can exchange numbers if you like. AT

I’m writing this up on my iPad as I’m at work.  On Monday I’ll link up to those I know are coming.  Margaret from Crafty Creek mentioned that on a meet up in Leeds last year they held a fabric/pattern swap.  I think this would be a great idea except I can’t think how we could do it e crept maybe in the pub after, and it would mean carrying more stuff so we may potentially end up buying less!! 

But, feel free to bring whatever you like!  

Any other suggestions of how to make our day a roaring succes would be most welcome! I did consider creating a closed group on Facebook, what do you think?? And if I think of anything else I’ll let you know! 

Looking forward to meeting you all! Is hoping for a spring like day in February too much to ask? I don’t think so! Cheerio for now, from Ali the eternal optimist! 

PS just a few photos I took in lucky fashions today to wet your appetite!! 


The wall of jersey and scuba!


The top row here us all sheer net, just like what i used on the sheer arms of my Coleete Wren – all £3 per yard!


stunning fabrics everywhere!


I neeeed some of this and darent risk it still being there in 3 weeks so will be having a trip to dewsbury on wednesday!


Wools and stuff!! Last year i made a short Coco from the fabric top left. its a coating fabric that felted when i washed it but its so cosy and i love wearing it.

One more pic! This is the Spoolettes after last year’s meet up – all shopped out! 

Yorkshire Spoolettes 4


  1. corrineappleby says

    You’re so good. We really appreciate the effort you’ve gone to to organise this day out. I’m very excited and I most definitely will be there! Can’t wait to see everyone again!

  2. Thank you so mch for organising. Imagine it must be pretty nerve wracking to sort everything out… Looks fab and so, so looking forward to it 🙂

  3. I’m so gutted I’m not based closer!! I’d love to meet you in person…. Plus I have so much stuff to swap!!! One in, one out is my 2016 policy 😁.

    • It’s only a train ride away! Why don’t you just pick a date and a place and see what happens. When I arranged our first meet up last year there was 15 of us.

  4. Thank you for organising this. I’ll meet you at the café as I’ll travel by train. I’m looking forward to it. I’ve never been at a meet – I’m looking forward to meeting everyone. I’ll send you my mobile number by email nearer the time, just in case the train is late or something.

  5. Yay! Can’t wait! Looks like you’ll have a good turn out but even just a few of us will make it a great day. Thank you so much. Don’t be nervous. You’ve put in the leg work. Just let it all happen.xx

  6. Thank you for organising such a lovely meet up. I plan to be there. I’m a bit nervous too, but I’m sure the sight of all that lovely fabric will be a fantastic distraction.

  7. Oh no so gutted I can’t make this one. I’d never make it on time. Have fun girls, so jealous! Really enjoyed last year’s meet up! Nee x

  8. I am in. Coming by train probably. Have to go visit FIL in pm so will have to leave 1-2ish. Don’t worry you won’t be Billy no mates!! Thanks for organising I too am nervous of meeting sewing blog heroes K xXx

  9. Hi there, this sounds fantastic. I can’t wait. I’ll be coming by train. I’ve found out the transpennine express stops at stalybridge and at Dewsbury, Why didn’t I know this before!!!!! Your mo number would be appreciated in case of train trouble but don’t expect any problems. See you soon
    Love Margaret

    • You’re going to a be regular in Dewsbury now! Not just on the meet up! Look forward to seeing you again. But chilly for us to wear our silk tops! 😃

  10. OMG how much fabric. I hope you all have an amazing time. Far too far for me to travel, however beautiful you all are! And I will not forgive you for the dent in my bank balance now you’ve introduced me to the Fabworks website. OMG!!

  11. Hi there, do I need to be a member of a group to join in?!? I’d love to come and join you all if I can. It’s only a couple of stops on the train for me and I’ve not done a sewing meet before. Thanks for organising it. 😀 Catherine x

    • Hi Catherine, sorry for not replying sooner, for some reason your comment went to my spam folder but I’ve found it now! You don’t need to be a member or anything, the spoolettes is just a made up fun thing, just turn up! There’s some who went last year who are going again, and there’s some new faces too. I think we’re all a bit nervous about meeting a group of ‘strangers’ whom we’ve met online, but we had a great day last year and I’m sure we will this year too. 😀

  12. I’ll be coming on the train too, I’d suggest the pub for swops (I need to reduce my stash somehow!!!) Thanks for organising it again x

    • I’m sure we’ll find a spot. We’re all gonna need one of those shopping bags on wheels. Probably be able to pick one up cheap on the market! 😃

    • How fab would that be, but it’s a long way! Not as bonkers as Emmely from Infectious a Stitches – last year she looked at flights from Amsterdam!! 😃

  13. Fiona M says

    Sorry I won’t be able to come – Saturday not a good day for me – but I hope you all have a wonderful day out. Don’t buy up everything! Hope to meet up with you again later in the year if you do another mid week one.

    • I’ll try and a midweek one in the summer and fingers crossed you’ll be able to make it. I’ll make sure they leave done for you! 😃

  14. Hey Ali, I am thinking about coming: not sure yet. Have you put on Instagram? Do you want me to put a shout out?

    • I hope you can, it’d be lovely to meet you! I mentioned it on IG before i wrote this post but not since. If you could mention it that was be great as you will have some different followers to me. 😃

  15. Have you on my Thinking About diary, and hope your weather will be P-E-R-F-E-C-T! You’ve really outdone yourself, Lovely One, with all the photos and directions. Am certain you’ll have a grand group and lots of fun! Everyone should have something on wheels so they can have a proper go in all the shops- just being practical, mind. 🎈🎈

    • I might take a wheel barrow! Only kidding, But yes, a wheeled device that has lots of space in it is a must, tho’ last year I didn’t buy anything as I’d gone a bit crazy the day I went to take pics. A bright sunny day with just a nip in the air would be lovely 😀

  16. Thanks for organising, am looking forward to it! Nervous as ever with new folks but there’s always fabric for distraction!

  17. So jealous! I only ever see posts about meet ups like this so far away from me. It looks like you’ve planned a wonderful day! I can’t wait to read all about out .

  18. I’ve checked my calendar and I’m definitely in! I do voluntary work on a Saturday afternoon so I may have to dash of at 2ish but I’m sure I can squeeze in plenty of shopping before then 😉

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  22. Hi Ali, I’m thinking I might join the meet tomorrow if it’s not too late? I’ve thought about it for a while but never know how knackered/busy I’ll be with school. Is it too late? X

    • Noooooo! It’s not too late! I was wondering if you’d be able to come with you not being so far away, but don’t like to pester anyone. Know what you mean about not knowing how you’ll feel by the end of the week.
      So we’ll see you in the morning!! Yay!! 😃

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