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The Definition of a Duck in Cricket – when a batsman is out without scoring a run.

#goldenduck   321

Photo from a camping trip a couple of years ago at Rudding Park Harrogate

.  We had to share out breakfast with the residents! 

A Golden Duck – The term used for the score of zero when a batsman is out on his first ball without scoring a run.

It’s usually a very long walk back to the changing room after scoring any sort of duck!

(scoreboard at the top – When Yorkshire Under 13B thrashed beat Lancashire last summer and batsman number 6 scored a duck).

Head over to Wild Daffodil’s blog where she’s joined forces with 3 other lovely bloggers who’ve created this weekly photo challenge.

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  1. Lots of cricket terminology is well weird. I had to learn a bit when I first got married (or not have any conversation during matches) and was surprised to find I actually enjoy the game. Takes all sorts….

  2. That is a most interesting interpretation of zero, perfectly illustrated by that handsome duck. After all, if you might as well look great while not scoring! hehe

    • Brilliant!
      One of the worst I’ve seen was when H ran out of his team mates out when they’d opened and the lad never even face a ball!! A platinum duck I believe. I felt so bad as I sitting next to the other lads mum 😯

  3. Brilliant!
    My husband, brother and both sons all played cricket, and eventually I learnt enough about it to enjoy it. What I loved was hearing my sons and their Dad discussing strategies for laying out the field, using each of the players to their best advantage. Much like a game of chess.
    It took years, but eventually I understood the appeal. Howzat!

    • Howzat? ….not out!!!
      It’s a great game, but I didn’t used to think that. I wish I’d have played when I was younger. H is the same with his dad – I’m slowly learning the fielding positions learning a little bit at a time 🏏🏏🏏🏏

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