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Hello from a chilly Yorkshire. We finally have snow. Not much, only an inch or 2, but enough to cause havoc and make getting to patients a bit of a challenge. I had a hair raising moment last night coming down some snow covered cobbles but did made it down one piece.  The car I drive is 4 wheel drive, but it was the ABS that saved me! I think my heart was racing more than the patient’s when I finally got to her!

Here’s my Sunday Sevens round up for the last week. It involves mainly cakes! But I have run 24 km this week and managed a new PB at the park run yesterday. This is a screen shot not a photo but I’m excited and proud to share it with you! The cakes must have helped! 

1. On Monday I sent off a fabric parcel to Kathryn in Iowa as part of Pretty Grievences  Jungle January. I bought this on holiday in Truro ages ago and have just been waiting for the right moment. I know you’ll know what I mean! I’ve also posted off 3 other pieces.  We’ll each have 3 pieces the same so I’m going to have a matching swap partner from America!  Kathryn doesn’t have a blog but I’ll be able to hopefully post pictures for both of us when we’ve made our garments! 


2. The first game of golf of 2016 and I polished my golf shoes especially for the occasion.  They didn’t stay clean for long, it was so wet and muddy I was surpised the course was open. It was Lady Captains New Year Comp followed by a lunch for all the ladies. 


Luckily we have air compressors to clean our shoes and trollies after we’ve played.  Here’s Tina and Debs (they don’t know their photos being beamed around the world!)


No photo of the pie I’m afraid.  I was staaaaarving so not time for photos, my main course hardly touched the sides. Here’s my pudding.  Or should I say my second pudding.  Tina was too full to eat hers! 


Back to work on Wednesay, working on the ambulance doing a favour for a friend who needed the day off.  12 hour shifts are really no good for your tummy.  By 10:30am I’d eaten my spag Bol so a pit stop at Greggs was needed later in the afternoon.  I couldn’t decide so had 2 cakes (and a pasty!). 


The view over Elland and into Halifax from Ainly Top. When I was new to the job someone once said to me ‘if any of them lot over there take poorly it’s us who’ll have to go’.  That’s always stuck with me and it’s a weird feeling! 

 I won a sewing pattern this week! The Brooklyn Hoodie from SBCC. Betsy kindly posted me a hard copy as I prefer them to PDFs. Can’t wait to make this, but need to get jungle and jean January out of the way first! 


H finally been able to play on his new scooter/sledge.  Hubby said he was soooo excited last night when it started snowing as he got this for Christmas and it’s been redundant since. 


Hope you’ve all had a lovely week! If you fancy joining in Natalie’s Sumday Sevens head over to her blog. (Link above). The more the merrier! 

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I sew and play golf. I blog about my sewing as I don't think you'd want to read about my golf. It's bad enough watching it on telly! Contact me via email -


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Sooo impressed with all your running, plus a NPB and placing FIFTH amongst your age group!!! 🎉 Mightily impressed with all that pud, too. 😉 Joking enviously, Speedy One!
    Plus golf in the mud, to boot (my, you did get them clean!). Lovely first photo of the snow, by the way, and from Ainsley Top. I was looking at the Brooklyn Hoodie this week, too! Puh-lease let us know what you think of it – how it works up for you, all those details. And another congratulations on winning the pattern! Banner week for you ~ WA-HOO!

  2. corrineappleby says

    Congratulations on the park run pb. That’s brilliant! Slightly envious of the scooter sledge although there’s no snow here. We rarely get it in Scarborough.

    • Does the snow get sucked out to sea, lol?! I s’pose it’s not a bad thing, except for the kiddos who’ll miss out on sledging. Loving the running, how’s yours doing? Have you signed up for anything next year? 😀

  3. Oh poo, the snow just missed us and went to Brighton instead – I do love the odd flurry of snow because we get just enough to be pretty but not enough to be a nuisance. Can’t believe the golf course was open, you’d have thought the club would be quite precious about the quality of grass. Just as well you run to burn off those pudding calories! Luckily, I don’t have a sweet tooth or I’d be even bigger than I already am:)

    • My sweet tooth is just a nightmare, and I’m greedy too. I’ve not really changed my eating since started being more active, I drive past too many bun shops when I’m working! H was proper excited about the snow. We could’ve done with another inch to do some proper sledging. ❄️⛄️🌨

    • I’d really like to get under 30 mins for the 5k. Not sure if I’m up to a 10k yet, but I’ve signed up for a 1/2 Tough Mudder in May, and that might be worse! I might have to cut out the cake and take the fitness lark a bit more serious! 😀

  4. Lovely week! That’s a great light/dark picture of the fresh snow. And you are such an inspiration with your running…’d think more of us (me?) would join in knowing we could have cake! 😀 Jungle January sounds interesting…..what will you receive, and then what will you make with it?

  5. I entered the competition for the hoodie and bought it after you won. Will look in dewsbury for something to make it in. Well done on the running. I broke a mug last night. A goodie gift from running the Goole Riverbank Challenge 8.73 or a third of a marathon. Think I need a new mug and a running buddy fancy??

  6. Wow we have zero inches of snow down here! Huge well done on your personal best. LOL how much cake did you eat this week though haha to be fair I’m glad I don’t write a food diary!

    • I nearly was going to say too much cake in answer to your question. But then I realised there’s no such thing! 😃🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰🍰

  7. Well done you for all of your running! Yummy cake picture! H’s sledge looks very fun; I really miss the snow 😦

    • Bet you don’t miss the chaos it causes, It makes me wonder how counties cope that get loads! You’d loose your dogs if you got snow! 😃

  8. Wow, very impressive running! And those cakes – mmmmm! Yummyyummy!
    We got about 10cm of snow here and it started to be really quite cold so we might be stuck with it for a little while. I’m not a great fan of the snow, but have to say, your snowy pictures do look lovely!

    • 10cm?! That’s sounds like enough to make you stay at home for a snow day. Everything comes to a grinding halt here once we get about 5 cm 😃

      • Nope, we don’t get snow days (or flood or draught day or any extra days off at all for that matter). Damn…

  9. Boy, I don’t envy you having to drive on snowy cobbles! Sounds like a good week, otherwise–great job on your run! And that pattern looks so nice and cozy for those chilly days you’re having.

  10. No snow here in Bewdley.
    Well done with the running – impressive results at Parkrun. Being poorly I haven’t run at all in a week and I have started to miss it. Never thought I would say that!

  11. The snow seems to have completely bypassed the south west. It’s still cold though. How to you manage to get out and run in this weather – I’m seriously impressed!

    • If I want to keep eating cake (which I do) I’ve got to do something! I’ve put 2 stone on in the last 3 years with stopping smoking and playing less golf. 🍰😳⛳️

  12. Certainly looks like you’ve earnt your cake this week. It must be great to see yourself improving so much and you’re clearly enjoying it too 🙂

  13. Interested to see how you get on with the Brooklyn Hoodie, I’m currently stalking it, but slightly put off as it’s a petite pattern and at 5’8″ I’d have to lengthen it (not that that’s really too much of an issue but do tell if it has a lengthen here line)

    • I’ve opened up the pattern and yes there is. There’s a sewalong too – have you seen it? Oh, just remember i think you mentioned it in your hoodie post so you must have! 🙂

        • No not at all… i’m 5ft 4″. I’m going to find my zip first I think, before I choose the fabric as it might be easier to match it that way round!

          • Right, I shall be watching your blog eagerly for hoodie pics! The sew a long is really clear and well done. I’m thinking lengthening a hoodie pattern has to be easier than doing an FBA so I must be able to manage it!

            • It’ll be a doddle! I think it’s easier than shortening, especially on this as it’s quite a boxy pattern.
              What about using the general shape of this to alter the Lekala pattern for your hubby?

              • I don’t have the Brooklyn (yet). Did you get a paper pattern? Where from? Thinking of finding sweater pattern for hubby, cutting front as 2 pieces, not on fold, with a little Seam allowance and then grafting Lekala hoodie hood on at moment. But kind of got distracted by sewing for me!

                • That sounds like a good idea, or could you use one of his sweaters that fits him now to make a pattern, or alter the existing hoodie pattern?
                  I won the brooklyn pattern in a giveaway on IG and Betsy kindly posted me a paper version. I’ve used both PDF and paper patterns from SBCC and they’re equally good – the paper ones come on a big sheep of proper paper and she prints them off herself.

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