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The Yorkshire Spoolettes – Who’s Going & Something For Those Who Can’t

It’s only 9 sleeps until the Yorkshire Spoolettes meet up in Dewsbury.  Thankyou to all of you who said you can make it. There’s a great bunch of ladies going but unfortunately due to distance there’s a whole lot of you who can’t.

That got me thinking, and I contacted Fabworks to see if they would like to sponsor a competition on my blog for those who can’t go, and they said YES!!!

So, here’s out it will work.

I’m going to let you know who’s going to the meet up.  You need to work out (or guess!!) the total  mileage travelled to Dewsbury by all who attended on the day.  The mileage will be worked out from each persons home to Fabworks.


I’ll list who is going.  Then you can look them up and come to some sort of figure of how far you think everyone has travelled.  On the day of the meet up I will ask each one how far they’ve travelled and work out the total mileage.


To give you a head start it’s 6.1 miles for me.  For ease of adding up I’ll round each distance to the nearest whole mile.


#spoolettes   321


So far here is who’s attending. Those with a * aren’t confirmed as yet.   If you’re name is not here and you’re coming let me know in the comments below.


Amanda from Sew Deputy 

Karen from Wakey Makes

Hila from Saturday Night Stitch

Margaret from Crafty Creek

Teresa from Navy Blue Threads

Corrine from Appleby Makes

Sally from Sew Sweet Sally

Becca from Red W Sews

Lucie from Love Lucie

Margaret from Sew-n-Style

Anne from Sew AnneUK

Karen from The Sewing Miserablist 

Catherine from Cattern Lace

Manju from SewManju

Hannah from Handmade by Hannah

Jenna from stitched Up by Jenna *

Louise from Not Sew Simple 

Jeanie from Love That Sewing 

Holly from Fairy Elephants

Ruth from Ruth Creates 247 

Camilla from Making and Marking 

To help those of you who do try and work it out rather than guess, would those of you who are attending be able to drop a hint on your next blog post as to your whereabouts if it’s not on your about page?

There will be 2 prizes – the person with the nearest mileage who lives in the UK and the person with the nearest milage who is outside of the UK.  If 2 guess the exact same mileage and are correct, the one who commented first will win.

For the winner in the UK – A Β£25 voucher to be spent online at Fabworks plus free postage.

For the winner outside of the UK a surprise parcel from me of something bought on the day.

After the meet up I will be posting about the day and then you’ll be able to enter the competition.


In the meantime you can head over the Fabworks Online website and see what you might spend your voucher on, and also show your support by liking their Facebook page.

If you’re an overseas reader why not leave a link in the comments to your favourite fabric from Fabworks – it might help me choose what to buy for the winners surprise parcel!




If you need to see details of the meet, click HERE to be taken to the post, and if you’d like to join us and not come forward, don’t be shy….  it’s a bit nerve wracking for us all getting together with our virtual friends!


Want to read more about the Spoolettes and their history?  Head over to this PAGE and there’s also link to posts about our previous Yorkshire Spoolette meet up.



  1. Looking forward to it. Did I see Margaret say there was a fabric swap?
    Hint for distance competition – I’ve booked my train from the city where ‘The Magpies’ (aka NUFC) play.

    • That’s a good clue! I’m up your way tomorrow, we’ve a family do in North Shields. Yes, Margaret suggested it as she went to a meet up in Leeds and they did it there. So yes, if you want to bring something, but it’s not compulsory. πŸ˜€

  2. Your group’s growing & I couldn’t be more delighted for you! Great idea for the give away, but am not certain I’d be very good at estimating – might even be more accurate with a guesstimate! But know Fabworks yardage is fantastic as I’ve already looked/drooled over their online offerings. (Huge thank you to them for their participation!) Wo-hoooooo! 9 more sleeps!!! 😍

  3. Sounds so fun–have a fantastic time everybody! (And a big YAY to the intrepid organizer!)

  4. Thanks for organising this, it’s looking to be a lovely day. I thought I might bring a pattern or two and fabric for a swap. Also I’m Karen. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

        • Nowt wrong with preferring warmer climes, next time you’re over we’ll have to see where’s halfway and the Yorkshire Spoolettes might fancy a day out on the train. Corrine travels 90 miles to come to Dewsbury already! πŸ˜€

          • That would be great. Best not to come too close to Yorkshire anyway as it is in-law territory πŸ˜‰
            BTW I managed to get hold of the ‘Happy Valley’ DVD and started watching it last night. I’ve only seen the first episode but am hooked (and stressed) already.

  5. Hi Ali, non blogging pal here. I would love to come along again but you all make me ashamed that I cant even keep a blog going, therefore don’t keep in touch with you all! what a fab turnout you have already. I really enjoyed the last one you organised and I will bring some fabric for the swap shop.
    thanks Jeanie x

  6. Fiona M says

    Hope you have a lovely time! I went on Wednesday with two pals, since we can’t come on Saturday. Don’t worry, we left plenty of lovely fabrics for you in both Fabworks and Lucky Fashions πŸ˜‰

  7. No doubt you’ll have us drooling with your post-meet up blog – Maths was never my strong point point (O-level grade C) but will have a stab in the dark at the total mileage:)

    • Such a shame you can’t come. Maybe we should all make an effort to go to the next Sew Brum meet up which was in October last year. That might be about 1/2 way ish on the train for us?

        • Yes, that sounds a better plan! Hubby works for a vehicle contract hire firm and they have 17 seater mini buses. I did wonder if I should borrow one for another meet and do a tour of all the fabric places roundabout!! Would you be up for that?! It could be done over a couple of days πŸ™‚

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  9. Thanks for sharing all these links and for setting up a Facebook page. I am not on Facebook but I shall see if Mr SNS will let use his phone for looksieπŸ˜‚. Looking forward to SaturdayπŸ˜ƒ

  10. Oh Ali… least one of your buddies over the pond is soooo wishing she could be there! I suspect there are many of us. Looking forward to the pictures and stories. Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!! You’re an amazing organizer!

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