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Brooklyn Preparation and a BIG ‘Thankyou’

Remember my photo challenge ‘stitch‘ last week? I happened to mention how I’ve struggled to master the twin needle, to the point that I was planning smuggling a coverstitch machine into the house.  You guys gave me so much advice!

Tonight I’ve been experimenting with stitch selection for my next project – The Brooklyn Hoodie from SBCC.

I was looking for a stitch to flatten down the seams and give more of a rtw  feel to it.

I preferred the left had stitch. Here’s the wrong side – I’d trimmed back the SA back as far as possible.

Just as I was pressing a few buttons, I saw IT!!!!

You could’ve knocked me down with a feather!!!

Where did that come from????

Had it just appeared, or had it been hidden amongst this little lot all the time??

Well that was it. I pressed the button, found a twin needle and another spool and in no time at all I produced this little lot!!

How pretty!! And neat!! And easy!! Everything ran smoothly, I just threaded it up, no really special way except not tangling the threads.

I really don’t know how I missed this hidden gem of a button.

Anyone who knows me in real life will know that I’m a bit OCD about reading instructions. To the point I downloaded the full manual for my washing machine and read it before it was installed.  I did the same for this sewing machine before it was delivered! At least I thought I did!

So thanks again for all your comments!

Does anyone else have that button on their machine?  Have a look, you might have!


I’ve just stumbled across some fantastic tips that I’ve not heard before from Oliver and S.  Definitely  worth a read….and no mention of the button either!!


  1. No button on my machine!! But I say it a million times….I do love a twin needle! Now you won’t believe you ever sewed anything without the use of one!

  2. Ah! I’m laughing with you, luv, cause I just sent you a message about this – lol! And I did go check my ol’ Bernie, but she doesn’t have any such button. (Too old, I suspect…) Shall I still send you the article, which has fancy-smantzy things to do?
    Oh! And somewhere along this line I wrote you about “Linden” and it shoulda been “Brooklyn.” You’re not the only one that downloads the entire manual for the washer, either. 😉 Lol!

    • Got my email, thanks Del 😀 I’ve just been watching Jericho. You need to see if you can watch it over there – it’s a series that started about 4 weeks ago. Thanks for trying to find out for me, but spooky how we both looked into it on the same day. If you get a minute it be good if you could send that other info. 😀

      • Aye, spooky indeed!
        Saw 1st Jericho just now & liked it – thank you!
        Did you see them filming?
        Hope you got the other info ~ tara for now!

        • It was filmed in Huddersfield. Hubby’s with supplied some vehicles and they were shown around the set. Most of it was filmed inside. x

          • Just read the wiki article on Huddersfield – James Mason’s from there, and that PM… Wonderful experience for hubby! Thanks for the location!

  3. Haha that’s priceless. BUT look at the other stitches you have discovered. That feather stitch is gorgeous. Looking forward to seeing this hoodie complete K xXx

    • I’ve liked you’re comment but that’s wrong really as I don’t like that you’ve not got one, sob sob! I’ve no excuse to buy the coverstitch now but you still have! 😃

    • I felt a right plonker!!
      It might psychological but it was easy threading and everything once I’d pressed the button. No more hang ups!!

  4. Haha, glad you’ve resolved the issue Ali, sometimes when you step back from a problem the answer just hits you in the face! I’ve enjoyed looking at all the fabric everyone bought in Dewsbury and even recognised a few I’ve got in my stash, I can’t wait to see what you all do with it. I’ve have been looking at everyone’s blogs looking for clues for the mileage so I can enter your competition, what a talented & friendly bunch you are, I wish I’d joined you, maybe next time.
    I think I’ve come up with a number, can you confirm that you are just wanting the mileage one way or there and back & where do you want the guess leaving, email or on your replies under the spoolettes meet post?

    • Hi Sam, it’s just one way to Dewsbury. You can leave it in the comments on the post about the meet up. Or I’m going to write a reminder post tomorrow so you can add to that. I’ll be doing another in the summer so keeps your eyes peeled! 😃

  5. I was away from home last night so haven’t been able to check my machine but I’m pretty sure I don’t have a fancy button like that! I have used a twin needle a few times quite successfully – only done straight stitches mind you – but there have been some stressful moments when everything has got tangled up!!

  6. I’ve never used a twin needle, and I definitely don’t have a special button on my machine! Looking forward to seeing snazzy stitching on your hoodie. I might have to invest in a twin Jersey needle myself!

  7. corrineappleby says

    I’m sorry but that’s really funny! I don’t think I have that symbol on my current sewing machine but I did have that setting on my old basic Singer! Looking forward to seeing all those twin-stitched items! ☺

  8. There’s no button or instructions for twin-kneedling on my Janome and I still haven’t got it to work. Will read your previous post for tips!

  9. Oh, I’ll have to check for that button (although not altogether certain I’m ready for dual needles).
    Laughing at myself a bit here….saw your title and “Brooklyn Preparation” caught my eye – my first thought was “Ali is coming to America!” But it was still a great post. 😉

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